Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Tuesday, Aug 3rd Chat

Good Morning,

This is a quickie, I'm so busy here with interviews. Leaving today at 2 to see the Dr. cough cough hack hack

Have a beautiful Day !!!!
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Good Morning Gang!

I got up and did 3 miles this morning.

Leenie - I hope all goes well at the doctors and that he gives you something to get rid of that cold and cough! hugs!

Cin - how did you feel after your meetings yesterday? I would think you would be tired by the time you got home. Hope you are able to rest some today. hugs!

Lynnie - it was good to see you on the Weekly Food Log yesterday. hugs!

Welcome Faraway - hope your 7 year old is feeling ok today after pulling teeth. yikes! Hope you are having a good day at the park!

SueMarie - hope everyone is feeling better today. Would seem like James might have it next. yikes!

Welcome Elisabeth - hope all goes well with the dermatologist today!

Liz - you busy working?

Tippy - whasssssup girlie?

Anybody seen Kemp? is she gone or posting on another board? anybody know?

Hope everybody has a blessed day!


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HI Leens and Cathy and all those to follow......

Like I was saying on the Monday thread......we got a new bed going to get some new bedding today......take dd 6 to a birthday party and do a tidy as a couple of the girls cousins are sleeping over........

We went to see some movies lately.......that is my hubby's fav thing to do....not mine......but it is all about compromise.

I have worked so hard at work that past three days......people are so ill......really humbles you and puts your life in perspective.

Cathy way to go on the hubby is hypothyroid and he can exercise hours a day and see's no results....if I kept up with him I would be a twig.

Leens let us know about your cough.......we are all sick here as well......dd 12 is just getting over a virus...fever, aches pains and loss of appetite that went on for 3 days. DD6 and I both woke up with sore throats and stuffy noses.

Cin glad to see you are well enough to get back to work.

Lynnie good to see you reading......I usually read about 20 books in the summer but I haven't read one.....I am trying to read Divency Code for our informal book club but can't get into it.....I remeber reading Flowers In The Attic series when I was in grade 7.....loved it!

Faraway welcome.......looking forward to getting to know you.....dd 6 has a dentist appointment coming up on Thursday.....hope no surprises! is a shame so much of your summer has been interuppted with feeling unwell....hope you are back in fine form ASAP!

To everyone I missed hello and have a great day! Lots to do so I gotta run!

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Afternoon Ladies…

Cathy – Yeah that’s what I told James, he’s next! He didn’t like the sound of that, specially because it seems like it’s gets worse as it goes down the line heh. Good to see you are still doing your walking… I’ve been slacking, I was waiting to get better from the vacation, then I go and sleep wrong and hurt my neck, then when that got better, I got sick again… it’s not going so well… not to mention this month has a Friday the 13th I don’t even wanna think about what could go wrong next Just a small streak of bad luck, I am trying to get rolling again….slow going tho

Liz – Thank you, I think a lot of it was from all the stress going on through my class and work time. Then when I got my break from both for the summer my body went into melt down. ICK! I hope it won’t be like this next year. Congrats on the new bed! I’m jealous hehehe, James and I have been looking but I cannot believe how much a new mattress can cost! The one good thing is they are always having sales. When we went shopping, we just missed the 18 months no payments and no interest sale. So I am sure they will have it again, we can wait. Til then it’s back to the old lumpy mattress hehehehe.

