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Default Thursday, Jan 2nd

Good almost afternoon all.

Just got a new to me, used cell phone and been trying to figure out all dang morning how it works.........OY... I have millions of buttons and ringy dingy

Nothing new here, still fighting this nasty cold, the blasted thing keeps me up ALL night, I think tonight I'll have a beer before bed

Whats shakin w/you all ?
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Talking Morning all!

Morning Leens and all to come!

I took the tree down and packed up all the Xmas stuff from all over the house and did some deep cleaning...that always feels great.

I left out a small nativity scene set up on the table so we can talk about the epiphany on the 6th (my ds birthday).

I also left out all the tree ornaments my dh has bought me in memory of my ds to put out until the 6th when we will celebrate his life. I watched the video yesterday with my two dd's of the last 6 months of his life. It was so great to see his sweet face and hear his voice.

Last night we went to see Two weeks notice. It was kinda cute...though Hugh Grant is looking old...I guess we are all looking older.

Today I need to do some more tidying and then I am taking my two dd's out for a long walk to play them out...they have been sleeping in and so not wanting to go to sleep at night...they were both still awake at midnight last night. I was trying to chat in the evening and dd4 was calling me and dd11 was complaining about the calling

Anyhow I hope all is well. I have the coffee on and the water boiling so am off to a good start. I like the taste of boiled water vrs cold water when it is chilly out.

Hubby worked nights last night so I will try to keep it quiet for him.

Take care all!

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I am just toughing it out at work today. It always amazes me that I don't want to do anything around the house on my days off but once I am at work I keep thinking about all of the things that I could be doing at home. Oh well, it keeps my mind busy.

I was going to start working out this morning but I couldn't fall alseep last night so there was no way I was getting up at 5. I couldn't count on Joe to get me out of bed b/c he left at 4 this monrning to head to Texas for work. Well, tomorrow is another day.

My brother is getting married tomorrow. I am so glad he found her. The house is packed though. They both have 2 boys from previous marriages. They are between the ages of 15 and 11. Yikes!!! I don't envy them. They are going on a Disney cruise and bringing all of the boys with them. I hope they remember to tell them not to order anything to drink on the boat otherwise they will have a HUGE bill when the get off.

I tild Joe about my food issue and he said that he would help me in any way that I needed him. I really meant alot to me. I knew that he wouldn't think I was crazy but in the back of my mind I was scared of his reaction. I really don't knwo what to tell him to do so I guess I need to research ways that he can help me.I guess there are sites on the internet that would give ways.

Leens I hate my cell phone! I wish I didn't have to have it but I keep it for emergencies. Joe on the other hand lives on his. I don't mind b/c it is a company phone so more power to him. All he does is talk all day long to people on the job it is like they can't live without him.
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Liz you snuck in while I was posting. Good morning to ya!
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I haven't figured out my cell phone yet! It has a million features on it. R has his programmed perfectly! He even has all the pizza joints in it! I hate to ask him for advice on how to work it as I feel stupid. Isn't that silly! Maybe I'll ask Zookeeper(DD) to show me.
Made some chili and am going to try to convince myself to do the dusting. R doesn't feel well today so he's in his recliner covered up with a blankie.
Still studying the RD diet plan.
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Hi everyone! Happy New year to you all!
Well, the festivities haven't quite finished here yet as we still have 3 Kings Day to go. For those of you who may not know, in Spain, although we do have Santa, it is the 3 Kings who bring most of the presents for the children. There is always a parade - a big one in the centre and then every neighbourhood has one. We won't do much as we have just had Christmas but as we started the tradition and Victoria is half Spanish, we keep it up. It was basically the day when we spent with Luis' family - much cheaper now that it is just me and Victoria. Well, Moncia too so I will give her her present then. Just one slight problem - haven't bought anything yet!! LOL Still, have all weekend and shops will be open till late on 5th. Just want a few kind of stocking filler things really.
A cell phone is what we call a mobile phone, right? I said I would never have one as I hate being called at any hour of the day. At home I have the answerphone on permanently. However, Victoria bought me one last Kings Day and although I don't over use it, it is useful to text messages to Victoria when she is in the UK or to contact friends. Drives me round the bend when people don't switch it off in the meetings though!!
Have a great day all. It's now 18.30 so time to stop working.
Might see you in chat one day I hope!

