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Default *****Weekly Chat April 19 - 25th *****

OMFG Girls I am going to straight up cry if I don't cuss someone out! Everyone know last week was the BF's Bday and I took to Richmond overnight and we ate at Maggiano's, Ihop and Red Robin followed by MExican for hos ACTUAL birthday. Anyway he wanted fried chicken and macaroni and cheese for his Bday from his mom so she said she would make it for him. He invited a couple of his friends over and he actually expects me to come too. WTF I am not f**** eating Fried CHICKEN AND MACARONI & CHEESE! F*** that. SO I was like i am not going....I am going to go to Costco and the gym while you are gone to your mom's. He actually said to me that it wrong for me not to go. It wouldn't be so bad if his momma wouldn't be like "aw baby, you can eat SOMETHING, just a piece of chicken. You never eat anything". It gets on my f**** nerves. My effin waistline can not afford another effin Bday dinner. How many Bday dinners are there gonna be, His gotdam Bday was MONDAY! The he had the nerve to be lik e, "you are the one who always says that you won't get influenced by what other people eat." Well duh I don't let mysefl give in but it is hard to do. Do you think I don't actually WANT to eat what everyone else is. ALSO I don't put myself dumba** situations if I can get out of them. Girls help me....I just want to cry.....any suggestions??? PS. Sorry for all the cussing!
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CAKE sorry your boy is being difficult. It sounds like he doesn't understand that all of this eating out for his birthday is supposed to be a once in a while thing, not a week long event. Maybe explain to him that no one can be strong all the time? If you do wind up going, maybe bring a salad or something else healthy for you to eat and make enough to share? It sounds like he just wants you around for his b-day celebration (extra long) and doesn't understand or hasn't thought about the effect it will have on your diet.
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Are we there yet????
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Okay girls!
Yesterday I did something very awesome and something very awful.
Awesome: Ran my first 5k and clocked a time of 39:50.
Awful: my daily calorie total surpassed 2,800. No joke.

I've been too embarrassed by my behaviour over the last week or so to really show my face on the forum, but it's clear that I need to be here. I know what I was doing was not good for me but I did it anyway. Sigh. I'm back and I'm re-committing to this. It's still me vs the last 15. It's ON!!
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Jade thanks. I tried to bring food w/ me but once I got out the gym he was rushing me to get dressed saying we were late or whatever. Needless to say I got there and ate nothing. So now I am starving to death and I am at costco buying a chicken ceaser salad. Oh well. Problem over I guess but I am still pissed considering I haven't eaten since 10 AM
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This is not a test.
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hi everyone! Im thinking of buying a tanita scale today- the UM 073- so i can see what is going on. Has anyone used this scale or any other tanita scale? And im thinking of swimming twice this week, doing weights at the gym twice this week and running once this week in terms of exercise, what do you guys think? I really want to break this plateau

Im pretty excited to see another NZer on the forums though
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Cake: OMG I would be pissed too. Whenever I go and see my boyfriend or he comes here we eat out the whole weekend. Sometimes I am glad it is only once a month we see each other for that reason. Yes I know vain.

Ghost: Never heard of the scale but I am all about the swimming. I wish I had someplace to do it. Gym sounds good too.

Leighish: Seriously, 2800 calories? I could almost swear I eat that on a daily basis anyway much less after running a 5k. If it was something like 5000 that's something to be concerned about.

As for me today:
I had the joy of starting TOM in the middle of Sunday morning service at church and I was completely unfreakin' prepared. I only carried my clutch this morning so I had my DL, debit card, lipstick, and gum none of which would help. So I had to borrow a tampon from a friend and then sit out the rest of the service because of my accident.

Then on top of everything I txt'd my bf and told him I started cause he has been asking me like 3 times a day for the last 10 days. He then blindsides me with "OMG I am so happy your not pregnant!!!!" For some reason he seems to have forgotten that you have to have sex and splooge to get pregnant. He apparently has been talking to a guy he works with and the guy has gotten him scared sh!tless that I was pregnant.


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Bee - WOW how inconvenient. Yeah I am little pissed about.

