Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Question Obesity, Estrogen, and the best Anti-Depressant Meds?

So, I am morbidly obese (300lbs) and have been dealing with depression. I haven't been officially diagnosed by a therapist, but my doctor's feel that with my fatigue, irritability, lack of motivation, etc., that it seems like depression.

I tried prozac 40mg a day and in the beginning I had a great results with it. I felt like I could really achieve things in life.

After a couple of months it stops working, so I discontinued it. I did try increasing to 60 mg a day with no effect other than being more sleepy during the day.

I will take the prozac every now and then to try and deal with even more intense irritability around my cycle. My docs do not feel that I have PMDD.

i have been reading that higher levels of estrogen may lead to estrogen dominance, and that depression may be a result of high levels of estrogen. Some of the things I have been reading are that taking progesterone cream can help with the estrogen imbalance, and may relieve the irritability, depression, etc.

Does anyone have any good info on this?

Do you have similar symptoms of depression? What meds did you find worked best for you?

I was told that prozac is not the best for someone trying to lose weight. Would Cymbalta be a better medication?
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Hi there BBW chick
I'm sorry I don't have any advice. But there are so many different medications and different combinations that you really have to work with your doctor. A lot of trial and error I'm afraid. I just wanted to Welcome you to this site and I hope you find a lot of support to help you along with you journey to better health.
Take care,
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I have been taking Wellbutrin for nearly 10 years and really like it. I also take Cymbalta but due to insurance changes need to stop taking it. I have been trying to wean myself off with my doctors instructions but the withdrawls are TERRIBLE.
There are so many medications these days and with some trial and error you are bound to find one that picks you up and lets you live your life. Just be persistent and don't give up trying to find one that makes you feel better.
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I have heard that Japanese green tea and olive leaf tea is helping to cure obesity.
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