Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Red face unsure...

Hello all you wonderfull FCs out there. I started this site in the hopes i can finally slim down again. it just seems like such a long road and i dont even know where to start. 60 lbs seems like a whole person to loose. I get so unmotivated so fast, and im tired even after i sleep 8-12 hours. How do i get my self going? how do i stay motivated and fight this depression thats had me for three years now?
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On the slow track.
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I feel you on the daunting prospect of losing heaps of weight. I need to lose 50 at a minimum and sometimes it feels impossible! BUT the key is to go day by day. I don't need to lose 50lb today, I just need to create a 500-1000 calorie deficit that will add up, slowly but surely over the next few months. Do you have a diet & exercise plan?

I feel you on the depression too. It makes everything seem SO MUCH MORE difficult. Where are you with treatment? Do you see a therapist? Do you take meds? How long have you been at this low point? (I assume you're currently at a low point because of all the sleeping.)

Good luck. You definitely CAN do it--it's just a question of figuring out the best way for YOU.
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Honestly im on no plan at all. Ive tried millions of things and none seem to give me the fast results i need to keep me motivated. as far as my depression goes i havent seen a therapist in years. im moderately stabel in feeling ok. just somedays suck alot more then others especially when i look back at pics of me at 135.
what is your meal/ exercise plan?
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Welcome! I've also dealt with depression and weight loss, and I've found that dieting really helps me. The two things that are most important to me and balancing my mood are cutting out sugar and exercising.

I count calories and use a bodybugg to estimate my daily calorie deficit. I average 1200 calories per day and exercise for 40 minutes- which means an average deficit of 1400. That's 2.8lbs per week. I lost significantly more than this during my first two weeks (I think my body was flushing out excess water and food in my GI tract) but average the 2.8/week after that.
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Suck it up, buttercup!
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I can't comment on depression but on weight loss.

60 lbs sounds a lot I agree. Don't think about the end goal yet!

Start with smaller goals. I did have and still do tons of goals. Don't put a timeline behind it. It will discourage you if you don't make it. Get comfortable with your plan, workouts etc first.

Later when you know how your body works you can join some challenges here but make sure you pace yourself. For example I learned that one pound a week is doable for me but not too easy. So I enter challenges with goals that are about a pound/week til deadline. It works. Sometimes I am cutting it close (like now - see signature) but usually I make it in time.

As an example, here are my mini goals I set up to reach my final (?) goal:

1st - 10lbs 102.6kg/226.0lbs
2nd - under 100kg 99.9kg/220.0lbs
3rd - 10% 96.8kg/213.2
4th - halfway there 91.3kg/201.1lbs
5th - onederland (lbs) 90.5kg/199.3lbs
6th - lowest weight ever! 88kg/193.8lbs
7th - 10kg to go - 22kg lost 85kg/187.2lbs
8th - 25kg lost 82.5kg/181.7lbs

and what I have still planned is:
9th - 5kg to go 80kg/176.2lbs
10th - 30kg lost 77.6kg/170.9lbs
goal - normal BMI 75kg/165.2lbs
stretch goal - 70kg/155lbs

I also had some rewards planned, like new pants, a pedicure, a certain book or CD, a spa day at home etc. for the first few goals. I stopped doing it because reaching a mini goal became the best reward and I didn't feel like I need to buy anything special as a reward anymore.

Every mini goal brings you a step closer and if you keep them small they will come quickly. You could also do something like 5 pounds at a time. I just thought it is more fun to have different goals vs regular steps. Up to you!

Good Luck!
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A friend of mine had a similar problem and she didn't want to share with anyone her frustrations, i noticed that i confronted her and helped her through the journey.

You have done the right thing to go out and speak because the healing has began, being in company of others help especially when out to a challenge such as meeting a target of losing a big chunk of weight yet you don't seem to see any change.

When you hear yourself saying that's its not worth it, hold that thought captive and replace it with a positive one that I can make it and i'll lose weight.

All the best!
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Thanks guys. did my first 18 mins of cardio today. granted it isnt much but ****, ITS SOMETHING. If i feel up to it ill do it again before bed. i feel better but still a little down on the long road ahead. i ask my self how the **** i got here. i went from 135 and kickboxing my little heart out, to 205 and lazy....darn kids lol kidding. eating is a problem, i dont eat much but when i do its alot-ish. i cook dinner for my house hold and everybodys got something to say about what they want to eat. I try to do baked chicken and veggies as much as i can but then someone walks through the door with a strawberry shake..i cant say no!! so ill drink half and give the rest to my son. good? who knows. Im tired of this. Good, bad and ugly im going to break out of these chains!!!
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