Leigh - Awesome on the 5K and don't worry about the calories...you are back and totally re-committed

Update; The boy said, "Everyone complimented on my clothes today except you"

Me: I am sorry I couldn't see past the blurry vision of starvation

Him: Well nobody told your a** to starve all day......

and that is when the fight broke out. I was so effin pissed. he ended up leaving the house. I know I got really pissed but the eff that. He was like if I was going to act like I could have stayed home. Uhm hello that was the paln until I was guilted into going. DUH
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Cake - I understand your frustration. My bf wants to eat out every weekend. He is the reason I gained the 55 lbs I lost when we first me lol. I wish others understood what we go through!

Icon - I have a Tanita um-081. I like it. I don't use the body fat percentage too much (or haven't in the passed) bc I don't like seeing the 45%+ fat percentage I had haha. I'd buy another Tanita though.

I am so freakin' excited I can't stand it. I just went shopping in my own closet. I put on a size 12 pants and the suckers are a lil tight but they went on, zipped, and buttoned. If I wanted to, I could wear them out with a long t-shirt. Woooohooo. The jeans I was wearing in Jan. were a tight 20. I was trying on everything for my bf and I think he got pretty excited too lol. When I met him I was the smallest I had ever been (well since I was 12 years old anyways) I gained the 55 lbs I had lost right before I met the bf in 6 months after dating. So to be just 20 lbs above where I was then makes me happy.

I posted a few weeks ago that his dad was coming to stay and well he did. He stayed 2 weeks and loafed off us. I didn't even get a thank you or nice to meet you once he FINALLY left today. He almost didn't even leave today, but the bf is having to go to Oklahoma to work this next week. I've set a challenge for myself to see how much I can loose while he is away this week. Woot!

Okay enough for the novel... time to read the 3rd twilight book now.
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GHOST let me know how that scale works for you. I don't trust mine.

CAKE bah, boys are stupid. I hate fights like that.

Leighish you still ran a 5k, that's awesome.

Bee my BF has done things like that before. He was worried I had stopped taking the pill because he hadn't seen me take it in a while. Um, I think that would be something I mentioned.

Mojo I gained a lot of weight since I've been dating Jason. I'm about 3 pounds above where I was when i first met him. it's so exciting!

No exercise today. Still really sore from yesterday. My sodium intake has been a little high, and I feel all puffy. I stayed around 1300 cals today and yesterday. Friday I went way over, it was a friends 21st bday. I have to work on spacing my calories out a little better on weekends. The weird schedules screw me up.
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Ashlan -

leighish - Way to go on the race! FABULOUS

mojo - Size 12's!!! You rock!

I'm back on the wagon and staying here!!! wish me luck
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Cake - that sucks! The situation, the fight, the everything. I hope it gets resolved for you!

Mojo - yay for little jeans

Leigh - I think your 5k covers the indulgence...but I feel your pain!

I worked out this morning at the gym for an hour, then treated myself to a jamba juice peanut butter mood for breakfast (530 cals), then went on a 3hr/5.2 mile moderate hike to some beautiful waterfalls. Afterwards I was so hungry my friend and I poorly chose to go to red robin. I ate a modified chicken broschetta sandwich and ALL my fries...with ranch! Bringing my daily intake so far to around 2,000 cals. Ugh. that is 600 more than I ever like to eat in a day. Worst thing was I had way too much fat and sodium. Now I feel full, sluggish, and pissed that tainted a good active day with sh$t food. Grr...but other than that the day was awesome. And I may still play some tennis!

Also, I was at 176.5 lbs at the gym this morning (177 at home)...almost the smallest I've ever been! Fingers crossed this continues!
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Cake - boys just don't get it. They just don't.

Zephra - Red Robin isn't great, but it could be so much worse. They have bottomless fries!f If you kept your day to 2000 calories that means you had to have resisted the temptation at RR, so props to you! I don't go there because of the bottomless fries. I love fries and I haven't the willpower.

Mojo, that's exactly how I felt when I squeezed into some 14s two weeks ago!! YAY!!!

