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Lightbulb Tips and Ideas

Would everyone please post a tip or two they use to help control eating, eat more healthfully, make working out more fun, etc etc!

If I'm having a snack, I have to make a portion in a bowl and put the @#$% bag away or I'm in huge trouble.

I brush my teeth or eat a strong mint so anything else tastes icky. I have a bowl of mint Lifesavers on the counter so I can pop one in my mouth instead of nibbling as I am cooking supper.

The latest trick I've been trying is saying to myself, "OK, you can eat that, no problem BUT first eat an apple/carrot/etc. so we get a serving of the good stuff in."

I exchange babysitting time with another mom so I have a buddy who will hold me to exercising.

Don't buy the junk in the first place. Or buy a smaller bag so that I can't eat so much if I get started on it.

Talk to my friends!
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I havn't done this yet but I am planning on having my hubby hold me accountable for everything I do. If I have to really tell him what I just shoved in my mouth I may think twice before I do it. At least this is supposed to work in theory.
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When I eat salad I use real salad dressing!!!!!
I would not eat salad if I had to use the fake stuff!!!!
I always have the dressing on the side in a little small container and I take my fork and stab the dressing before I stab my bite of salad and that way I get some salad dressing with every bite, but I don't use near as much dressing :-)

The other tip is WATER WATER WATER! ;-)
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I listen to books on tape when I exercise, I only allow myself to listen while exercising, so sometimes I will exercise a little longer to hear the next chapter.
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I have an entire list of things to do instead of eating that I keep taped to my refridgerator door. It includes things like exercise (although usually I don't do that one), play with my dog, read, cross-stitch, call a friend, drink a glass of water, go for a walk, get onto the computer, have sex, watch TV, chew gum, or go shopping (which is my favorite because when I try on clothes I'm reminded of how much weight I've already lost, even if I don't buy anything). Really, I just do about anything to get my mind off of food, and that seems to work!

By the way, I can't think of a single thing that makes working out more fun; I just do it. It's something I have to do if I want to lose weight. If anyone has any ideas on what they do to make exercise more tolerable, I'd love to hear them!!
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