Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Medicine is where to turn to first. If you already are on meds, you need to talk to your psychiatrist. Or maybe you need a new psychiatrist. If your regular doctor is giving you meds for depression -definitely see a psychiatrist, they are specialists!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I would definitely recommend a counselor-I see mine every other week. That is a start, those two will start to lift you up, and help you to do other things to help yourself.
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ah...I read these post and relate to all of you. I have battled the depression demon my whole life, I'm 44. I've been on most of the AD's. Some better than others, combo's for awhile. I do well, then crash like most of you.
When the "low" comes, I try to stay busy, I walk extra ( although it is hard getting out of bed at times) I contact friends and let them know I'm low.
Writing helps and being grateful for what I have is best medicine.
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wow the post on major depression really makes me feel good. i saw a therapist for five years for it, from age 14 to 19. i still need treatment but i'm doing ok.

you posting that article on this site makes so much sense to me. i really feel like i can do this now... thank you sooo much.
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Your welcome
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Just saying Hi!!

New to the board
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I have a Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome started about 12 years ago...
I didn't know at the time and checked many tests but didn't know what was going on until finally it came with VB12 deficiency and depression...
6 months ago, the Doc. had me started 10mg of lexapro and I am a different person. lost weight and still going.... of course being light does help to go outside to buy new clothes.
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thanks for this. I have been really feeling down. Today was especially difficult. All I want to do it eat.
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Hey all. I am the sailor of the same depressed boat. 40 million people suffer from depresison from which only 36.9% are treated and others are left to read something as useful and self-caring as this manual As I type, my forehead vein throbs. I have been depressed over and over again through ELS. Early life can give a lot of trouble and body becomes PRONE of getting depressed. But I tried to change it from being PRONE to being IMMUNE from anxiety or depression because I know I have a life and life is a gift. My words would seem simple but they come out of an aching heart. We all need guidance, scientifically, medically supported. Life is simple, we make it hard by not RESOLVING our issues. I am keen to help out because I HAVE BEEN THERE AND IT IS NOT PRETTY! I have now a good pretty face instead of masked like face because I knew what was important ranging from good anxiolytics to even knowning as simple as that red heads feel the anxiety more. Now that is research.
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I believe depression really takes a tole on your eating habits and hence your overall fitness. Thank you for these helpful articles they really help in understanding this issue.
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Related to weightloss, we tend to BELIEVE in so many myths that makes us worry. I always trusted the fact that gym will help me lose weight , or a low carb diet wil make me fitter BUT different things suit different people ! People do not go on stories and read proper backed up information. I learnt that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain: and also that stress leads to weight gain too :
I just love how smart beautiful people give real time advise and apply on themselves too.

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Wow! there should be seriously more attention on depression, I had no idea the numbers were that bad
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