Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Wink Thursday Chat - April 14th

Good Morning,

I'm at work today, my back is stiff, sore and achy, but other than that I'm okay lolol

I have no news yet today on BIL. They are 3 hours behind us so I'll have to wait. Thank for your continued prayers. He is on a breathing machine as of yesterday.

Its beautiful outside today, spring is FINALLY here, and get this. We will hit 70 on the weekend WHOOOOOOOOOOOHOOO!!!

Our tulips were coming up so nice until last night or early this morning when a deer decided he/she was hungry and ate them all !! DANG GUM IT!!!

Whats shakin ?
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Morning Leens

Where is everyone!

Raining day here in it....cleans up all the winter sand and dirt......

Having coffee with my girlfriend.........then going to babysit her 3 year old twin girls while she gets her haircut.

Have a meeting at dd13's school today....she is going to BC for a week with her class.....sounds like alot of noise and chaos to me but hey if the teachers are up for it who am I to say no?

I do worry though and would rather attend but she doesn't want me anywhere near ........can't blame her but she is my baby~

Anyhow I'll check back later, I have to go have a nice hot shower and find something cozy to wear....get the coffee on and run get some milk.

Bye for now~

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good morning gang!

Man do I feel good this morning! I got on the scale and I have finally lost another pound! That makes 15 lbs down since July 04.

Yea that's 15 lbs in 10 months. It is really slow for me (low thyroid problem) but the scale is moving in the right direction! and it seems I have to work hard for every pound. (not that everyone doesn't but I hope you know what I mean - it's just really slow with a thyroid problem even on the right meds).

Also I ran to Walmart yesterday to get a pair of Ryder khaki pants that I get from there. Mine were an 18 and I had to get the 16. I have them on today, and honestly, they are still loose. I don't like my clothes tight anyway. Also had to buy new drawers - 2 sizes smaller then what I was wearing!

I did get up early this morning and did another 2 miles.
April Miles = 12.5

so how's everybody doing today?

Leenie - what did you do to mess up your back? anything in particular? bet you didn't rest much yesterday either huh

Oh Liz - I can certainly understand you worrying....I don't think I could have let my 13 year olds go on a trip for a whole week. They did have 1 night Beta Club trips, and even that was worrisome - when you get that many 13 year olds together - well like you said - chaos - sorry I'm not helping am I!

hope everyone has a blessed day!

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Good Morning Ladies..

I don't have internet this week, something happened and I probably won't have it for another 3 weeks or so.

Lost 5lbs so far.. trying to get back into exercising again.

Hope Everyone is doing well
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Wink Hi Ladies

I haven't been around much, but I've been checking in

I'm still hobbling around on my physically-challenged right ankle/foot . I had a DEXA scan yesterday. One of the things my new doctor saw in the x-ray was osteoporosis in the ankle joint . I don't know what the DEXA scan will show, but my grandmother had osteo-and I wouldn't be surprised if I had it too-in more than one location. I know that there are medications to help, but I'm still concerned. The doctor also wants to do a bone scan, and he'll proceed from there. If I have to have surgery, I'll be going to St.Augustine (FL), which is about 75 miles away. Either that, or Macon (GA) which is about 150 miles away! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

Leenie: OUCH! I hate back problems! Take it easy as much as you can. Your BIL is in my thoughts and prayers. Please update us when you hear anything

Cathy: YOU ROCK!! What an awesome job on your weight loss! Don't you love nice loose clothes . I'll bet you've probably lost more in inches with all the walking you've been doing!

Liz: I know what you mean about the rain It washes away all that old dirty snow and makes everything look like spring again! Your daughter's trip sounds like fun-but I understand your worries. Will this be her first time away from home without you?

Ashlie: Hope you get your internet back soon!

Lanee: It was good to see you posting again. How's your DD doing?

April: I'm sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a great day

Kierie: Don't stress about getting off your program. Just take it one day at a time

Kathy: I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

CIN, Tippy, Marble, SueMarie, Lynnie, and everyone else:

I had to adjust my ticker UPWARD I'm working with my OA sponsor, and trying to get back on track again.
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Starting over Spring 2011
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Hi, everyone,

Leenie, I am sorry your back is hurting. And the deer ate your tulips! But have a good day and try not to worry.

Liz, I sympathize very much with you and your daughter's trip! It is so hard to let them go on things like that. I know it was hard to let my 16 year old go to Holland on spring break. She is my youngest. I was SO glad to get her back. I am sure your daughter will be fine, and it is really good for them to get away. But hard on us!

