Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Should I look into medication?

Not on my own of course, but my therapist had actually recommended it to me... at least on a trial basis to see how I'd do, since I have had clinical depression for quite a few years now, and only this past December had started seeing someone about it (I'm 18... it wasn't something anyone thought about before).

For the past 8 days I've been eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables and exercising for at least an hour every day, and getting 7-9 hours of sleep. And physically... I feel GREAT.

But I'm not having the mental clearness I thought I would. I mean... I am... but I still always feel as though there's something hanging back behind, about to reach out and just grab me. Not talking about paranoia... just... I dunno.

While I physically have plenty of energy to go all day, my brain continues to try and shut me down, and I have to work harder to try and keep going. I dunno... I feel as though physically... everything's going great. But mentally, I'm still being gripped hard by the same thing that's had me under its control for years.

I dunno... of course, I'd see a psychiatrist and try and figure out other things first... but is medication something I should begin to look into? Or at least open my mind to? I don't want to take medication... but I'm starting to feel as though this is trying to ruin my life again... even though everything else is starting to look up.

ETA: I just read over the clinical depression thing on here again... and I dunno... I don't have thoughts of suicide (anymore), I don't feel sad or anxious or anything all the time... unless you count feeling a bit sad once a day "all the time"... mostly I just feel as though I'm being weighed down by my face and brain and body all the time... I honestly can't remember when I last felt "light". I feel as though something is dragging me down... but not that the world is over or anything... I still talk to people, I still laugh and can be happy... but I'm tired of feeling as though everything about me is dragging, or that I'm going to have my mood swings or whatever... I dunno...

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That decision can only be made by you and your doctor. Sometimes meds help. I was feeling run down and to my wit's end recently and talked to my doc about it. No energy, issues with my cycles (tmi, I know), and just feeling not myself. I asked her to help me with whatever she thought I needed. She gave me a birth control pill and it freaked me out b/c I have been on so many to only have problems(and I don't need one for contraception) but this one has me feeling more like myself. I am pleasantly surprised but apparently my hormones just needed a boost. Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor! Tell them what issues you're having and let them use their expertise. You might be really nicely surprised!

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I agree, only you and your doctor can decide if medication is the best way for you to go. The good thing is that you are exercising and eating healthy which
is great for treating depression!! Good for you!
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I think it's a hard decision to make. I decided to do it partially because I wanted a quick fix and partially because I felt so low that I wanted anything that would help. But I hate taking medications. I've tried to wean myself off, but realized that I did actually feel better on than off the meds.

The main frustration of taking drugs is finding the right concoction for you. It's a lot of trial and error and preference of the doctor. Plus you have to watch out for the drugs that assist you in gaining weight instead of losing it. I had a lot of problems with that a long time ago before doctors became more conscious of it.

I personally feel that if you feel good and can manage the other issues on your own then keep at it without medication. But I also agree with the other ladies that it's only a decision that you can make with your doctor. Just don't do what I did and think of it as a quick fix for the extra stuff you're going through. But sometimes diet and exercise and even herbal supplements are all that you may need. Good luck!
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Have you ever heard of dysthymia? I was diagnosed with it. It is kind of a "depression lite" if you will. For me, I just kind of feel "blah". I'm neither happy or sad most of the time, just existing. Like you, I never feel "light", but I don't necessarily feel anything near as bad as major depression. Regardless, it is up to you. I do takes meds and it helps me cope/manage things a bit better. I think I'm still trying to clear the "fog" from my brain, though.

If you decide to do it, don't get discouraged if it doesn't work at first. Your body takes a while to adjust and may react better to certain drugs than others.

I hope that kind of helped! Haha.
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People often think of going on medication as if it's a life sentence, and put it off because it seems like such an enormous thing to take on. It isn't. You try it, if it doesn't work out for you then you stop it, but by that time you will have gained knowledge about how you get on with certain drugs and possibly how you feel when the symptoms are different (if it was a med that worked but carried intolerable side effects). If you think it may be a good move for you, then go to your doctor and discuss trying something. A good doctor will supervise you all the way, and won't make you spend too long on something that's not good for you.
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I was depressed for over twenty years, starting around age seven. Let me add that my sister and mother both had depression, and Dad was in the mental hospital for over ten years when I was a child with PTSD. So I had mental problems from a very young age.

I began seeing a therapist 8 years ago. By that time I had A LOT of other problems besides depression. I was suicidal, paranoid, I had emotions changing twenty times and hour, I self injured, I could go on and on. A few months into therapy my therapist suggested I go to a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis and to get medication. I was REALLY against it!! I fought tooth and nail not to get medication, but finally I relented.

It was a lifesaver (literally!!). And my psych. was able to give me three diagnoses. Some people hate getting a diagnosis of a mental problem, but I loved it. It made me feel a little more normal, and less of a freak.

I still take medication and probably will for the rest of my life (but that is because I have several diagnoses and issues that are a little severe) but for most people, medication is only temporary. Medication helps you in the short term, and your therapy helps you in the long term. If you do decide to take medication, give it about 4 weeks or so before you see results. And like any medication, if you feel any severe side effects, call the doctor immediately.

If you have any questions for me, you can send me a PM!!! I'm an open book!!
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