Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Unhappy Moved from Weight loss Support : Not a happy camper

So I'm not a happy camper tonight...
I stepped on the scale and I'm up a kg. I'm going to the doctor day after tomorrow to find out about the severe fatigue I've been having and as much as I don't want to I'm going to ask about some anti deppesion meds as well. I think with everything going on (lost my 22yr old brother in May and now going thru a divorce etc.) they couldn't hurt at this point. And I've got to stop using my best friend as a crutch , he's really been there for me allot lately but his bad eating habbits are rubbing off (he's a single guy and is always going out to eat rather than cooking at home), and I find myself straying off my diet to much. Now that my little rant is over I do have a ligit question, has anyone dieted while on anti depression meds? I know of lots of different ones since we give them so often and have so many people on them here at work but I've never asked about people trying to be on a diet with them.... Any advice? I do plan to ask the doctor as well but I was just curious about personal experiances....
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Hey ONEderland,
I am new to this forum, but could not help but attampt to offer you a suggestion. I totally understand where your coming from when everything builds up inside from one thing and another. I looked at anti depressants, but decided that it would be better to try some altertative methods before I made that decision. There seems to be some unfavorable side effects to taking them I did not want to have eating problems and be hooked on medication.
I tried taking 5-HTP when I was at my lowest and found it really did work well for me....It's worth a try as you can get it at the health food store, I also started to go to meditation classes which was really useful and allowed my time to think and relax and get my problems into perspective.
I know that not really the answer to your question, but I thought I would put forward an alternative option.

Good Luck and stick with it.

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Thumbs up advice...

For starts ((BIG HUG)), you have had a rough year! Good for you with reaching out...depression affects everyone differantly, as do the medications used to treat it. I have suffered from depression for a long time and want to suggest that you mention it to your doctor. Only you know what is best for you, and it never hurts to ask.

I've used two different medications...the 1st one I developed hives after 2 weeks and quit taking it, and with the 2nd med I didn't feel it made a differance so I stopped taking it after a year. Remember, not every medication is effective with each person..which is disapointing, but it's life. After wondering why I can't shake this feeling of sadness that never seems to go away, I'm going to see the doctor on Monday about starting another perscription maybe. Ohhh, and I never had weight gain with either medication.

Main Point: You've had a heck of a year, and you are hurting. Sometimes eating great, exercising, getting a ton of sleep and turning to prayer aren't enough. Medication can't undo the things that have happened this year, but it can make each day seem a little more livable, and give you a feeling that you can manage life. Never be afraid to ask for help
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I'm on an anti depressant/anxiety medicine lexapro. I saw my family doctor about my crying issues, stress, horrible thoughts, and terrible eating habits. Every year for the last 6 years I've gained 10 pounds. So I've put on a total of 60 pounds. When I told her these things she diagnosed me with depression, and she chose this medication because it has been known to decrease appetite. This medicine does help me sleep better at night but as for the surpressed appetite I haven't noticed a difference.

I feel that I'm doing well handling my depression and my recent decision to go on a diet. I wish you happiness with yourself and happiness in your heart.
Much love
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A lot of medications say "weight gain" as a side effect, but it's really different for every person. I personally don't know anyone who has had a problem with an SSRI and weight gain, including myself. I found that I was more energetic and more willing to exercise on them as well. I also needed to use food as medicine less. When I was on them, my doctor told me that they're frequently used to treat binge eating or chronic overeating, since eating large amounts is often an unconscious way to elevate mood and increase seratonin in the brain.

So don't let your weight loss be an excuse for not getting something that could help you very much.
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Texas, hugs to you, it's a lot to endure all at once.
I recently completed six months of a medically monitored weight management program. It was a pain in the back side because we had to check in every two weeks but it was a very responsible program that monitored your heart, weight, BMI, emotions, etc very closely.

We were all given a prescription for a low dose of prozac (10mg) and phentermine (37.5 mg) both to be taken once per day and a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise at the maximum heart rate (as determined by the doctor based on your age). The phentermine took a little while to get used to, it was nearly impossible to sleep for the first few days and we couldn't take it if we didn't plan to work out that day so it became a debate some day's ... would I have the time to work out today???
The other side effect is constipation. Taking the phentermine you MUST drink a lot of water, a gallon a day over the course of the 24 hour day (not all at once). Even doing that, it's important to incorporate yogurt and fiber at higher levels into your diet. It helps but most of us still had issues in the bathroom. (sorry to be blunt ... but it's important to keep the digestive machine working properly so you need to know). We were also encouraged to have weekly shots of B12 (lipoplex) to help the liver filter out the fat waste more effectively. I'm not sure if I totally buy into the shot, I found a really good multi vitamin at a local supermarket called One Source for Women that has as much, if not more of the important B vitamins in the shots at a much more agreeable price.
I was on the short, slow bus with this program. Most people in my group lost 10-25 lbs every two weeks... Me, well I was lucky to meet the minimum 5 pounds per two week requirement to stay on the program.
It took me 6 months but I lost just shy of 45 lbs. I've been off the program for three months and have gained back 8 lbs. Now in fairness to the program, my gain is my own doing. My job changed and so did my shift. I went from working days (6 am -3 pm) to working 2nd shift (2pm - 11-pm) and I no loner have the phentermine to control my hunger so when I get home at midnight, i'm starving ... I don't think I need to say any more about what happens after that. Additionally, I have been restricted from any high cardio exercise due to an abscessed toooth that is currently under a root canal re-do. They didn't want me to do anything that may cause the abscess to rupture into my spine.
So, bottom line... the program worked and it gave the the "push" I needed to change my way of life (eating / exercising). I'm anxious to get back on track.
I hope this helps.
We are all here for you!!!! Hang in there :-)
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