Cathy, congratulations on the loss!!! That is fantastic. I know each pound does seem hard, and each pound is a real accomplishment. Good job!

Ashlie, good to hear from you. And congratulations on the 5 pound loss!

Joanne, thank you. I am sorry you are having to go through so much with your ankle/foot. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. And don't give up on the weight loss---it is o.k. I would be having a rough time, too, with all the physical stuff going on. Take care.

I am going to my computer class today, which I really enjoy. My poor daughter is getting so tired of school. She is an excellent student and works really hard. She just gets really bored and tired of it. I will be glad when summer is here. I got my application in for that job yesterday, so we will see. I am hanging in here on WW. Still eat stuff that isn't on program sometimes, but basically doing o.k. Have a blessed day, everyone.
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Default hunting for sympathy.....

sniff, sniff, sniff......OW,OW,OW----yes, I'm soooo whiney. my back is not so bad today, the main pain focus has been replaced by a tooth ache-sensitivity I could CRY! Spent the morning with my dentist, who x-rayed up and down and couldn't FIND anything..explained the hypersensitity to me and adjusted the crown with his drill......if it has not dissipated, I'll be back on SATURDAY in the chair... I've had root canal on this tooth (I would not wish that kind of pain on my Xhusband), it's been crowned and adjusted twice in the last 2 years....he says MAYBE the tooth has cracked and will have to be pulled, then I have to go for an implant (implants are NOT covered by my dental insurance, grrrrrr)

last night i was in so much pain I chomped down the last 30 mg. of Bextra in the state of NJ, piggy-backed it with 600 mg. of advil and washed it down with a glass of wine...At midnight I took an Ativan, I was so {{{{tense}}}} from the of course my stomach is mega-upset.

no trouble with sticking to a diet today! looking at lunch makes my mouth hurt.
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Hi Ladies
How are ya?
Leens..keep us posted on BIL.prayers going his way right now!

Liz...any Mother understands.a week away from the daughter is hard

Cathy....Big Britches a problem? Great! Bravo on the 15 pounds!

Marble....ouch tooth pain is sooo painful!)

Joanne...Bless your heart.not fair.right? Osteo is bad..I have it in my fingers and need it in a 3 rd finger (surgery that is) But I am not willing to give up the mobility it takes away despite the pain being less. I will pray for you.

Ashlie..sorry about your Internet problems.we are lost without the
computer arent we? Post when you can!

I was off work today but someone phoned and needed me to sub.I dont mind.I like the extra income $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !

I am working 3 meetings Saturday.the first one STARTS at 7 A>M> and has 90 memebers Can you beleive it? So I will have led 9 by Saturday noon! !!!!

Ok..........there is my longggggggggggggggggggggggg post.

Love you all.......take Care!
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Hooray for Cathy ! WTG on 15 lbs down that is huge~!

Ashlie congrats on the 5lbs.....keep on checking in!

Hey Joanna.......big hug to you have struggled with your mobility for a long time.....hang in there

Hey Kathy enjoy your computer class.......everyone gets abit restless in the spring for summer!

Marble sorry to hear about your mouth....that is difficult........I have a tooth that has been giving me trouble as well........need a root hoo.......booked for May or is ok if I don't let anything touch it.......hope they get to the bottom of your sounds a lot more acute than my mouth.

Hey Cin don't work so well.

HI to everyone and I'll check in later!

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Oooo Silly Me!
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Leenie- On no! At least you got some flowers…. The gopher ate mine befor they had a chance.

Cathy – Hey! Slow is good…. I’m the Queen of Baby Steps! Congrats on the weight loss. I’m hoping that I’ve lost something, even tho I pigged out twice during the relatives visit

Ashlie – Congrats on the weight loss!! 5 lbs is GREAT! Hope you can get your internet situation fixed.

Okie, so the relaties have been evicted… I don’t plan on weighing myself this week tho :-P I’ll wait til next week hehehehe… I know I was bad bad bad with my eating this week. Not as bad as I have been when Uncle TOM and Aunt Flo are here, but bad none the less. I’ll be doing a lot of calculus this weekend…. Anyone offering to do my homework?? *POUTS*

I’ll be working out this evening with James… He wants to get back into shape to and he seems to like the “Lifting Weights to lose weight” video that I have. It’s nice to have someone there to workout with me.

Take care everyone...
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