Love Ann
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Good morning everyone. Just checking in....just got up....going to have coffee now. I feel better this A.M. It is snowing now....looks like it might snow all day.
See you later.

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Hang gang!

It's good to see everybodys posts and keep up with each other.

I did not get to get up early and exercise before work because of my sore throat. I couldn't stop coughing long enough to catch my breath, much less try to exercise too - hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow and will be able to do my walk aerobics. I've been trying so hard to be good. ;-)

Liz - I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you and sending a great big hug your way!!!!!!

Barca - I remember you telling me about 3 Kings Day either last year or the year before - I had never head of such a thing, until you educated me about it. It is amazing what you can learn on this internet.

Leen - I can sympathize with you and your cold - seems like by now somebody would have a cure for the common cold huh - take care!

Kemp - glad things went well with your hubby - but you are right you are gonna have to explain to him exactly what you need for him to do - men do not take hints well and if you don't tell them exactly what you want they will never figure it out.

Tip - I think I am feeling about the same as your hubby - wish I had my chenelle blankie at work to go along with my herbal tea.

April - I wouldn't even know what to do if I woke up to snow - I live in Louisiana so it is very rare to see any snow around here - last time was almost 15 years ago.

Linda? what ya doing today? Sweetie where r u?

Hello to everybody to come.

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Hi again,

I felt better yesterday.....except for about 3 hours about supper time.....I sort of feel better today. On Monday I start the Light Therapy at the hospital. That means I have to get myself out of bed early to get there on time. Have been having a hard time getting up in the mornings this winter.

It has stopped snowing now. DH said we got about 3 inches. He just got in from shovelling the driveway.

Cathy ......hope you are feeling better soon. I know what it's like when you can't stop coughing. I woke up about 3 A.M. & couldn't stop coughing.....I have about a half hour of coughing & not being able to sleep....I got up & took my Ventolin puff.

Barca......I had never heard of 3 Kings Day before you mentioned it. You do learn things on the internet.

Leenie.......hope your cold is better soon.

Have a great day everone.

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Hello, hope everyone had a nice day. I am worn out. Missed my nap so that didn't help. I think I've stayed up too late the last few nights and it's caught up with me. I am old ya know.

Someone gave Dad some fresh pears. I hate pears unless they are in a pie and then they taste better than an apple pie. So, I stirred a pie together from scratch. I didn't both with a recipe and it came out delish. Yes, I ate a small slice, but I accounted for it with my other eats today. I put the rest in my big crockpot and cooked them. they are now in the fridge til I decide what I am going to do with them.

Got Dad's checkbook done FINALLY, now to do Chris'. I wrote out checks for Dad so now tomorrow I can rest...I hope.

Leens hope you get to feeling better. Linda are you still at the tire place? Barca it's always good to hear from you. Cathy you should have Liz send you a photo of her with all that whale blubber on. Tippy lose the phone, swear someone stole it and then you can buy one with less features and easier to use.

Think I will go lay down for a few and then pop into chat....
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Wow! Sounds like everyone had a great day!!
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Hi everyone, HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

It's been a real long time since I've been able to post, Idid my substiture clerical work at a local High School for 3 weeks, it's nice to be off.

Then I had a problem with my computer, and had to call the manufacture for a disc to restore windows, so now I'm back up and running.

Any new years resolutions anyone?

Did anyone do anything fun for new years? My family just stayed home, My husband and I went and had a nice dinner at Marie Callenders, their soup and salsd bar, it is soo good and fresh. We decided to eat early and get home off the streets and be safe.

Well, hope everyone has a good start of a new year.

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