Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Question weight gain and meds...

Im almost certain that some of my weight gain is from my meds. I take lexapro 20-mg. I wonder if I stop taking my meds if that will help in a weight loss? I know what you might be thinking not to get off the meds for weight loss, but the depression started from a result of my job which I hated and couldn't bring myself to go in everyday. I no longer work there, and I am so happy.

I had tried before (with approval from my doctor) to get off the meds, but the withdrawals are horrible. Any suggestions?
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How did you withdraw? cold-turky or slowly?

I'm not sure what your regimen is but say you take 2 pills a day, maybe you could go down to 1.5 a day, then after a week if you are okay go down to 1, then .5, and so on?

Or just tough out the withdrawals if they only are supposed to last a few weeks? Would your doctor be okay with that since you said he tried to help get you off the meds?

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i'm only taking one pill a day. the last time it was slowly. I went back on because i had been having a lot of "relationship stress".

i'm now kicking the men to the curb for a good while, while i'm going back to school. it's just going to be me school, work, and exercise.

i'm not sure what my doctor would say at this time, but since he has got his practice up and running more so from when i first started seeing him i just don't like to see him anymore. i feel he doesn't have a lot of time or so much care as he did before. i'm not looking for another doctor at this time seeming i am currently uninsured.

hope for the best, that all i can say.

i think i am going to try the slow method again. thanks
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Lexapro has a rep for not cause as much weight gain but of course that will vary by individual. With me if it might cause weight gain it will. LOL
Lexapro is also harder to get off of, but not as bad as Effexor.

For me Wellbutrin has not caused weight gain, YMMV. But if you have much anxiety it can aggravate it in some individuals.

A great plain english site for info on antidepressants and other neurological medications is

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor blah, blah, blah.
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First of all, I agree with Dixie that crazymeds is a wonderful site. I have used it for years for information and they also have fantastic forums where you can ask any question you like. That said, if you are going through a lot of life changes (boyfriend change, new schooling) I wouldn't think this would be a good time to stop your meds. You may feel great, but that's still a lot of stress even if you don't feel it. As for your doctor, I've been down that road several times. They get busy or they can't figure out the right meds. The thing is that pc docs don't have a lot of training with psych meds. I know you say you don't have insurance, but you really need to see a psychiatrist. They have the most knowledge. I was where you are a few months ago with a doc that just didn't know what to do. I reluctantly found a pdoc who realized that I was bipolar, not depressed and put me on the right meds. I can't even begin to tell you what a huge difference that has made for me. So think about it. I realize the cost involved, but isn't getting the right help worth it?
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thank you for the tip on the crazy med site! That is great! Please be careful "playing doctor" with yourself. I understand the $$$ and finding a good dr and all I understand "playing doctor" (I do it 2) Be gentle with yourself.
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you guys are probably right, I guess I will just take it one day at a time and see what happens when I exercise and eat right while on the meds. Thanks for the info
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I'm on Lexapro (10 mg). I thought it was affecting my weight loss so I stopped and I can say that that was definitively a bad idea -- I started staying in bed all day, couldn't concentrate, couldn't work up the motivation to do my work, etc. If anything, it made me plateau for weeks. I'm back on and feeling much better -- and the weight is again coming off at a slow but consistent rate. Withdrawal pains can be significant, don't do that to yourself without the supervision of a doctor.
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I've been on Lexapro 20mg for a year, and I've gained 80 pounds over the course of that year. Yes, I said 80. My largest dress size before depression was 20, and now I'm pushing toward a 30. Yikes!

I know that much of the extra eating, less exercising accounts for a lot of the gain, but it just seems like I can't have gained that much on my own so quickly. 60 of those pounds were gained from Jan through July. I was switched from 10mg to 20mg in Jan. Hmmm...
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I used to be on lexapro, but i started it while trying to recover from a restrictive eating disorder, so the weight gain was hard to gauge. I'm now on fluvoxamine, because the lexapro just stopped working one day, and this med also helps with my anxiety and OCD. I didn't notice a weight gain when i started it, but at the time i was on a strict diet, and i did notice that it got harder to lose any more weight.

