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Default Jan,2nd/03 Daily

It is 5:40 am, I am trying to read all that I have missed.
Is anyone having trouble getting the threads to load? It is taking me a long time to get each thread up. Seeems to get stuck at 42%?
Well I just want to say I hope we all have an OPD. I am going to really start thanks to Pookies thread of getting back to it. I don't weigh in until next Wed. night soooo. Going to work, seems that is all I do.

Well I must go for now.
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Morning Tazcat! I am not having any trouble with the threads loading....maybe some one else is though!

School today, dh left for work! That makes me VERY happy.

A couple of errands and then it is off to do some cleaning and organizing of the boys' rooms, and some paper work. I WILL get that basement done THIS YEAR!!!!!!

Hoping for a sane and balanced op day and wishing the same for you.

Jiff, go bigger!

ps I am going to brush my teeth a few times today.....just in case cleaning counts as exercise can never be too sure!
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Morning Taz and Peach - you are too funny Peach!

Up and at em gotta get ready for work, the coffe pot wwent off an hour early and woke me!!! I have been up awhile!

Kids still out of school and preschool! Til Monday, they can't wait to go back!!

Pooky - any word??

Janice- been thinking about you, hope you are OK!

Good skinny thoughts to all!!!
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Good Morning all!!

Taz I didn't have any problems with "loading" at all. Perhaps whatever was going on is fixed now, sure hope so.

peach I read where you had a wonderful Christmas, I'm so glad to hear that!! Wow, your kiddies go back to school today, my daughter goes back next Wednesday.

scooby I like my automatic coffee pot too! I want my coffee ready when I stumble down the stairs.

Don't pass out when I say this............I'm thinking about looking for a job. I have not worked in years, and years. My youngest, daughter is 16, 17 in April. Problem is I don't know what I want to do. I was thinking about a bank teller position, part time. Only problem is, nobody would want to hire me for the hours "I" want to work. Maybe Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am to 2pm, but only some weeks, but other weeks I don't want to work at all. So what do you think, will any bank hire me with hours like that.

Oh wel, guess I need to think about it. Part of me really wants to get out of the house and do something, but I so enjoy my freedom to do only what I want to do.

Jiff speaking of work, I hope you are home today, snuggled in your bed, getting well.

Off to start the day, protein, proten, water, water, exercise, exercise!!!!!!

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HEY DEBKAY! Don't tell my dh that you are thinking about looking for a job..... it would ruin my life!

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Good Morning Ladies

After 3 days of rain, its now snowing......and very slippery. Should make for some very interesting walking?!

Not alot happening, we had a nice supper yesterday with the kids, had a nice visit, and I hope I talked some sense into my stepdaughter in law. She's 27 and doesnt know how to drive. Her main concern is learning. I offered to take her, but in her husbands car lol, hubby wont offer our truck! Its too expensive for her to take driving lessons, and no one seems to have the patience to teach her. She has her learners, and has had it for a while.....she just needs to practise backing up and parrellel parking....then her test. But she gets yelled at by the ppl trying to teach her. I figured I could take her to a big empty parking lot, and she could practise til she felt comfortable. I just dont like seeing her house bound all the time.

I think I'll head to the shower and start getting ready for work.....Deb, enjoy your freedom!!!

Have a great op day
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We had a great time skiing yesterday! The kids did really well and I survived as well. The biggest downfall is being stuck on the lift with the 2 of them bickering back and forth..shheesh! It takes a lot of work to not loose my cool.

Today little man has a playdate and older boy has religious school this afternoon. The tile man is supose to come back today and tile the shower. By the way, don't be too impresses. I am not paying this contractor to do the work, the contractor that screwed up is, so they can come and work any holiday they want too

I did ok with my food plan yesterday. my goal had been to up the fiber, and I managed to get in all my water too. Skiing counts as exercise even if a good part of the 5 hours was sitting on my tush and waiting for the kids, I must have gotten in atleast 1 hour of moving in there right?

Jiff I hope you are feeling better today.

Have a good day chickies!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning all. Sunny and actually cold again after three days of above normal temps.

Taz, Peach, Debkay and Scooby - this really is the first "normal" day. I wish I could send DH off to work or school because I need a day to get my house and brain organized. Sheesh, Debkay! Forget about getting a job. You might start a trend in here and we don't want that. Start a home business or something.

Harry and I talked about NY's resolutions yesterday. The guy just doesn't get it! His are to get up every day, to read the paper every day, eat lunch every day....... see what I mean? I was kind of hoping for make lunch every day, buy flowers once a month, walk the dogs, etc. Oh well!

Mine is to shake off this winter sloth by being dressed, breakfasted and ready for action (so to speak) by 8 each morning. Then I'll check in here. I also have resolved to spend less time online because I am getting a bit out of touch with some real-life friends. And then there are all the small sewing tasks that interfere with big creative sewing tasks like making a jacket out of that $200 piece of heavy turquoise washable silk! Maybe for May?

Happy 8th day of Christmas! (I must admit that I am thinking of taking down the tree on Saturday!)

