Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Has anyone tried Cymbalta?

I'm considering trying it for my fibromyalgia. However some of the side effects aren't too appealing. . .Any insight would be really helpful
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Not me personally.But my bff loves it!
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Default Cymbalta

Is Cymbalta an antidepressant? Could you tell me the usual side effects of this drug. Most all antidepressants help with pain control.. Thanks
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Kierie, I tried Cymbalta. I don't remember how long I was on it, but while taking it I was always dizzy. I had to go off of it because of that. The sister of a co-worker was on it, and she did very well with it. I've lost contact with that person because of a job change, so I don't know if it is still working for her.
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i was on it for a while and it worked really well but just not enough for what i needed. Good luck.
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i have some experience with this one. i took it for several months for depression, and my mom gave it a go for her fibromyalgia. bottom line, it didnt work for either of us. however, maybe give it a try, every person is different and you have to try a lot before you learn what works for you! the side effects are rough at the beginning, but started subsiding after 4-6 weeks.
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I took it for nerve pain{ neuopathy} it did not work for me weight gain and swelling of my hands and feet not to mention anti depressents work the oppisite in me! But each person is different and it may be the WONDER drug you have been waiting for you won't know until you try thats why they call it PRACTICING MEDICINE!
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I had a good friend who took it for depression, made a world of difference! Don't remember any issues with side effects.
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Thanks for all the input ladies!
i heard about the dizziness and was curious about that I was totally unaware of the weight gain and swelling. . .I had that with Lyrica so I'm thinking all this stuff is just a pass!
I know 1 of the side effects is loss of romantic interest
so dizzy swollen and asexual I'll take the pain!
Thanks so much!!
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I was on Cymbalta for 2 years for depression and I found it to be the antidepressant with the least side effects I've ever tried. I also had no problems coming off it when I wished to swap medications either, which was nice for a change! In regards to weight I only put on about 5lbs in the period I was taking cymbalta and I really belive that was due to lack of exercise and emotional eating.
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My husband was on it for his diabetic neuropathy. He was also on Lyrica at the same time, and for the same length of time. When he went onto Medicare and his Part D plan didn't pay for much of either, he stopped taking them both.

Together they helped a great deal for the pain, but he hated the side effects (but since he didn't take them seperately, I don't think he could separate one's side effects for the other's). The dizziness did eventually go away, but he said that (at least together) on them he had no desire to DO anything. They sort of zombied him out (and I noticed the extreme drop in sexual interest - even when he was in a lot of pain, he'd still flirt and and I'd feel appreciated, even if foolin' around wasn't going to be practical. On those drugs, it was like I might as well have been his sister). He didn't really realize that the side effects were so dramatic until he went off the meds, and felt physically worse (much more pain) but mentally much better - more interested in life and activity.

I think my husband probably should have tried the drugs individually, but he's not willing to try either of them again, at this point.

I've considered trying Lyrica, Cymbalta, and the newest drug Savelle, but because I've got my fibro under decent control with older (and cheaper) drugs, I'm hesitant to try messing with success.
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I take Cymbalta for anxiety disorder and it works well for me. I take a low dose, and the side effects are not bad at all, even sexually... which is enough to make me love the stuff!

Having the anxiety under control gave me the confidence to return to college... which in turn lead to my weight gain (I'm a little too old for the "freshman fifteen"!!). So the Cymbalta was only *indirectly* the cause of the weight gain LOL! Really, though, I'm so happy to have finally found a med that works for me. It took years....
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I took Cymbalta for a couple of days and experienced some very noticeable side effects (Nausea, diarrhea, muscle stiffness, insomnia.) I was pretty shocked, as I have previously taken Paxil and Wellbutrin and experienced no side effects at all.

So I looked into it, and found that Cymbalta's side effects are well documented and quite common. Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome seems especially scary, and also very common. There actually is no doctor-approved way to wean off Cymbalta which will not cause extreme side effects. So I called my doctor, switched back to Wellbutrin, and said goodbye to Cymbalta.

I think it might be worth it to ease fibromyalgia, but as there are many other depression meds out there, Cymbalta's side effects were just not worth the positive effects it gave.
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I take it occasionally for back pain. When I take it regularly I have stomach issues but that happens with lots of pills, even OTC. I'm sensitive
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Default cymbalta

I started taking cymbalta about a month ago. It helped with my pain and stiffness right away, but i couldn't stay asleep. many people say it makes them sleepy- go figure..I changed the dose to the morning, but now I get very sweating doing normal chores and had the runs 1 day really bad. My vision is also a bit blurry.My therapist said the side effects should go away, so we'll see. I have found that I am not as hungary or craving carbs,which is great. I have lost 14lbs and have another 85 to go. Everyone is so different,so try it. I really like the help I get with stiffness and hunger. Hope it works for you!
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