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Default Prozac and Phentermine?

Hi! Is it safe to take Prozac 20mg and Phentermine 37.5mg together? I've heard mixed reviews.. some say that it can help reduce your appetite even more taking Prozac with Phentermine and some say its not safe

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Years ago my doctor told me he didn't like the combo.... can't remember what he said, but he was against it.

Sorry I can't help you more. Is your doctor prescribing this for you?
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Its totally your decision but I dont know one person that has keep weight off after stoping Phentermine, not one.
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I thought they took phentermine off the market a few years ago? It's what my girlfriend used to call legalized speed. I've taken it in the past to drop 10lbs or so, but couldn't take it long term. Speeds up the metabolism but I don't remember it suppressing the appetite. And I agree, once you stop taking it the weight comes right back. Not sure it's a good mix with prozac at all.
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I had read that after the part of phen phen was removed from the market they replaced it with Prozac. My doctor says weight loss clinics prescribe the two together but I would be leary of the combo. From experience I know that Phentremine alters mood. It triggers the part of the brain that controls the "flight or fight response", so either you cant sit down or your very irritable. I was VERY irritable.
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I took it in the beginning of my WL journey...... but only 1/2 a day until I could get my eating under control. Even with 1/2 tablet--- it made me extremely irritable! It took a few months to straighten myself out from it. I would be careful!
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Because both meds utilize serotonin reuptake inhibitors the big risk is for a serotonin storm--- you can look it up if you like but that is the risk.

ETA-- ok, I'll fess up and say I did it. Every time my heart started beating fast and I had increased sweating I thought I would end up in the hospital.

Not worth it.

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Hmmmmmmm, no probs here. I take Cymbalta and Phen.
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I don't remember the author but there was even a book about this combo. I did it about 11 years ago and lost 50 lbs very easily but I gained 150 back easier. It stopped working and I could never get it to work again even years later. I just couldn't keep up the eating because my appetite came back. And it caused racing heart really bad and people kept telling me to shut up because I talked a mile a minute.
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