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Default July 27th & 28th :p

Haaaaaaaaaaa !

Bet you didn't think I would be here huh. Well actually I am sneaking on the pc while hubby is watching the bambino...he thinks I'm in the shower

How's your weekend going ? mine's okay. Had a nice quiet day so far. Did a little shopping this morning and cleaning as usual.

Made sweet pepper & coconut chicken (its a sauce). It was okay, nuthin to buy again but not to bad. Gotta find me another flavor.

Other than that nodda.

Have a good weekend whats left of it.

Love, Leens

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Default Hey

Hi Miss Leens,

Sure didn't expect to see you on a weekend. I thought only ius single people didn't have anyplace to go.

Weekend is going good.. I made a YUMMY lemon mustard chicken and a zippy zucchini casserole. Did a few chores, took a nap and watched tv. No shopping for me.. trying to save pennies.

My kitty has been a big snothead all day.. I am considering turning her into a Daniel Boone cap. Otherwise, not much but.. ahhhhhh it's the weekend.

Hope everyone else is getting to relax.
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Hey Lin,

Sneaking in again shower time haaa.
Zoonie's being a pain, just send here here, Susie will teach him a lesson (is zoonie a boy, I forgot ).

Its almost that TOM...I can feel it. Not eating good this weekend but not going totally nuts. Hopefully this to shall pass. I made some fresh home made tomato sauce from our garden tomatoes and I made some eggplant parm, so we shall see how it tastes?

Okay I better jump in the shower. Don't every buy Dreamery New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake icecream...........its dangerous mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

TTY Tomorrow, hopefully, if the boss doent have a bug you know where

Love Leens
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We went into the city and I had to have my all time favorite ice crem! Baskin Robbins Praline and Cream!!!!!! I've been craving it for weeks and I was good- I only had one scoop!

Usually, for my birthday, Roger buys me two quarts of it and a bottle of Chantilly cologne. I've been wearing that scent for 45 years!

I have a feeling that Zooni and my bratty Brat would raise holy mischief together. Brat will never grow up! I'm afraid that my somewhat-of-a-pet kitten Stormy isn't with us any more. I haven't seen him for two days now. That's the rough part of getting attached to outside cats in the country. I swear that I'llnever care AGAIN and I do anyway.

See you later!
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Hey girls!

Having a good weekend. Done work monday morning for a week....the money is good but the hours suck!

Leens seems to me you are hiding your pc use from everyone...closet pc junky! lol

See ya all tomorrow

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Lizzy, gotta get in while the gettins good !! yah know
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