Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Friday, January 10th

Good Morning,

Its gonna be a busy day but at least its FRIDAY.

Any good plans for the weekend ? Tomorrow my sisters are coming over w/the girls and they are going to go sledding in my yard, and we will probably order Chinese food....... I will order mine steamed (I'll TRY I PROMISE). We are getting a new TV delivered tomorrow also, they have 0% financing now so that will give us time to pay it off. The TV we have now is 13 years old and its on its way out...the top of the screen is missing by about 2" ...... I need to win the lottery

Sunday I am going to TRY to get my big kaboose to Church, I miss it so much but I'm to lazy to go... I know I know. Thats about it.

Good to see everyone on yesterday's thread.

TTYL, Love, Leenie
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Good morning gang!

What a great day it is indeed!!!!

Today is my oldest son's last day of classes. As of today he is now thru with his senior year of high school. He was able to finish his classes at midterm and that is today. Taking a great big final in English 4 today that he says he "will ace" and then he will graduate with his class in May - yippee ti yi ya!!!!

He is taking guitar lessons and really enjoying it and next week he is suppose to be meeting with a lady that runs the lab at one of the local hospitals to see about some part time work in their department. He is interested in some type of medical and/or computer work and is hoping to get a better idea of what each particular medical job looks like to see what he might be interested in or not interested in.

By they way, my youngest son is feeling much better now ..... much to my shock he quit baseball. I could not believe it! I would have never thought in a million years that there was anything that would make that boy quit baseball. But he will not put up with anybody mistreating him (either individually or as a team) and just doesn't want any part of the highschool baseball team. You know when you are at your 3rd practice and puking your guts up from running so much and the coach says "quit puking and run" well that just doesn't sit well with some people. So that is that. That gives me about a 100 things less to do :-)

I was up early and did my 2 mile walking tape. I'm already on my 3rd bottle of water and being good. Now I have got to get payroll done before these guys start looking for their checks.

I hope everybody has a great day!

hugs, Cathy
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Sorry didnt know I had caps on and am too lazy to fix!

I am going to do my 30 min Leslie Sansone 2 mile tape and get it over with.I always feel more in control if I exercise first...makes me think more about what enters the old mouth all day!

Sunday will be especially good if you get it in gear and go to does take a lot of effort with a baby.I well remember!

Hope all is well with everyone else!

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Leenie, try to get to church because I know how you used to tell me how well you felt when you did. (Sisterly advice!)
Man oh man, Cathy, how did you keep from finding that coach and slapping the snot out of him? Like a person pukes for fun or what!

Okay Ladies, last night I made a red snapper, snow pea combo and baked potatoes. There was plenty. R said it was very good and he was full. About two hours later, he made a pizza. what is the use of bothering to feed him healthy when he tops the meal off with beer and pizza...and almost the whole thing?

Was telling DD how interesting that so many of us from the "old" days in the chat have ended up here together. It's so nice!!! And, I so enjoy meeting new people here too. Remember everyone, we're all in this together and we can beat both the depression and the weight!!!
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Good morning ladies,

I just got back from my light therapy treatment at the hospital. I am feeling very good today. It's -15C this A.M.... when I got's warmed up to -13C right now.

Before I went to light therapy....DH & I went to coffee with friends at Tim Horton's. DH has been so good this week....every morning he got up with me & drove me to the light therapy & waited in the car with the dog for the half hour I was there.

Have to have my 2nd cup of coffee....will come back later.

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April, your getting me all happy just reading about you and your light therapy.....see, the results are spreading farther than you thought

Tippy tell "R" I'm going to beat the crud out of him for making that about buying low fat cheese & topings for when he pulls stuff like this, at least this way the damage won't be AS bad. I'll try to get to church, I really feel like I will (this is good).

Cin & Cathy, you to make me feel really guilty... I have those walking tapes and I don't do them (LAZY NUTHIN BUT LAZY).... Thanks I really do need this kick.... something's got to get me started.

Boss is on the war path, if I don't talk to you later, have an EXCELLENT weekend.

All you other late posters, HUGGS & KISSES...

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Red face Happy friday

Another day of sleeping off and on,,,these nights are killing me! Off for one and then on for 2 more and then off for a week....fingers crossed~

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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