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Default Thursday July 25th early Again!!!


I'm up again at 3 a.m.! Had so much to do today didn't get on the computer at all. I'm so nosey that I couldn't go to bed without checking in.

Leens...NO dress yet! They called me yesterday and couldn't get either dress I wanted in my size. My darn boobs are messing everything up. These dresses I am looking at are not cut true to size...I usually fit in a 16 or 16W (off the rack) and these dresses run two to three sizes smaller with no extra room in the bust!! I am going back again tonight, if he can't help me, then I don't know what I am going to do. I really should of started this a lot sooner instead of hoping I was going to loose more weight. Will know better next time that's for sure. Hey, I thought my son invented the dipping pizza crust into ranch dressing!!!! I had never heard of that until he started dating the girl he is marrying. The two of them sit and dip every inch of crust in Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and what's even worst is she's a size 4 and he's very trim and fit, I just hate that

Linda let me know how your fish turned out...sounds wonderful. I bought some Salmon steaks last night, did them on the grill yummmmmmmm

Hillary...glad to hear your day went well, hope today is just as productive.

Tippy...a new kitchen???? Tell me about it. That is on my list after the wedding. Although, I know what you mean about the mess and the inconvenience. My mother had hers done 5 years ago and had not sink for three weeks. Great idea cooking ahead!

Lizzie How ya doing?? Still working a lot of hours??

Hi to everyone else that stops to get to bed before the birds sing.

See you all later...have a great day!~~~~Meg
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Good Morning

I am up so early today, my hubby & I got into a fight over the stupid alarm clock, and so now I am to ticked off to go back to bed! We have an alarm clock that works PERFECTLY fine, and what does he do?? He goes to Wal Mart, and buys the most COMPLICATED machine he could get, so I dont know how to run it. I ripped his new clock out of the wall, and plugged in my old one That'll teach him. Why are men not stisfied until they have the latest & greatest of everything?? Uggghh

This week has been pretty good, I am really sticking with my healthier eating. I STILL have not exersised, but I have had a pretty busy week with my son going to VBS. I am hoping that I get in that frame of mind soon, that I have to exersise, because thats when I lose the most weight/inches.

Meg- WHY oh Why are you up at 3:00 a.m. here I thought I would be the only one up early, go to bed woman Hope you get the PERFECT dress soon!

To all the other ladies, have a good one!

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YAWWWWWWWWWWN !! excuse me

Good morning everyone,

Its thursday yahoooo, 1 1/2 more days to go and then I'm out of this "PLACE" don't wanna say the real name cause its not nice
I had such a rotten day yesterday at work, I almost quit. Long story but they give me such great responsibility here and don't pay me for all the crap I go thru. The stress is really killing me. Anyway, even though it was a really really bad day, I managed to not go over board with eating.

Didn't have my fries yesterday, maybe tonight

Hilary, where are you from ? You know I'm the same way with electronics, I only want an on / off button and thats it, just leave me alone

Tip when we redid our kitchen, I stocked up on cold cuts and canned stuff which made it alot easier, but because Jim did the kitchen, it only took a few days.

Meg good luck on the dress, I'm not going to mention roamans again haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Whats new with you gals ?

TTYL, Love Leens
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Default Mornin'

Hi Ladies,

1.5 more days.. 1.5 more days! chant chant chant. Yes I need a weekend. I am sleepy. I almost needed one of those cranes to get me out of bed this morning. I persevered and got my butt up and did my step tape. Now I am at work and need a nap!!! I am also grumpy today. I am having a "fat" day.. well fatter than normal. Do you ever sometimes get a look at yourself in profile and are aghast? I go along and count my calories and exercise 5-6 days a freaking week and I still have a sagging fat gut.. whine. I get so mad at myself for letting myself get this way!!

Meg, I remember when I was looking at bridesmaid dresses years ago, it was the same thing. At the time I was a size 12 and ended up needing a 20 to get around my chest. ( I am have an overdeveloped back and shoulders from swimming as a kid) Of course the rest of the dress was going to have to be taken in.. so more $$. Sometimes you just can't win. MEg, what about that dress we looked at @ Silhouttes. I know you say you got one that looked similar from another place that wast good quality, but it is worth a shot to order it and see. You can always retrun it for a refund.

The fish was okay... not terrific. The low fat mayo was a little weird on the fish, so maybe fiull fat is needed for the topping part... I don't know. I don't have any full fat mayo in the house nor do I intend to buy any. maybe next time I will try a slightly higher fat mayo that I have.. but has chili and lime in it!!

Leens, I got an email from a friend of mine yesterday.. she had quit her job!! I couldn't BELIEVE her. With the stock market acting like it is and employment being so scarce around these parts.. to just up and quit because she thought the others in the department were condescending? I tell you, in times like these, I can swallow my pride for a paycheck. There are plenty of times in the future for finding perfect jobs. Now since she quit, she is not eligible for unemployment. She lives alone, had that one source of income. She is my friend, but I think she made a HUGE mistake!! Leens, just remember you need the money and you are doing this for Gracie. Why not fly your resume out on or and see if you get any nibbles? At least that way you are taking action to get out of an uncomfortable situation, without waiting for things to change.. you are being assertive!

Hillary, my church is also having VBS this week. The kids really seem to enjoy it, from what I hear. I think we get about 50 or so kids from the congregation and the surrounding neighborhood. Hope you start to exercise soon.. it will help any depressive episodes tremendously.

Hope everyone else checks in...
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Yes I am still alive!

I am working nights and so I am on my own scheduale....can be a bit lonely at times.

I have put on some weight since Dec and even though it is not alot I have been having so much trouble with my back. In my line of work this is not unusual but most often it passes with time but this time it is not going away. I have to get back on track. Had a great day yesterday.

Busy doing deep cleaning. I have a 'cleaning lady" and we are working along side and going from room to room.

I have also been doing some scrapping and it has been alot of fun!

I love reading your posts and have been checking in but just didn't take the time to is like that sometimes.

Take care my friends.

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Regarding the kitchen! We live in a 100++ year old farm house. The kitchen was redone by a woman wo had absolutely NO taste! Add to that, there isn't one wall that is straight and neither is the floor. DH is going to rip out to the latheing and go from there. He plans on doing some rewiring as there isn't enough outlets. And not enough insulation. The walls will be white as it is faces the North and the cupboards will be country blue with butcher block countertops. I haven't decided if the woodwork will be blue or a very light cream color like the rest of the house. Whatta you all think??

Gotta is barking.........hope I don't have company as I look like ****!
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Liz, glad you stoped in to say hello, we miss you. Don't work so hard. I know what you mean about back pain OY.

Tippy, I would go with the cream color. I don't think I'd ever be sorry with a cream color and it will go nicely.

My bedroom has a nice soft lavendar walls, with cream trim around the doors and windows, the doors are white and my carpet is sage tured out soooo nice, and I"m glad I went with the cream. I can put almost any accent colors in my room, meaning bed spread, lamps, curtains, .... etc..

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