Well ladies, as I mentioned before, I’m trying to get back on program, but it’s been slow going. I’m still not quite 100%, but I can still do a small 15 minute video for my 1 mile walk… I can barely get through it tho, but I figured something is better than nothing. At least right now. My scarlet fever is gone, and I didn’t really have much of a sore throat, but right now what is getting me is my asthma. Always acts up when I get sick, but everything is okie so far. It’s been a rather trying week tho, I had to put down two of my rats last week I know many of you are cringing hehehe, but they really are loving loyal pets. Sometimes I feel even more loyal than my cats, I can’t even get them to sit on my lap, but I take out a rat and he plops down in my lap and we watch tv. I did some shopping this weekend to make me feel better. I went to PetSmart, I found a new friend, a Siamese little boy rat, kid named him Kracker. I actually think he might be a Himalayan. If you know what the cat looks like, he’s got the same coloring and markings. He still young, so his color is still light, I’m hoping he’ll darken up some. I also saw the cutest bird cage. I am thinking about replacing the birds old cage. It’s rusty and falling apart. I am sure she would be happier in a nicer cage. Okie I’ll shush about my farm LOL. Everything is good here tho, just slow getting over this illness, and the kid is feeling much better as well. She told me this morning…”I can eat again! I had pizza for breakfast” Yikes! LOL well I guess the good news is she can swallow without it hurting, course pizza for breakfast…. Grin…. I gotta have my cereal… at least milk. Hehehe but I am just glad she’s feeling a bit better. She, like me, is finally getting her strength back…

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Take care….
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Hi Gals
After working yesterday I was pooped but am now 100% back to normal........I am always tired after a 3 meeting day! It feels so good NOT to have stomach problems.I cannot begin to say how thankful I am!

Welcome Elisabeth & Faraway..............nice to see some new faces in here!

We got a new bed last year..a tempurpedic....................I have never loved anything as much as this bed....cannot say enough about it and you can sleep on it 90 days and not keep it if you dont like it! We bought a pillow top and was so disappointed we retuned it! It is totally awesome.

Got some housework to do.....................have a good rest of the day.stay as cool as possible. April.I dont know how you manage without air conditioning!

Kempyd we MISS you.

Leens..get better soon! Coughing is so hard on you and slow to clear up sometimes.

Later taters
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Default correction ha ha ha

We did not RETUNE the bed...........we returned it!
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Ohh new beds, we finally got a new one a few months ago, We got the Aireloom, and boy is it wonderful.

Went to the doctor, she thinks I have what grace had a few weeks ago, in adults its always worse. She said there's lots of virus' around so she's really not sure. Stay home and rest HAAAAAAAA what a joke. So since its a virus there's nothing she can do but she did give me some cough syrup w/codeine If the cough gets worse I have to go back. I hate the feeling of your throat feeling like its closing and coughing every 5 seconds so hard you can puke.. NOT FUN!!!

Sue, glad your feeling better and sorry about your pets hang in there, being OP will come

Liz, enjoy your new bed. Sorry to hear the kids are sick, they always bounce back fast, not like me, this freaking thing is going on 2 weeks now. Oy. Movies aren't my thing either but I would go if DH wanted to. Seems we don't have the time.

I haven't heard from Kem, wish she'd come back. Prob school is keeping her busy.

Cin, good to hear your 100%

Cathy 3 miles YOU GO GIRL !!!!! wonderful
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Hiya gang!! Dh hasn't did anymore work because it was just killing him.The friend of his told him if he can't get a job; he can come and do a couple of hours a day with to earn a couple of bucks.In the meantime; he continues to do his drafting on the side and helping the elder lady with her 90 something acres of lawn care.Nah I am just exaggerating; he does about 3 acres of lawn care for her.He is dropping the weight though.While I feel like a beached whale.

Went to see BIL today and he seemed really down in the dumps.He hasn't been eating to well either from what we have seen or heard him say.We took him snacks over 3 weeks ago and he still hasn't touched them.We offered to take him out today and he didn't want to get out of the bed even for a stroll.

We had to get our phone number changed because BIL's credit cards are calling our house and BIL don't even live with us.We told them to stop calling but they continued to call once, twice, and even sometimes 3 times a day.I have filed a complaint against the company.But its now peaceful in my house.

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Hi everyone ~ A good day today! The dermatologist appt went fine, thank goodness, I made it to Curves this morning, and I went out to eat tonight at Olive Garden and still kept within my calories! Yeah! I hope everyone has a good evening and I will "see" you tomorrow night!
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