Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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I have been on Cymbalta for about 2 months now. At first I was just taking 30 mg in the morning and then 1 month later my psych started me on 60 mg in the evening. I had one instance where I woke up from a sleep and was vomitting but that only happened once. I suffer from depression, anxiety and bipolar. I have been continuing to take Cymbalta and have had no side effects other than it has made my appetite pretty much non existant. I was taking Abilify and was hungry all the time along with muscle spasms and muscle soreness. I hope that helps.
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Started taking it yesterday for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome. We'll see how it goes...first dosage came with a lot of side effects, but I'm hoping for the best.
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I'm a refugee from Cymbalta. I've tried various drugs/formulations over the last 14 years for neuropathy from a spinal cord injury. Between Neurontin, Cymbalta and Lyrica, Cymbalta was the least effective at controlling the pain. I stuck with it for about 1 year but switched to Lyrica, then a higher dose of Lyrica. The side effects of Lyrica were intolerable: weight gain, swelling, depressed libido, dizziness, drowsiness... you name it. I'd say the side effects of Cymbalta were similar, but less pronounced. I went back to gabepentin (Neurontin). The formulation I use now is time-release. It seems to be as effective as the higher dose of Lyrica with none of the wide swings and side effects are tolerable. Best of all, since I've switched I've actually been able to lose weight.

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No I did not try....
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unfortunately made my depression worse. got off of it
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Default Cymbalta works for me...

I have severe fibro, and tried Cymbalta last year. It took about 6 weeks to feel the effects. It cuts the pain by about 1/3 to 1/2. It doesnt get rid of the pain, however it seems to help it be not so intense. After 2 weeks, the side effects seem to have lessened. One awesome thing is that it is an appetite suppressor. I didnt take it for that, but I appreciate it.

Hope that helps!
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I have been on prozac for two years, then cymbalta for another two, with on and off in between. Prozac made me anorexic, I just could not eat on it. I also felt like I was on extasis, the drug, too "happy" and talkative. Cymbalta is a lot more natural to me, stabilizes my mood and I feel a lot sadder, but more "real". Anyway, try yourself, not everyone is the same, also tell your doctor how it's working for you. He's the one you should be asking, not us
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I have been on cymbalta for about 2 years for both fibromyalgia and depression and it has been a live saver as far as the pain management!!! you couldn't breathe on me without it hurting, now I feel about 95% pain free!

The only challenge I have found is with the depression. at first it was great at controlling that, but now it is creeping back in, along with a little bit of the pain.
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I've tried Cymbalta, Lyrica, Savella and Neurontin for fibromyalgia, there were issues with each of them for me so now I'm not taking anything during the day. I take Zanaflex at night which helps me sleep. I see my rheumatologist soon, I am a bit suspicious of meds for Fibromyalgia, I think I'll try to deal with it the best I can. Sometimes meds can make things worse, sometimes better, it depends on the med and person.

Good luck.
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Hi all. My sister has fibromyalgia, and she takes low dose naltrexone. Google "Stanford and low dose naltrexone." It really takes away her pain. Stanford did studies and you can look up the positive results.
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A few years fast forward. I found relief through my prescription for welbutrin (for PPD) it really helped my fibro! No swelling no lack of interest and no crazy eating
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I took cymbalta for 2 years. The sweating never subsided. I tried to make the excuse that it was bc I lived in az. But it was the meds. Also the sex thing is true but that is true of most antidepressants. I also found it made my depression worse, no motivation to get out of bed or get dressed. I have both anxiety and depression and also FM it never helped my pain that much. Also my mother in law tried Sevilla for her FM and it made her sweat and she had days that she didn't want to get out of bed. She suggested to me that it may be the meds. That's when I switched. She stopped Sevilla. She never tried cymbalta. Lyrica had a side effect for her but not sure what. It made me too groggy the next day.
I finally went it a pain management doc as a last resort and that is the only thing that worked for me. It was a last resort and it works. It's not for everyone
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Hi. Yes, I was put on Cymbalta about a year ago for depression and fibromyalgia. I'll have to tell you I had a huge allergic reaction and ended up with blisters all over my arms. To this day I have scars on my arms from this. I was hoping this would work for me. I had my thyroid removed 5 years ago and after that developed Fibro pretty bad so my Dr's gave this to me and I thought I'd try it. Didn't work. The blisters started developing about a week after taking it. This is just what happened to me though.
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