Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Thursday March 27th

hello sleepyheads....

Can't sleep so here I am. I've been doing a lot of thinking and getting myself remotivated to get back on WW. Chris says he will do it with me so we will officially begin April 1st. I'd so planned to have off 30 lbs by now but I won't look at all the yesterdays....

I know the plan works and I can lose on it. I bought wisely when I went grocery shopping knowing we were going to do this so there's stuff in the house ... no excuses for me!!! I HAVE to do it this time.....I turn 46 next month and I keep letting time disappear instead of my fat.

I've been thinking of the 10 most important reasons I want to or need to lose... importance not in any particular order...and some reasons are purely greedy on my part....

1) prevention of diabetes which runs in my family
2) clothes to fit and I will look like a human and not a rhino
3) to get smaller than my sister for the first time in 25 years
4) to be healthier before I have surgery in the future
5) to make past boyfriends/fiances see what they missed
6) to be alive and well for Chris and Dad
7) remove the wall of fat I've used for 25 yrs and get back control of ME again instead of letting someone else keep me bound
8) to be able to run and play with Ian w/o panting for breath
9) prove to myself and others that I CAN do it ....I always feel that because I am fat, people think I am lazy...stereotyped
10)find my once perky boobs.....or get a boob job if they are goners (sick of having road rash nipples )

Ladies lets all get back on the wagon April 1st.......together we can do it!!! I know I need major support....what about you???
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One more thing once again welcome Jaymee to what is referred to as the nutty board. So good to see you. A year of lurking and she speaks .......jump on in girlie.

For those who don't know Jaymee, she has been in chat for quite a few months now. She's a very nice person and has a great sense of humor. We love her.

2:15.....I need to go to bed.....
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Hey Sweet !

Hi Jamee where are you chickie ?

Good Morning

I agree with all of your reasons. Today is day #4 of me being really good (keeping fingers crossed ) I'm tired of looking like a rino too. When I look at all my size 14's & 16's in my closet I could cry......but that aint gonna get me skinny.

Nothing doing today SOSDD.

I think its hair cut day. Gotta call the salon and see if they can take me. Boss is gone so I can go anytime today. YAHOO.
Gonna have about 6" taken off (its very long) that will leave it just passed my shoulders.

Well ladies, drink that water, it does help.

Have a wonderful day.
Love, Leenie
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Well good good morning chickadees!

Sweetpea - you sound very motivated! That's great! I'm glad that Chris will be doing it with you. That will help. As you know Weight Watchers is a great program! You go girl! will you go to the meetings or do it at home?

Leenie - congrats on day 4 of being good! You're on a roll girlie! that's awesome! keep up the good work!

I was up very early so I did a 3 mile walk with Leslie! I feel great! and I have already drank 40 oz of water! It's always so much easier to get my water in when I exercise!

Soooooooooo what did everybody have for breakfast? I had a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch with 2% milk and I'm having my second cup of coffee with splenda in it and a dap of coolwhip on top. (I think I'm a princess haha) What about everybody else? what's on the menu for breakfast?

I hope everybody takes just a minute to post a quick little message. I love checking in and seeing what all my buddies are up to.

I hope everybody has a great day!


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G'morning everyone!

Cathy, for breakfast, I had an egg salad sandwich! it was on only one slice of bread, but the bread was homemade. I've been craving egg salad sandwiches for ages, but,until recently, I couldn't hard boil an egg. The shell would always stick to the white and yuck. Now, I age the egg a bit, add a dab of vinegar to the water and shock the cooked egg with a cool dunk in ice water. ( I think my skin might peel off easy too if someone did that to me!)

It's snowing. Can I say SH*T!?

Gotta go and throw things away. Am decluttering.
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Good Morning All!

Wow Sweet.......I am proud of you..................why did you pick April Fools Day to start? How about now??? No time like the present! But hey...........................if you want and brand new month that is okay too! I have done that many times myself....but later realized I could start as soon as I made up my mind!

I ate an egg sandwch for breakfast.sprayed a cereal bowl with Pam.nuked it for a minute and presto...a perfect round egg that hangs over the bread it was so big! Ha! Ha!Had 1 cup of oj..........