Over thanksgiving, I went to visit my parents. I accidentally left my fluvoxamine in my apartment, and was off of it for five days. During that time, i stuffed my face on thanksgiving meal, leftovers, alcohol, going out for dessert with friends, etc. And when i got home, I weighed in, and had LOST four pounds. I thought this was odd, but somehow didn't connect it with being off the meds until i mentioned it to my psychiatrist, and she connected the dots for me. This posed a huge problem for me; these meds work better than any i have ever been on before. I can't function in medical school severely depressed, because i can't get my work done if i can't get out of bed. Working doesn't seem worthwhile if i'm suicidal. I know that it isn't worth the possible weight loss to go off my meds. but, there is still a skinny girl in me screaming to let her out, and to try and change meds to make it happen. I'm trying so hard not to let it get to me, not to cave into that pressure and possibly mess up my schoolwork, but it's so hard knowing a cause of my weight is so in my control, so easy.
Being off my meds just five days caused a serious down-swing for me, and a major surge in anxiety. I have been hospitalized for severe panic attacks with suicidal ideations before, and refuse to let this happen again. Anyone have any ideas on how to find a good balance?
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I have been taking Celexa since about October. It's really helped me out. However, I've also gained weight despite eating low fat/low calorie. About 42 lbs to be precise. It's been a drag, and kind of counter productive. I feel better about everything except the fact that I'm bigger, so I feel worse about being bigger... Lol, sigh.

In addition, I am SO sleepy and have bouts of insomnia at times. It's bizarre. I'll be unable to sleep for hours past my usual bedtime, then fall dead asleep for 12-14 hours and still feel so sleepy afterwards that I need to go back to bed for a nap. It drives me insane! I should NOT be this tired. =(

Crazymeds is a really good site btw, thanks for linking it. =)

I think I'll talk to my doctor about switching to a different kind of anti-depressant after looking at this site. See what she thinks about a non-SSRI.

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Talking Wellbutrin, pristiq and weight

Hello, I think I may have found the combo of meds that works for me. I was taking pristiq and celexa, pristiq 50mg, celexa 40 mg, and trying to lose weight, the weight kept creeping up. I am now on 300mg of wellbutrin and 50mg pristiq and my weight is going down, I have been exercising on both combos, and watching my eating, so the main difference is the meds.

My dr. wants me to try to wean off the pristiq in march, I have a feeling this might not go well, as when I have forgotten to take it before, I felt like I was going crazy. Right now, I feel actually happy, better than I have felt in years. And also glad the weight is coming down.
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How do you think you would do with a lower dosage of Lexapro like 10 or even 5mg? I just recently started taking it myself at 10, and I was not enjoying the side effects.
I lowered it to 5 and the mood control has stayed the same but the side effects are lessened to a pretty great degree.
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What kind of withdrawals did you suffer from ?
If you can lose weight by giving up the med you currently having , just put the med in the bin .
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Originally Posted by Crespo View Post
What kind of withdrawals did you suffer from ?
If you can lose weight by giving up the med you currently having , just put the med in the bin .
It's not always that easy. Your body becomes accustomed to the medication and, for some, quitting cold turkey can be a complete nightmare. I'm currently weaning myself off of celexa and the first week, before my body got used to a lower dosage, I was pretty miserable. Dizzy spells, flu-like symptoms, waking up drenched in sweat, shivering, didn't want to leave the house, etc. My body is now used to the 10mg (down from 20mg) so I'm ready to lower it to 5mg now. And, no doubt, I'll go back through more withdrawal as my body gets used to a new dosage all over again.

You literally feel like a drug addict going through withdrawal. And, in a way, we are, because many of the withdrawal symptoms are similar to a person in rehab kicking heroin.

Some people have no problems at all. They are the lucky ones. But, for many of us, it can be a long and miserable ride back.
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