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Default What is WRONG with me?

Pardon me for intruding, I've never posted here before. (This specific forum.)

I'm posting here because I AM Bi-Polar (NOS, but I have way more Type II tendencies) and I THINK I'm fairly stable on my meds. I try to avoid caffeine, as I find it tends to encourage mania.

Here's the problem:

I just got a new job (Hooray!) and I am working on my feet ALL. DAY. LONG. Thank the Heavens I lost all that weight, huh? I have been working for 3 days, 8 hour days. Towards the end of my shift yesterday, and all day today, I've noticed that I've had some like, ultra-rapid cycling symptoms. I have moments where I am like GO GO GO GO GO GO and I'm WALKING IN CIRCLES BEHIND THE COUNTER and I'm MOPPING AND SWEEPING AND MAKING COFFEE. And then the next minute I feel nauseous, and crappy, sick, and I just want to go home and sleep for the rest of forever.

What is this?!

Yesterday, as soon as I got off work it stopped. Today? Not so much.

I am struggling with eating, because for some reason I'm not hungry at work. We sell greasy fast food at work, and maybe that's the problem - the smell is making me nauseous? I don't know. I am generally working out for at least 30 minutes on all my off days, plus doing yoga on my off days and my on days, plus weight training, and my calories are usually between 1600 and 2000. Yesterday? I got 1203 in. What?

I've done a little better today, but only because I'm staying up late because I have tomorrow off and therefore have more time to like, squeeze in snacks because I AM JUST NOT HUNGRY, and eating is making me nauseous too.


What is going on?
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sounds like you got a new job, you are nervous. This is a bad econoy and I suspect you feel that the management will easily boot out anyone who dosent fit in well. -- in this economy, no job is safe, and new workers are totally not safe.-- I do not think this has anything to do with your Bi-Polar situation Any intellegent person is worried dirying the first several months on a job. You just keep moving along. Ask management if they see any place you can iprove. I would say it is no time to totally relax. It could be the stress that makes you feel crapy and sick. Like i said, you will totally feel worried untill you feel you are secure. Security will come from finding out if you are doing the job well (to management expectations).
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It really does sound like new job syndrome. Keep your head up and plow through it. Even if you have to go somewhere else on your lunch break, take the time to grab a quick bite to eat, even if it is celery sticks.

Good luck with your new work, and I hope that your mood stabilizes a bit for you. (And if you put all of that energy to good use, you shouldn't have anything to worry about with your new job!)

Good luck, and I hope your job turns into a great success story.
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Your not intruding sweetie..... ok everyone is welcomed here.

I agree...sounds like the job has you in knots... Your stronger then you think and you can/will beat this stress.

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It sounds like maybe since you aren't eating, possibly your blood sugar is too low...if you can't eat a full meal try eating something small on your lunch break, as well as on any other breaks you get to take.
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