Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Monday, Dec. 2, 2002

Good morning ladies,

It's shortly after midnight here. I went to bed earlier....shortly after I layed down....I started to asthma kicked I took my Ventolin inhaler. So then I thought I would come to the computer before I went back to bed.

Linda...I made the roasted veggies for dinner tonight. It was really good.

DH & I played cards with our neighbors on Saturday night & had a good time.

Last night...Sunday...Our DS, his GF & her 12 year old son came over for dinner...then they went bowling.

I did some of my Xmas cards & brought out some of the decorations yesterday.

I am still feeling down & sad a lot. Can the antidepressant stop working after a while....have been on them for a year. A year ago the Dr. thought I could have seasonal affective disorder. So I think I will go to the Dr. this week

Have a great day everyone.

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Talking Good monday morning!

I have been up since 5 off to another hospital to do some training and have no idea where I am going or what to expect and it is on the other side of the city so I am up and out of here in the next five minutes~ Wish me luck!

April I didn't think anyone would beat me here this morning

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling sad....did you have any therapy since you were diagnosed with depression...I believe that the two go hand in hand...I have had a few rounds of therapy and it has helped me so much....a pill can't heal may be on the wrong one your depression interfering with any part of your day to day life? It sounds like you have a full busy life. How is your sleeping, sex drive, energy level, appetite etc?

I hate to change the subject....keep us posted....

I have some very very happy was 2 years ago when I last remembered seeing my wedding rings...I had had my house painted right before Xmas and I thought I had either given them away in a box to the salvation army or that they had been taken by the painters....I have been sad off and on about it but tried to put it into know "They are just rings" and on and on....anyhow last night I was decorating for Xmas and opened a box and there they sat in a small votice candle holder....I must have taken them off once when I was doing the dishes and threw them in a candle holder over the sink and then packed them away after Xmas...I must not have used that candle last year....oh my goodness did I rejoice I have been praying and hoping and who would have ever thought?

Hope you all have a great day....I will check in after work today!

Hope everyone checks in

P.S. To a particular e-mail is down...I will get back to you ASAP, may even see you today

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Oh Liz, what a wonderful thing to happen at Christmas. am so glad you found your rings!
I agree with Liz regarding therapy. It might help a lot.
Depression lurks with me all the time. It's right around the corner in my mind. Somehow, I manage to keep it there though by refusing to let it take over my thoughts.
R and I took the grandkids to church yesterday since Zookeeper had a migraine and her DH was hunting. He got TWO deer by the way. Our GS who is five as fascinated when his Papa, R, helped with Communion. Once, he did ask if they gave everyone candy at the altar.
We went shopping in the afternoon. The stores were so quiet since the Packers were playing. I have to get myself in gear and do the shopping and Xmas card sending soon.
Am going to the annual Ladies Aid pot luck tomorrow so I have to prepare a dish.
WE went and visited with our 87 year old neighbor and brought a birthday card and some cookies. I can see that her heart is giving out even with the pacemaker and it makes me so sad. Her mind is as sharp as a tack and she can tell the most interesting stories of the past. She was born in the house that Zookeeper lives in.
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Good monday ladies! I am just popping in to let you all know that I am still alive. 5 lbs heavier but alive. I knw I would gain but that is awful. I guess I will have to buckel down now.

Liz that is such a great present to get. I would fall apart if I lost my rings.

Thank you all so much for your words of comfort Tuesday of last week. I was just in a funk I guess. I really neede to know that I was still ok even though I am on meds. I forgot to bring my paxil out of town so I have been off of it for 6 days. I had a new presriction for Serezon so I guess now is a good a time as any to start it.

I am swamped at work so I will check back later.
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Hi Tippy & Liz,

I haven't had any therapy since I was diagnosed with depression a year ago. I guess it is interfering somewhat with my life. My sex drive is about zero. Since I have feen feeling worse....since mid November.....Where normally I go for coffee on Mon., Wed. & Fri. with friends.....we do it every week...3 different set of friends....well...last week I only got out on the Wed. Now this is 8 A.M. on the Mon. & I have been getting up late on those days. Also I have this friend....that I haven't even called since I got back from my trip. If we are seeing people.....I sort of put on my happy face. We have been invited to different things in the next few I guess I will have to do that then.

I guess you could say that my energy level is low. I don't seem to have much interest in much of anything. Am finding the thought of Christmas sort of not enthusiatic like I usually am.
I am finding that it is getting worse as the days go on.
In this last week my eating is not good....eating too much.

Normally I don't talk to anyone about this. Is it okay to do it here?

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FINALLY !!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well its 1/2 way thru Monday....what a long day so far.

April, cards sound like fun, I haven't played a game of cards in a very long time. I gotta remember this stuff when I'm bored. I'm thinking of talking to my Dr. about my meds too. I mean I'm not expecting to do cartwheels down the hall but I think I should feel better than I am on this stuff. I do think meds can stop working...yup! Hope your day gets better. Hope your not getting the Holiday blues.

April of course its okay if you talk about it to us, thats what this message board is about.....we are here for you !!!!

I was watching 5 minutes of Joyce Meyers this morning and she was talking about kids and how they can find joy in just about anything....example... If you discipline a child and make them sit in the corner they will find fun things to think of and do while staring at the wallpaper, the wallpaper will take on a life of its own and they will have a ball just staring at it. Her one son doesn't like to do chores so she told him to sweep the porch. She said when she looked outside he was dancing with the broom sweeping the floor..haaaaaa.

My point is.....and this is hard no doubt, we need to find joy in the mundane things we do daily. Like instead of saying why do I have to wash the dishes.....sing while doing lightens the heart (we should also thank God we have dishes to wash and that we are able to wash them huh ). Even if we don't feel happy, thinking happy thoughts does make a huge difference and can change your outlook....

When I go food shopping I find the only way to get me thru that crazy store is to sing a song in my head.... Well if I sang it out loud they would arrest me for sure.

Liz I know how you feel regarding your ring. I lost the stone out of my engagement ring about 3 years about feeling sick. I was miserable. Wouldn't that be something if I found it, oh the joy lololol... not for $$ but for sentimental reasons.

Tippy, watcha making for the potluck ? sounds like fun.
Kem, I'm afraid to get on the scale..... way

Have a wonderful day all !

Love, Leenie
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I am went ok....sounds like we are all hanging in to ya all later!

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Hi again,

I have had a good day today....the first one in a while. So that is really great. Also I had a good day with eating.

I am hanging in there.

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Hey, April, sorry to hear you've been feeling low lately. And glad you had a good day! Hope you can get to the doctor. I've been thinking that's what I want for Christmas, go to the doctor and DH come with me...

This time of year is hard on a lot of people. Leenie you have a great point. We make it so hard on ourselves! Perfect decorations, perfect gifts, spend too much money, stay up too late, eat too much. It all should be a happier time. Who cares if the house isn't decorated rooftop to basement or we don't have 8 kinds of cookies or whatever, right? My kids are thrilled with ONE string of lights and one Hershey Kiss!
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