Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Diagnosed Bipolar Today

I have a semi-active (mostly lurker) account but to keep it confidential I made this one.

Today I was diagnosed as bipolar. I'm keeping a blog about my experiences at swingingbipolar.blogspot DOT com. If anyone else has a journal to share I'd love to read it.

I'm not sure how this will affect my "get fit, get healthy" goal, but I'm hoping for the best.
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Can i just say this:

Dont allow a diagnosis to dictate who you are as a person. Many people have a tendency to accept a diagnosis and then they become all about it. Its important to treat the illness..but dont make it become your life.. You are still you..and you are a unique individual with talents, giftings, abilities and a character with much to contribute to life and to others.. Dont become the illness..just accepet that this is an illness but continue to strive for the things that you want in life.. Something a friend of mine with bi-polar used to do is, wake up in the morning and say ---- My name is ------ and i have bipolar..Not once did i hear her ever say My name is and I'M. bipolar..

So just food for thought..

Having bi-polar doesnt have to affect your get fit and get fact i know some people who were diagnosed with bi-polar and they lost lots of weight and started running..and it made them very happy in life to lead an active lifestyle... So let that it encourage you..
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I have Bipolar 1 and after a couple of med adjustments I am doing really well. I just started eating healthy and exercising, but as Jasesgirl said, do not become the illness. It is something to be managed and monitored, but you can lead a happy, productive life in spite of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed when I was 15 and it was hard at first, but look at it like any other illness. My dad has diabetes and he takes his insulin when he needs to, but he goes about his day and lives his life like any other person would.

Hang in there
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Hi! I was recently diagnosed bi-polar. I have a blog that mostly deals with weight loss but I will occassionally talk about my struggles with my illness. I started to read yours. Wow, I can relate to you in a lot of ways.

Best wishes to you!!!!
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I'm bipolar also and while the diagnosis was kinda scary to get, it is also a relief to know that there is a name for what I am going through. I hope that you can find the right treatment for you and be on your way to living your life to the fullest with bipolar!
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I am not bipolar but have friends who are. The ones who stay on their meds do well, the ones who think they can go off their meds are the ones who have a lot of trouble.
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
I am not bipolar but have friends who are. The ones who stay on their meds do well, the ones who think they can go off their meds are the ones who have a lot of trouble.
AGREE 100%

My daughter is bipolar and when she thinks she's doing great and goes off her meds, OMG and you can't convince to go back on, until she breaks up with current BF and alienates other friends. EVEN when you think you have it under control, IT IS because of the MEDS, don't self-diagnose and stop taking them. You will always have bipolar, it doesn't disappear. Thank God every day they have treatments for it
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Wow, I agree with all of that Bellamack, I felt (I don't know the word for it) but caring parent fits the bill. I agree 100% as it is so true that some of us do feel like we are doing great and we don't need the meds and then we go off. As a person who has been there, I know that nothing good ever comes of that.

But saying it's just another illness and that it's not who you are is sort of hard for me to accept. Other diseases although life threatening at times don't rule your mind...Bipolar is your mind. Up or down or in the middle it's there. Even with my medication I "swing" so I have to be conscientious every day. And this is where I think healthy living is so important.

Proper eating, mindful eating and exercise really really helps. I have more energetic days now. It used to be I was more depressed than manic (IMO...maybe not family's opinion) but now that I exercise, I can't sit still and I don't dwell as much. For me that's good. On the other hand if not "chaperoned" sometimes it's not so good. But I put my energy into working out and it's helping me stay "centered". I've cut out sugar and lowered caffeine and I can't tell you the change it has made for me. I guess you would have to know me to really see the difference.

I wish you well, do some research, don't let this "rule" you as others said, but be mindful it's still apart of you It also might just be me, mind you, that if I don't say hi I'm bipolar people might think I'm "crazy" or "weird" and with a little explanation as to why I'm singing or dancing helps people understand that I'm not "normal" but I'm not "crazy"...I hope that made sense...but I'm almost positive it didn't and that's another lovely part of being me....good luck.

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