Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Talking Monday Chat - March 28th

Good Morning,

What a wonderful weekend. I'm home today enjoying the last of my little mini weekend vacation.

How's everyone this rainy day?
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Mornign Leens:
I'm at work enjoying some Kashi and vanilla yogurt (it's my new fave thing) The weekend was INsane and we didnt get home till 10 last night I'm pooped but we had lots of fun.
Friday we had dinner at MIL's house Sat am we were back there to decorate eggs Sat afternoon we headed up to PA to my moms big turkey dinner Sunday church mimosas and a nice lunch out. and I wore my hey hot lady suit
gotta get busy!
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Here is a quick "good morning" to everyone. This morning I could hear the robins and cardinals singing at 5:00. It certainly makes getting out of bed at that hour easier.

Cathy, the deceased pastor in truth was 72 BUT he was more like 30 in actions. He was very vital-awake at 4:00AM, according to his wife and on the go from then on. He had a hip replacement a few weeks ago and he died from an emergency blood clot. His wife was driving into the parking lot to take him home from the nursing home and she met the ambulance.

Our congregation is simply reeling in disbelief. I haven't slept well. And, we have to go to the funeral tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone and God bless.................
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It is raining here in NY, not a very nice spring day.
I decided to wean off the zoloft. I'm on 25mg for a few weeks, then I'll do down to 12.5mg. I'm tired of the sexual side effects and the weight gain. I'm going to see how I do. Last time I lasted six months zoloft free but needed to go back on it.
I'm going to journal my thoughts and exercise to boost my serotonin levels...
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Good Morning Ladies..

It's nice here this morning. It is going to be in the mid 60's and Sunny all day..

My son is home and spend easter with his dad (actually his stepdad but he doesn't see it that way) and his sister.. while I was at work... but S. brought them into the store in their Easter outfits so I was happy and he video taped them on their Easter egg hunt and going thru their baskets .. so I at least got to see that..

I did my 60 minute workout this morning. I plan to go for a walk or 2 with the kids since it's so nice out along with everythng else I have to get done today

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Littleone is pulling me away from the computer.. she's getting into things already this morning

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good morning gang!

Yesterday was a really dreary, dark, wet & cold day here in Louisiana, but it was Easter so I didn't pay any more attention to the weather then I had to. but today it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside - crisp & clear & blue skies! So for those with rain today, maybe the is on it's way.

SueMarie - we have been wondering where you were at! Heidi is so cute! Congrats on the weight loss!

Leenie - so glad you have a day off! enjoy!

Kierie - what color is your "hey hot lady" suit?

Tippy - I am so very sorry about your dear pastor! hugs & prayers

Pansy - hope all goes well coming off the Zoloft! take care of yourself! and yes! exercise is a great serotonin booster!

Ashlie - glad your son is home! you sound like a great mom!

Hope the rest of our gang checks in with at least a quick "hi & bye"

you can definitely tell we are getting close to Daylight Savings Time. I thought I woke up late this morning because it was light outside and the birds were chearping. Usually it's still dark at that time.

hope everyone has a blessed day!

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Wink Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend-ours was wonderful! Our church presented an Easter play "The Day He Wore My Crown"- it was tremendous! My friend who just had her 8th surgery to remove cancerous tumors came home from the hospital. She's got a tough fight ahead of her, but she's got a lot of faith and determination.

Tippy: I'm so sorry to hear about your Pastor. My thoughts and prayers go to you, his family, and your congregation.

Pansy: I hope you can find an antidepressant that will work for you . Be careful going off the Zoloft-my DH went off cold turkey and ended up sick

Leenie: Enjoy your little Spring Break

Cathy: It was nasty here too (note the postphonement of the last round of the TPC), but the weather couldn't dampen the Spirit

Kierie: We want to hear more about your "hot lady" suit! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Stephanie: I know you're glad your son is home . I'm sure he and his sister looked adorable in their Easter outfits.

SueMarie: I'm glad you're back . Your little doggie is adorable!

I know what you mean about the birds. I have a feeder right outside the window (I can watch it from here ), and it's been VERY busy!

I don't remember if I updated you on my ankle, but I'm STILL waiting for an answer . I should know more by the end of this week. Please keep me in your prayers.

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday
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hi everyone:

Suemarie---that is cutie on your she chauwa-wa (can't spell it sorry) or a rat terrior...your cats look almost as big as my monsters.....(I have Maine Coones)

had a nice weekend, despite my daughter boycotting all family gatherings that involve me....(I no longer bend over backwards, she's an adult, start behaving like one). I semi-indulged at Easter Dinner, prime rib and real mashed potatoes with BUTTER, but just had fruit for appetite is mucho diminished. I only took 2 bites of cheesecake, I just COULDNT eat any more...(new sensation).

same thing with lunch today, I have student lectures, so there was chinese, but a few pieces of sesame chicken, 1/2 egg roll and fried rice (still this is NOT a diet dish), I'll just have salad for dinner.

came to work today (I'm in a large building on the top floor) the offices are between 90-98 degrees......the air handlers are broken....luckily I had a tee-shirt in the office to replace my heavy cotton is waaay too hot. Some of us are fortunate enough to have windows that open...(it was 39 this AM in NJ), I've been able to get my area down to 82 degrees.... but the poor students are completely wilted.

I bought a new scale this weekend, (another Tanita), I was unhappy with my previous model (will give to the ungrateful daughter), I couldn't read the numbers properly and glasses add weight!....NOW I feel better about the scale, or maybe because it registered that I have lost 11 lbs? I still dont' believe it, so I will have to be REALLY sure before I change my tracker.....

