Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Weight Gain and Zoloft


I am just getting out of the depression and anxiety for, thanks to Zoloft. Though I'm feeling so much better I gained 22lbs in the last 3 months. I am now ready to move on with my life but I'm afraid I'll keep gaining weight and weightloss will be harder.

Anyone had the same problem?

Just today I got rid of all the sugary crap that I'm addicted to. I also walk 4 miles or more everyday. The walking is naturally lifting my mood and it is great!
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I was on Zoloft for almost 2 years after I had my daughter.
I gained 60 pounds.
I talked to my doctor and we decided it was probably because of the Zoloft. I craved junk food like soda and candy bars....things I didn't always eat or drink. I switched to Welbutrin and I am 100% off the pop and candy.
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I have been on Zoloft for 6 years and I have gained 75 pounds....I love this medication but I hate the weight gain, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know....I was also wondering if anyone knew about any appetite suppressants that work with Zoloft??
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Lots of prescription and otc medication causes weight gain, antidepressants are great for that, some you don't even need to consume more food, it does something to the metabolism. Don't ever stop cold turkey though, even weaning off gradually will have some side effects.
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I take Zoloft with Topamax. One causes weight gain, one suppresses appetite. I don't know which one overpowers, but I have been able to lose weight and inches only by completely changing my diet and really working at it.
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I was on zoloft for 8 years and gained 60 pounds in the first 2 years, 40 in the next 4 years, and 20 in the last 2 years. All told, since I went on zoloft I gained 100 pounds - at my heaviest I was 245. Zoloft has the nasty side effect of slowing your metobolism down to a dead crawl. However, I was still able to lose weight (I actually lost 55 pounds at one time) - I just had to be super-disciplined about what I ate. But, being on zoloft did make it harder (just have to work harder than others who aren't on zoloft). I have switched over to wellbutrin and am doing a bit better, but am still on 50 mg of zoloft. A few months ago, my dr took me off zoloft completely and 4 days later I was a total wreck. I would warn you that when you go off zoloft the withdrawal can be severe. Every 2 minutes I would get these electrical shock sensations in my head - felt like a 'zap' going from ear to ear. Also, I wasn't able to speak in understandable sentences - people at my work joked with me later that I looked and talked like I was drunk or something (I ended up having to leave work early that day). After that, my dr decided to put me back on the zoloft for another couple months and then try to wean me off more slowly.
Long story short, you can lose weight on zoloft, but you have to be quite disciplined about it.
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Yeah... Zoloft totally makes you gain weight. Or at least, makes it easier too.

I tried for ages to lose weight while taking it, and it did not work at all. I was able to lose some weight after getting off of it, but I >seriously< believe it's messed up my metabolism or something...

I may just be paranoid but... I'm just saying.
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I talked to my dr. about this, since I want to lose weight (duh). She told me that while Zoloft doesn't make you gain weight, it does make you crave carbohydrates like crazy. Before Zoloft (and Paxil, which I was on several years ago), I could not care less about sweets, cake, pie, chips, etc. Now, I think about them all the time. I agree with some of the previous posters--you just have to be really disciplined about what you eat. I've dropped 11 pounds, but it took me 2 whole months....But, I don't want to stop taking Zoloft. I am happier, less anxious with it.
Just my .02. I'm sure others will disagree, or had different advice from their dr.'s.
Good luck!
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I've lost weight on Zoloft >_>

granted, not that much, but that's a me problem cause I haven't been trying as much as i should've :P

What i did find though on days that i forgot to take it or when i ran out, I got crazy food cravings, and pretty much grazed all day for the days I was off differently for everyone, I suppose...
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I know its scary to think of switching drugs when the one you are on works well...but maybe you should try it. The combination that I am on actually helps with the weight loss. Also you might want to try taking the zoloft at a different time of day. I take my prozac right before bedtime so the worst side effects usually happen while I am asleep. Just a thought...

Talk to your docotor though about trying something else...there are tons of choices out there and yuo shouldn't have to choose between being happy and being a healthy weight!!
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I gained 60 lbs in one year on Zoloft. I switched medications and have lost 6lbs so far- and am trying hard to lose the 60 and 40 more. I have found the medication switch (Wellbutrin) very supportive of weight loss- less carb cravings, less voracious hunger...
I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I can't even tell you how relieved I am to read that I am not alone in this. I have been punishing myself by telling me that the "medication" was a huge excuse for my gluttony. To know that the meds provide the same symptoms in other people has just removed a huge load of guilt from my shoulders.
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""I switched to Welbutrin and I am 100% off the pop and candy.""
Now that sounds like a good solution for controlling the cravings.
Except its only a mind thing and if we can wait out 15-20 mins in such cravings, we can win the battle against weight
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Thank you sideeffectsacai for your dismissive post. If only I had known that trick, clearly it would have prevented me from spiralling into a chaotic hunger which induced a 60lb weight gain in one year.
What a compassionless thing to say- depression and drugs which aid in controlling this disease do drastic things to your brain chemistry and metabolism.
I only wish I had taken this shameful weight gain to my doctor sooner, who didn't say wait "15-20 minutes for the craving to go away", but rather "this drug is not compatible with your body".

I am quite tired of society thinking that white knuckling it through life is a quality of living which we should all endure. Some of us need help and assistance beyond so called will power to change our brains and our bodies.
I am one of those people.
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