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Default Think I figured out the "cause" of my "depression" Decreasing estrogen during cycle?

I've been noticing a pattern. I do have a history of depression. Just that low level nagging kind that I live with, but the since I started getting TOM after my last pregnancy, I get sudden, severe depression right around when I ovulated, then when TOM is here.

I've been reading all morning (as I havent had the will to move off the couch for anything else other than some granola bars) and it seems that estrogen levels are shown to have a relation to depression. They help with seratonin receptors some how.

After TOM estrogen rises (this is when I feel the best!!! motivated, energy, happy about life, positive) then right before ovulation they drop dramatically. And like clockwork, around ovulation I feel suddenly depressed, hopeless, and of course eating way off plan, binging, dont feel like exercising. Gees dont feel like doing anything.

Then after ovulation estrogen begins to rise slowly, and some sources I read say some women will notice an improvement in their mood around days 21-24 of their cycle. I cant say its those exact days, but my mood does lift a little, then when TOM hits estrogen drops once again.
And of course, during TOM I am very depressed again.

I've always been a bit moody around TOM, but since my second child, its not just emotional or the blues. I am almost non functional. I hate this. Today I have just sat. No shower, no cleaning. I fed the kids. My husband worked late an is sleeping. I feel like crying.

And I'm angry that this mght be something as simple as hormones. I have an appointment with my GYN at the end ofthe month. But it seems that there's not much that can be done. Oral contraceptives are an option for hormone regualtion, but women with a history of depression (as I have) my end up woth depression from BC, plus I took Yaz after my first baby and I was severly depressed all the time until I stopped it.

This sounds crazy but I use food as a pick me up. Since I'm trying not to do that, there's nothing to "lift" the mood. It sucks.
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I was completely the same, just before TOM i am mega depressed. my doctor noticed this pattern and switched my contraceptive until they got the levels right. It took a while but really helped. I now have depo injections that have stopped my monthly's and that is really helping.
I am still depressed but it has stopped the mega lows related to TOM
Good luck at your appointment dont let they fob you off, there is things they can do, I had very bad Post Natal depression after both of my kids I was on meds for years.
Have you had any meds for this? not washing and just staying on the sofa is a not good for you and the kids, maybe a trip to the docs to talk about might help.
I know you might not feel like it a little exercise is good for raising your mood (i cant be arsed most of the time but when I do i feel happier for it)

Good luck honey and hope you start to feel better soon xx
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its very true..... i have ZERO estrogen in my body (im serious) and am also severly clinically depressed. My endocrinologist wanted to treat the depression before we takled hormone replacement of any kind.... the two are very much connected, but now the question for me is,, which came first, the chicken or the egg?? no estrogen triggers depression, or depression triggers no estrogen... i believe its the no estrogen that is causing the depression
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thank you both. Yes estrogen, or lack of adequate amounts seems can be linked to depression.
I'm hoping that there with be some type of birth control to treat this. Right now I'm between ovulation and TOM so things are ok. I'm dreading TOM. Thankfully my husband is 100% supportive and I know will help me through this TOM until I can get to the docs at the end of february.
I was on zoloft at one time, but I didnt care for some of the side effects, to put it mildly. I guess I'm just hanging in there until I can get to my docs.

I was on
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I am sorry that you feel so horrid Not that this info will help but my depression dissapeared totally with menopause. Suddenly and totally, after decades of misery.When I asked about a link between hormones and depression my doctor looked at me like I was insane. I hope that they can find a way to assist you
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