Onto MY novella for the day. Work. Ugh. I work at a group home, taking care of 8 physically and mentally handicapped men in wheelchairs. As far as work goes, it's pretty strenuous every 2 hrs and then there's a lot of down time in between. Since they're in wheelchairs, we lift and move them every 2 hours so they don't get bedsores, but in between repositioning times there's a lot of tv watching and snacking. Bad bad bad!!! And I have a coworker who is just a mean old bat of a woman who true, has had a very, very, very, very bad past that I would never wish on anyone, but she's bitter to everyone she comes into contact with. The kind of place we work at is not the kind of place for negativity or b****ing about every small thing that you don't feel like doing. The woman does laundry during the day (usually we split up the chores but she does this to get out of lifting the clients, hides in the laundry room), and then waits until we're done lifting the 8 people and then complains that nobody helps her with laundry. It's such a small thing, I know, but day in and day out she's complaining about something! It's dragging me down. And I'm upset because it's affecting the other staff too. Yesterday at work, she and another staff were yelling at each other in the hallway, in earshot of the clients. I can only imagine how they felt. They don't communicate verbally, but they understand that kind of crap. Ugh. Needless to say I've been stress-eating at work a lot, and not finding enough time for relaxation on my end, which dips into my eating habits and sleep habits and I think has a lot to do with how healthy I feel physically. I hope this gets straightened out soon but it's been an issue for so long I doubt anything will come of it.

And my scale has been stuck for 3 weeks. I hope it moves tomorrow.

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last time
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hey ladies! i missed u guys.

i have a crapload of homework so i might be on here sparingly until after graduation.

i had a sorority conference in chicago thurs-sun and i wasnt really prepared and didnt eat that great. but i am back in stl now and plan to hoist myself back on the wagon in the morning. i am going to the store tonight to stock the fridge.

soooo i have a plan. and a goal. i can do this.

cake -hows the apartment hunt going? cause the bf is getting on my nerves. you deserve so much more.

bee - its a wonder how grown men still dont understand the necessary things that need to happen in order for babies to be made lol

mojo - congrats on the 12's!!!! you have been doing awesome! did u start adding exercise in? i know you were asking about that. i'm sorry that the dad was a douche. he shouldnt be allowed back ugh.

leigh - you will be fine. just make sure its not an everyday thing

my mom is having a tough time and i am really worried about her. i dont know what i can do or if i can do anything. so just keep me and my ma in yr thoughts and prayers.

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Cake- A lot of people don't understand how weight loss works, so frustrating! Yea 'just one bite' doesn't hurt, but if it becomes all the time, it does! He is probably upset that things are different like that.

Leighish- Congrats on the 5k, it must have been fun!

Ghost- That sounds like a good fitness plan. I hear swimming is an awesome total body workout. I just gotta learn how to swim first! lol

Mojolove- Twilight! AA! I've watched the movie 3 times in the last week, and I'm hooked. They're filming the sequel near my house, but they have enough teenage stalkers so I haven't wandered over to look. Are the books better than the movie? I have to get them!

brooksrm- yea, one person's bad mood can bring everybody down, sucky.

As for me, I've totally gone off the wagon, eating wise, but still am working out. I think it was the reintroduction of sugar into my diet lol. Went a bit crazy and have been stuffing myself for 2 weeks with EVERYTHING. Oh well, fall down, get back up!
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Boarding the skinny train
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Hey everyone, I was a bad bad girl these past couple of days so I couldn't show my face out of pure shame! Nothing crazy, I did go down .5 lb this week so I'm not that upset but compared to the usual 2-3 I've been losing every week thus far, I'm kinda bummed. But I'm back on track, woo hoo!

Ash: Girl, I know what you mean about the signif other not being too understanding. My hubby drives me crazy with his favorite line, "A little bit can't hurt". I'm like aaahhhh, yes it actually does add up! Hang in there, give him a free pass since it's birthday and then kick his *** later! LOL!

Mojo: That sounds so nice. Shopping without spending $ while at the same time feeling accomplished about your weightloss. One day for me...

Brook: You have one of "those" co-workers huh? Is there anyway you can wear headphones set on low volume in your "down" times to sorta drown her out?

bjeweled: Sorry to hear about your mom, she's in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there woman.
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