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Talking Wednesday, July 24th (I think)

Good Morning,

Or shall I say good almost afternoon. Hey if anyone hits the lottery please remember me

Still busy here at the prison, the warden said if I'd be good, he'd give me an extra helpin of brocolli tonight.

How's everyone doing ? Meg how's the dress situation going ? the clock is ticking lady, better get one soon.

I hate clothes shopping cause no matter what i buy, I look dumpy in it.......

Whats cookin tonight? we're having left over chicken and probably some baked french fries. They now have garlic katchup, its pretty good. I love dipping french fries in sour cream but I'll be a good girl and not do that

Gotta go talk to you later,
Love, Leens
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Good Morning

I dont have much going on for today, just staying at home until it is time to take my son to VBS. I feel pretty good today, I am not depressed at all, and so far I have done great with my eating this week. I made sugar free jello last night, and ate so much of it, but MAN was it good!

I think I will have grilled chicken, and a baked potato tonight. That sounds pretty yummy

Leens- I have never heard of the garlic ketchup, I will have to look the next time I go to the store, that sounds

Have a great day all!

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Default Mornin'

Hi Leens and the rest of the ladies.

Yes Leens, I think it is the 24th.. the days of the week kinda of run together sometimes, don't they?

Nothing much here today except work stuff. 2.5 days til the weekend!! I am sucking on half a cup of iced coffee this morning.. stayed up too late last nite and am paying for it now. I did get up at 5am and do my aerobics. I need to buy a new tape or look thru my old ones, as this one is far too easy and I am bored to tears. .. I need a challenge.

Dinner tonight is crab stuffed filet of sole

The recipe actually calls for flounder, but I am using sole. I also am leaving off the melted butter in the recipe.. might use a littel brummel and brown, using egg beaters instead of an egg yolk and using reduced fat mayo. Then I will have 3 kinds of grilled squash, and if I have calories left.. some veggie couscous.. which is WONDEFUL

Leens, you are a corrupting influence, ya know? I never would have thought to dip french fries in sour cream.. now i am thinking about it!! I don't much like clothes shopping as my lower belly problem really screws up what I can wear.. sigh. I need do it yourself home lipo.. hook self up to your vacuum cleaner and WHOOOOSHHH.

Hope everyone else is having a nice day.. please let us hear from you.

Hi Hillary.. we were posting at the same time
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Height: 5' 10"


Hillary, I think Heins makes the garlic katchup, also Helmans makes different flavor mayo's now (so my sister tells me) she said they are pretty good and lower in fat then the regular, I think out west Helmans is called Best Foods or Best Mayo ?

The other day I went to the store and picked up a bag of funky fries........yup thats what they are called, they are cinnamon & sugar flavored....sound icky kinda but kinda good, I mean imagine eating a sweet potato with out eating sweet potatoes haaaaaaaaa make sense. Anyway, the other flavors they had kinda were gross and the one was even blue..... This homey don't go there

Linny, I'm telling you, I didn't get this fat eating lettuce....yup dipping french fries, the big steak ones are the best. Don't try it you'll get hooked. Its like taking your pizza crust and dipping it in Maries blue cheese or ranch thats awesome Okay I'll stop

I did good so far today, had a bagel w/cc & tomatoes for breakfast, lunch I had a little bit of fruit and thats it, I really wasn't dinner I'll be a snortin ravenous pig and eat everything in site ......nah I'll try to be good.

Tippy woman, you with us today ?, Lizzy, Meg, youuuuuhooooo, anyone home

TTYL, Love Me
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Here I am! Fell asleep on the computer again. Hate those meds as they do that to me. Now I feel groggy!

DH will be home tomorrow night instead of Friday. There goes all my plans for wild parties. Am doing a lot of odds and ends around the house and am also making some WW chili to freeze. So far I have about 12 meals in the freezer for when the kitchen gets remodeled. That's going to be such a mess. I hate the thought of it.

Meals here are mostly frozen entrees since I'm alone.

I popped into the chat last night, but there were only two people and they were in the SB room.

See you all later!
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