Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Question Increased Moodiness/Sadness while OP?

I am not really sure what is going on.

I use to suffer from depression pretty horribly, 3 or so years ago, I took medication for it, but one day I just got over it. I only occasionally have extreme bouts where I feel those old feelings of depression.

But ever since I started counting my calories I have been so moody, random mood swings, crying over nothing. I don't know why. I am happy to be counting my calories and glad to be getting healthy, I haven't binged or anything, I have stayed well on plan. I do not feel depressed I just feel more sensitive and like .... weak minded. Emotionally unstable.

I don't know why I would be more moody while counting calories but I totally am. I just feel like I could crack at any minute and break into tears.

Did anyone else experience this when they started their weight loss journey?

I think it is sort of taking a toll on my boyfriend - I am not being very much fun and am just mope-y and stuff. I don't know why I am so overly emotional right now!

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Just my own dime-store psychology, but I think when we start eating better, we cut out comfort foods. When we cut out our old standby comfort foods, emotions tend to be right out in the open. Kind of like a scab that keeps getting torn open.

I went through this for several months at the beginning of my weightloss journey. I had to really think about what was bothering me and work through it emotionally and most of all allow myself to feel whatever it was I was feeling.

I would assume it's very similar to when an alcoholic stops drinking or a drug addict stops getting high. They must go through extreme mood swings.

Hang in there! You can do this!
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Milmin - this makes a lot of sense. I never thought about this as detoxing, or coming down off drugs but I guess it totally is ....

I think I have always been fairly emotional so there are multiple things that come to mind as far as what is bothering. It is definitely bothering me that I cannot eat whatever I want. I feel like I can't do anything now because I can't go out to eat or to the bar like I use to. I miss and crave those bad foods but I won't cave into them. It is also bothering me that I might not lose as much weight as I want right away. I am worried that the calories I am counting are already not having a big enough effect on my weight. Like I am counting calories and it's doing nothing .... I know I just have to stick with it and I'll be healthier and happier for it.

I guess I just have to deal with these mood swings too and hope they go away as the weight goes away! Thanks for your words, I would have never thought about it like this.
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I've been having problems with this too lately. Last Friday I came home from the gym and just randomly started sobbing while I was washing my face. I'd been feeling down for seemingly no reason. This week I read an article about an experiment with mice and dieting that caused stress and depression-like behavior with a resulting change in the brain. I wasn't able to find the article I read, but here's a link to a similar one.

I guess we need to work on managing stress and finding some other positive thing to focus on as a reward. Hope this helps give a little insight.
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A non-expert, personal opinion:

I have suffered on and off from depression, and for years it has got worse at this time of year. It was only in February this year, when I was discussing it with my doctor for the first time, that the whole Seasonal Affective Disorder thing sank in - talk about duh! or is it doh!? How could I have missed it.

She advised making sure I got out into daylight every day, even a walk around the block, and this I do.
I read that the body is programmed to want more carbs in the winter months, so instead of fighting that urge, I've embraced it. I've dropped my calories a little but increased my carbs to around 45% of the total of what I eat.

I've had a couple of days when the octopus-tentacles of depression have tried to creep in but, by and large, I'm staying depression-free.

I'm not a doctor, I'm just me - but is it possible that it's the season that's affecting you, not the calorie counting? The two just coincided?

And I agree about missing the comfort of food: a couple of times in the past few months, I've had something intense emotionally happen and then the thought has lept into my head: "but I don't eat for my emotions any more. What am I going to do to make this feel better?" - and I mourn a bit for what's not available to me any more. And sometimes - there is nothing I can do to make it feel better, and I just have to let it dilute and flow away ~ and that's a new thing for me too.
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I have suffered depression all my life and have only in fairly recent years been able to come to terms with knowing that it will always be there but I have to watch for signs when it could start again.

However, my first thoughts when reading your post I couldn't help wondering if you are on too strict a diet as that can make you feel very drained and emotional. Also have you thought that something like a vitamin B for you nervous system could be of some help?

Hope you soon feel better...

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Ohlove - I feel you 100% - Just crying out of no where, for nothing, or the littlest hiccup that normally wouldn't make me upset makes me cry. I hope you are feeling better ... I guess we just have to get through the moodiness and remember food isn't what completes us or make us happy inside.

Rosinante - I never really thought I ate based on emotions or to comfort myself but I realize now I totally did. Even now I think of going to a restaurant and think of indulging in something fatty and it makes me feel good, the idea of eating like that, but what does that bring but immediate gratification and long term sadness and disappointment. I just have to learn that I don't need cheese and fried food to make myself feel better - I should find joy in every meal that I eat that is low cal, that is free of grease - those healthy bites that are making a better me should fill me up with warm feelings.

It could be seasonal depression I suppose - I am not sure. I don't really feel depressed in the way I use to, those feelings were hopelessness, feeling horrible for no reason and having no idea why. This is just momentary sadness and sudden bursts of tears - not long term sorrow.

Emaline - I definitely need to start taking a vitamin, I think it might help with my overall feeling good and I know it's important for my body too. My diet might be a little strict but I HAVE to cut my calories, its the only way for me to ever get this weight loss going. If I don't count and monitor I will never lose weight, so I just have to stick with it and hope this moodiness goes away at the weight goes away!!!

Thanks again guys - the more I read from you, the more my feelings make sense and the more I feel better.
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I really noticed that as soon as I started watching my calories and watching percentages of carbs/fat/etc that my anxiety and depression really increased. I found that mine is caused by a decrease in fat. As soon as I increase the healthy fats, I feel MUCH better.
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I have this exact same problem for two reasons. One being that when I'm eating better I essentially have taken away my coping mechanism (eating foods I love) and two I am a sugar addict and when I don't get my fix it's very difficult to cope. Losing weight is not as simple as food in and food out like so many people believe... overweight people have very complex relationships with food. I wish there was an easy solution... in the meantime, are their things you can do to ease your bad mood? Pedicure? Nice long hot bath? I find it helps to reward myself with non-food rewards.
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For me I think it probably was a combination of things, a natural tendency towards depression, I am an emotional eater, and I think that my horomones got a little messed up from fat loss.
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