P.S. L144S, you snuck in on me. Skiing sounds just wonderful! I used to do cross country and we visited the Trapp Family Lodge several times. Hmmmm - wonder where my skiis are now.
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Ruth.......would you know where I could get a moose mascot pattern????

Ive looked everywhere, I can find them premade online for about $3000. I can certainly make it myself, its just finding the pattern that seems to be the really big problem.

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Good Morning everyone

I have been up and at the pool to register Miree for her swimming lessons. Did I tell you she passed her very first level and got a sweet little badge? Totally a proud Mommy moment. She's now doing level 2, I think this is where they actually learn to swim instead of puddle around in the water.

I have coffee in hand and am ready to call all the places I called looking for Rosie in a last ditch effort. Problem is, my uncle lives in the country and the only thing out there are foxes and coyotes. I'm praying someone picked her up because the alternative makes me nauseous.

Going to a play date this afternoon--no drop in center because it's all closed up till next week. Good thing too, Miree has extra energy and she will love getting together with Skyler whom she hasn't seen since before Christmas. Will drop into Wallyworld on the way since I'm already there.

Now for the biggest news of all--my SIL is pregnant!!!!! She's literally JUST pregnant, exactly 4 weeks and no more. She found out New Year's Eve--how awesome is that? She goes for her confirming blood test today. We were cycle buddies together and she conceived this baby with artifical insemination because she has the same problems I do. I am so happy!!! really, I am. My SIL thought I would be depressed, how can I be? This is potentially my new neice or nephew! I was thrilled when she got pg with my nehew and I'm as equally thrilled about this one. Baby is due September 10th

Jiff, you'd better be at home girlie--no work for you!

Deb, I swear, I said the same thing when I started my job--my hours or nothing. And it worked! I work strictly weekends and nothing more. I great entree back to the work force, I think. Good luck!

Peach, I realize now that it truly is going to take me coming down there to help you clean out this basement. Do you know you've been working on it for a coupe of years now and it hasn't gone anywhere?

Rachel, this is where creative parenting comes in--what to do with kids who are bored and want to go back to school? We're doing playdates and tomorrow she has daycare in the morning (may stretch to whole day, know what I mean?)

tazcat! Hope you had a good OP brekkie!!

Well, everyone snuck in on me!

Robin, my SIL doesn't drive either, and she's 27 too. I've offered, my brother has offered, but she's too much of a chicken. No problem right now but it will become one when they move!

Ruth, Harry has the best goals in mind--things he already does and yet so simple that they are attainable!

L, looks like the kids need some down time! And here I am trying to get some up-time!

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and yes, i'm posting from home, in baggy jeans, comfy sweatshirt, fuzzy slippers and a pair of those wonderful angora socks.

thank you all you moms!!!

well, this is about all i have planned for today! SO, maybe i'll be posting more just out of boredom. although i AM knitting a scarf for peachie,. and it's ok to tell her. it's not a secret, she told me i had to!

pooky.. i'm so upset about rosie with you. hope she's found! And congrats on the impending auntie-hood. it's fun!

and ruth. there's only so much a person can do with 80+ year olds. they only do what they want, as i'm finding out all too often [last night: a discussion about dinner. mom was hungry but wouldn't eat. i finally left out a couple of pieces of ham on a plate, and before she went to bed, she had some cheese and the ham. at least it was something!!!]

and linda... being in the cold burns more calories than staying indoors, so i think you actually exercised A WHOLE LOT yesterday.

debk... work??? oh NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Maybe being a volunteer would do it? at least, you'd get tax deductions for your transportation and other expenses. that might bring a smile to DH's face instead of the thought that you'd just put the family into another tax bracket. how's THAT for creative justification???

and taz.. you're really getting to be the official thread starter around here!!

HAVE A GREAT DAY, YA'LL and hugs to scooby and everyone else i missed.

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Default Good Morning Everyone...

Well, I survived day one, which unfortunately was awful! I was starving and nauseus all at the same time! I got an awful headache and could barely get off the couch...

Today I feel much better as I drink my coffee with cream! Hard Boiled Eggs are in the wings (ha ha) waiting for me to get hungry.

Thank you all for your advice and support on this board!

I have a question: I am doing induction on Atkins. Do I really have to worry about limiting myself to 4 oz of cheese a day and 3 cups of veggies, or can I just eat as much as I want as long as I don't go over 20 carbs a day? I didn't eat nearly enough yesterday... I think I ended up with 1500 calories, but for a 311 pound person, that is like nothing!

Again, thanks for everything!
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Good Morning Chickies!

I am back from a bit of a hiatus, life and holiday planning was getting in the way. But I am back and catching up on my threads.

Have a great day!
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Come on Spring!
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GinaMarie - I'd limit the cheese (it does have carbs) and carefully tally up the veggie carbs. Salad seems to be the best investment of low carbs and quantity. It sounds to me like you are having typical carb withdrawal symptoms. Hang in there and drink that water!
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Hang In There
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Default NEW ME IN 03!!!

Just stopped by on my way to water aerobics. Stayed too long in the "butt kicking" thread!!! OP ALL THE WAY!!! (can you tell I sprung out the cheerleader costume??? )
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