I am home for the entire day.....Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I am going to tackle several things around here before I allow myself a lunch break.......(and the computer)! I love having a whole day at home to do housework! are so dedicated with your GO GIRL! I am proud of you.! 4 is great too! Each day we get stronger.....think about what you want the most instead of what you want at the moment...................and everyone needs to NOT refer to themself as a rhino!Dont put yourself down.................picture yourself HOW YOU WANT TO BE!

Hope I dont sound too "leaderish"...not trying to be.but I have learned a lot in the past is the importance of speaking more HIGHLY about ourselves! Remember God doesnt make junk!!!

Hope lots post today.I love hearing from everyone.

Liz..Happy Belated BD!
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Talking I am inspired by the life on this board!

I must admit you are an inspirational bunch this morning! Thanks everyone!

Well I hate to admit what I had for breakfast....2 sugar glazed donuts.... I had a friend over for coffee yesterday afternoon and she brought donuts and it is hubby's birthday today so we had our little birthday singy thingy with the girls before they went to school as he is working evenings and they won't see him again today...and well it was too tempting!

I will go to the gym and do an extra 30 mins as my penance!

Thanks for all the kind wishes and for all the support and encouragement you give one another...I am so impressed by the thoughtfulness of you all!

Have a great rest of the day and I will check in later!

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I had two pieces of sourdough bread (I brought it back from Cali) and a piece of pepper jack cheese. I know, that is a weird combo.

Sweet you go girl! I think it is great that Chris is doing it with you. that helps so much. YOu sound like me, I have to plan way in advance what we will eat of I will screw up.

Leen look at you, 4 days. I still havn't gotten back into it. You are doing great.

CIn how are you so lucky to stay home?

Cathy I need some of your exercise motivation.

Tippy you can come down my way. It is BEAUTIFUL today!!! Bright blue skies. I wish I had a real time cam on the outside of my building so you all could enjoy it too.
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Good morning all,

I have today off, so I'm catching up with phone calls and housework. But I hate to vacuum when the cats are all sleeping so peacefully....on the other hand, when are they NOT sleeping?

SweetPea, thanks for your kind words. It was great chatting with you last night. All your reasons for losing weight are totally valid! I'll bet it would help a lot to hang your list on the fridge for when those cravings set in. One thing that's keeping me motivated is that I'm my sister's matron of honor this summer and the dress is form fitting! Eeek!! (I should hang a pic of the dress on my fridge,, )

Have a great day everyone!

Smiles, Jaymee
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Leens congratulations on staying OP for 4 days...hope you make it today. I too look at a boxs of clothes that I've packed up in hopes of one day getting back in to. When I get back into my short shorts and halter top I'll know I've reached my goal weight. Of course at my age now I won't wear them outdoors.

Cathy I plan to do WW at home. I have the points book and ruler so I have no excuse. And yeah, I am hoping that with Chris going on it with me it will make it easier. I am sick of no one eating the same around here!! Dad doesn't need to lose weight but at least he'll get more fresh fruit and veggies which he needs.

I had a bowl of the new Cheerios with strawberries. Not bad. They also come with mixed fruit but I wasn't sure if I'd like that or not.

Tippy send your snow this way!!! I am not ready for the weather we're having. It's staying in the 60's and 70's which is nice but my lawn needs mowed...I'd hoped to not have to do that for another month. Trees are blooming, yellow daffodils are everywhere........

Cin I picked April Fools as it is just around the corner and the day before my birthday. It will give me a starting point to look back at as well. And you're right...should not call self a rhino ....and God doesn't make junk. Buuuuuuuut, God did make the rhino too.

Liz a donut does sound good but I will be a good girl. Please do an extra 30 minutes of exercise for me for even thinking that.

Kemp I love that kind of cheese.....mmmm.

Jaymee yw. I'm glad you're finally talking. I also enjoyed talking to you last night. Maybe more will show tonite. Linda "forgot" us last nite....can you believe that??? How dare she!!!! dad got so excited this morning. Thought he was gonna pee his pants. I have been buying milk (it's cheaper there than the other stores!) and other stuff at a convenience store near me..certain things have points such as milk has 3. For every point you earn in a month, that is a penny off gas up to 15 gallons. I'd saved 73 points (cents) and gas is $1.37 so he filled his truck with 15 gallons for 63 cents per gallon. He paid $9.58 for 15 over $10 savings. He said he's not seen gas for 63 cents in a coons age. The smile on his face was worth giving him this months savings. Next month I will use the saving and put in our van.

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