BBL, busybusy
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Hi, everyone,

I am having a rough time. I would appreciate your prayers. I went off one medication that was supposed to help me sleep and now went on another one, but it is making me feel drugged, so I am trying not to take it so I still can't sleep very well. And I am not happy taking medications. I am not sure the antidepressant I am taking is a good one for me, so I am feeling very discouraged. I just want to feel o.k. and live my life. Thank you for listening. I am just having a rough day. I appreciate your support.
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Hey Kathy:

hang in there, don't look at the whole enchilada right now, try focusing on a few small things to cope with and count up your blessings and things that make you happy. baby steps add up to big accomplishments.....

If you can't sleep, lay down and try deep breathing and stretching....if the med doesn't feel *right*, CALL YOUR DOCTOR and TELL HIM/HER....ask questions and when you know the root cause you will have less anxiety about it.....(these are only suggestions I've had experience with, dont take my opinion as gospel, but it works for me).

feel better....
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Hey Ladies
MArble one day your daughter will figure out how important her mom is. I love my mom to bits and talk to her daily
Kathy honey a big hug for you and my prayers. . .Maybe you should check in with your doc?
Joanne it sounds like you had an inspring easter. . .that is the best kind!
Cathy get out and enjoy the sun for us Jersey girls! I'm waiting for Wednesday when its bright and 60 here!
Steph it seems like even tho you worked, you had a good easter! Ii'm glad!
Purple that sounds like a good plan are you being supervised by a dr?
Tippy honey I'm sending you a big hug thats such a hard thing to contend with!
Ok my hey hot lady suit dh picked it out its a bright yellow cropped jacket a black white yellow and lime green top and black cropped pants (that on my short self were just the right length)
I felt like a million bucks! classy and put together!
Right now I'm pooped from the weekend and just trying to stay upright for the next 3 hours bbl!
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Lady Knights are NOT short, they are petitely proportioned and obviously have a FABULOUS sense of is the new pink this season. I envision you as a Nordstrom model! You can always wear heels....

I thought I was dressed properly today, until I had to put on my gym tee, or sweat to death in my tropical the open window has been blowing on me all day so i'll probably get SICK.........
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Tippy - *big hugz* I’m sorry to hear about your pastor.

Purplepansy – Hello you must have joined the group while I was hiding out from stress at school hehehe… welcome

Stephanie – Glad to hear your son is home. It’s nice to have family home to spend the holidays with.

Cathy – Hello there… I guess my race for miles with you sorta took a flop huh? Hehehe… That’s okie, April is a new month! But I’m back, and I hope I don’t go off on a tangent again, at least not til the next exam session heheheheh.

Homebound – Thanks! You have my prayers and best wishes for you on your news.

Marble – Yes, Heidi is a teacup Chihuahua. I couldn’t spell it either LOL! But I did some research on her breed on the net, so that’s how I finally learned how to spell it. Heheheh… My cats are a bit overweight, actually, I think just my boy, Sasha is overweight (he’s the silver/black one). Mali is within range. Although with all her hair she looks huge hehehe. Congrats on the 11lbs!! Wooohooo.

TdKathy – I missed whatever has happened in the last two weeks… but you have my prayers as well! But sometimes taking one step at a time makes things easier to deal with rather than look at the whole.

KO – Hello

Today I’m pondering on going down to campus to pick up my projects that I did for my finals. Uggh, but I don’t wanna see campus for a while… heheh what a dilemma! I may just suck it up and go down there later today. I’ll drag the kid with me LOL maybe it won’t feel as bad with her there to keep me company. I’ll bring Heidi too LOL!

I did good with eating on Easter Sunday. I don’t like ham all that much, because it’s salty tasting. Which is funny because I like ham deli slices. Anyways, I didn’t eat to much ham so I am sure I did well on my calorie budget. I plan on getting some exercise in today. Kid is off track for a month (she has year round schooling) so we may jump on the DDR and play some heheheh…

Take care everyone!
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Hey everyone, just on here for a quicky. Stressing a little about a financial mess I got myself into. It remains to be seen how it will turn out, or whether or not all the fuss was worth it. By next week I'll be a much happier saner person, until then trying to put aside worrying that won't help me get anywhere, and focus on classes that just started!

Hope everyones doing well, you all inspire me. Hopefully I'll have something a little more inspiring to say myself next time.
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Hey ladies… whew I just got done playing DDR with my daughter heheh. This is what the work out results said… 210 calories burned I supposedly jogged the equivelant of 1.086 miles, did the equivalent or 601 jump rope jumps, or did .481 miles of swimming. Doesn’t make sense that I jogged more than I swam… kinda goofy hehehe, but either way I did some exercise, about 20-25 minutes worth.

Blues4miles - I get the same way with my bills... matter of fact, I'm also in a financial situation... Books for school are getting way to expensive, then I saw all these sales going on, and I wnet shopping for work clothes and I just did way more than I should have. I just spent 600 bucks on my car 2 months ago which I am trying to pay off. Then two weeks ago, I spent about 687 on a root cannal and some cleaning. I have no medical coverage for dental I still have to fix the suspension on my car, which I am going to have to hold off... for a WHILE. So, when the crap comes in, it comes in all at once *pardon the language*. GREAT BIG HUGZ TO YOU Hang in there!

Take care everyone!
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