Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Friday, July 19th

Happy Friday Everyone ~~

Can't stay long, the boss will be here in a second.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Don't forget to give us the details on Monday.


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I'm done sewing for the day. Now it's time to go forth and plan the weekend. I know that we have to go to church on Sunday. DH is Elder of the Month so he has to help with Communion and there is also a Baptism.

I didn't have to help our Pastor and his family today as planned. We have to elderly ladies of our congregation that are ailing and he didn't want to be away. I hope there isn't going to be a funeral soon!

See you all later and keep smiling!
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Default Newbie

Hi, all:
Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 36 year old SAHM/freelance writer (not much work out there these days!). I had post partum anxiety disorder after my son was born (May 2001), and I've been on Paxil for a year. On top of the 15 pounds post pg, I gained 15 more once I went on the Paxil. I can't blame the drug, unless it caused the crazy cravings for sugar and fat that caused me to eat like a barbarian for six months straight.

Anyway, I would like to lose those 30 pounds, and I am planning on doing WW points. A friend of mine from my mom's group is givign me some of her materials to get me started.

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all. Any advice about losing wt on Paxil is welcomed. I'll be tapering off the drug in the fall, but who knows, I may end up back on.

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Welcome Dana....hang in there with us! And good luck with ww really works!

Leens what would the boss do if she caught you on the comp?

Tippy you are a busy gal!

It is rainy today which is good because it has been so hot and dry and there is not a blade of grass in the fields so this is what the farmers have been praying for.

Been a good week....only worked one is I wonder who is gonna pay the bills lol

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Default Mornin'

Hi Ladies,

It's Friiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Yipeeee. Makes me smile and puts a spring in my step.

Nothing much going on today except work stuff. I wonder if it is possible for a brain to actually shut down from boredom?

Hi Dana, glad you could join us. I don't have much advice about Paxil, as I was only on it for about a week I think. I didn't have problems, just the psyc. doc wanted me on another med than the internist did. I can tell you that making friends with exercise is the best thing I ever did for my depression. Heck with weight loss for a moment. It really helps take off the edges of things for me. It was terribly hard for the first 6 weeks.. I admit that. I argued and fought and cussed when I had to get up and exercise. Then something happened.. I got into the zone, heard the click.. whatever you want to call it. Now, I am addicted to the way it makes me feel.. alive again. I happen to do aerobic and step tapes, but that may not be your cup of tea. I advise just picking something, start slow.. maybe 15 mins 3 times a week.. and work up from there. I now am 5-6 days a week at 45-50 minutes. The other ladies here think I am nuts.. but I think they are too, so we are even

What are everyone's plans for the weekend? Mine are fun fun fun.. chores, old movie watching, gardening and church. Last Night I got called a party animal for my wild ways
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Dana I know what you mean about wanting to eat while taking Paxil. I was on it for a year and all I could think of was food. It didn't help that I was also being weaned cold turkey from steroids at the time. I gained 70 lbs!! I have had a hard time losing that weight plus the additional weight I gained. Now I am on meds that make me gain so I feel like it is a hopeless cause...but I refuse to lay down and get fatter. I WILL win this battle of the bulge!!

Hey Liz and Linda. Good to see you.

Leens, it has been a long long time since I saw you. Though I don't see you, LindaT keeps us up to date with your doings...that and she passes your porno email on to me.

This is the first time for me to be a part of the boards so if this comes out weird, you'll know why. Usually I read when the mood strikes...
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Hello ladies!!

Happy Friday...hope you all have a pleasant weekend. I will be dress shopping and when I have time painting more woodwork in my house. Somehow the two don't seem to go well together.

Welcome Dana! Although I am no longer on any drugs for depression, I do sympathize with you. It seems in order to combat one thing we create another problem for ourselves. I have to agree with Linda, exercise is my salvation. I have always been into it, was a walker for 15 years and since have become very fond of my Total Gym. Any form of exercise will release those andorfins that we need to off set the mood. So, take a walk, grab a tape and get moving with us!!!!

Hey Sweet....glad to see you could join us!!!

Leens thanks for the info on Romans...didn't see anything there.

Lizzie, Lippy and the rest of the gang...have a fabulous weekend

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Sweet Pea, for goodness sakes, it has been awhile! How are you?

Leenie, why don't I get any porn?? Even the President of the Ladies aid Society needs a thrill!

Hi Dana, welcome the the nut house. There are some really great and supportive ppeople here and I hope we can encourage you too.

God bless!
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