Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default I take Cymbalta

I'm new here but wanted to just say 'Hi!'. Currently battling my weight and depression. Taking 60mg cymbalta and tradozone for sleep. The cymbalta has been really good, a few side effects in the beginning but they seem to have gone away. Just have some insomnia so that's something I can deal with.

Unfortunately, when I'm depressed I eat and the last 6 months have been the worst, not sure why. But I have now reached an all-time high of 200 lbs and need to do something about it!

Looking forward to reading everyone's posts!

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Hi there and Welcome!!

I hope you join us in the monthly chat, its a great little corner and full of wonderful and supportive ladies.
I sure understand where you are coming from with the emotional eating, it sure is hard to overcome. I hope you get the insomnia sorted out, sleep is important. I've notice since I got put on wellbutrin last year I've been needing or getting a lot less sleep (which wouldn't be hard as I was having four and five hour naps on the paxil!!) I just wish I was one of the ones that got more energy

Anyway take care and looking forward to getting to know you better.
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I also take Cymbalta, and also suffer from insomnia as a side effect of the medication. I have had severe weight gain in the past on Prozac and Effexor. I am doing well on Cymbalta . . . have maintained my weight within 5 lbs for one year. I'm glad to hear that you're having success on the medication as well. Best of luck with your weight-loss goals!
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I have taken Cymbalta for, oh I don't know, maybe 4 years now. I gained over 20# in one year taking Effexor. I take it as my OBGYN says it helps with the emotional stress of menopause (which I've been in since 2000!).

I didn't know about insomnia... I do dream, though.... every single night! But, I seem to wake up alot through the night.
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Yes, I wake up a lot too, and dream. My insomnia is the type where I don't have a problem falling asleep, it's staying asleep that is the issue!

Glad to see that others are having success with Cym, I was so nervous when I went on it after reading stuff online. I tried prozac before but wanted to sleep all day & night on it!

Now to just jump start the weight loss!
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You can jog 2 hours in the evening every day. It will improve your healthy and help you lose your weight.
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Originally Posted by mykb69 View Post
I tried prozac before but wanted to sleep all day & night on it!
You said it exactly. I have been sleeping 16 to 18 hours a day on Prozac. And when I am awake I eat, it's all I want to do. Arghhhhhh. Was thinking about asking for Cymbalta but my dr isn't being very receptive to my suggestions as of late.

So in the Cymbalta user's opinions were the side effects worth the benefits. I just can't be on something that causes more weight gain. And leaves me this tired.
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Default weird

Itís odd that you guys are talking about insomnia on Cymbalta. I had the exact opposite reaction. I couldnít stay awake. I spent 2 years of my life (17-19) going to bed at 8pm every night. I finally talked to my doctor and I went off of it. I wonder now if the reason I was so tired all the time is that I was waking up in the several times a night and not just realizing it. Other then the tiredness though Cymbalta did work for me.
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I just started on Cymbalta two days ago, and there definitely are a lot of side effects! I'm going to wait it out, since people say that they go away after a week or so, but they really are impressive!

I also seem to have a greatly elevated mood, though, so perhaps they will be worth it.
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Wow MYKB69....I, too, take Cymbalta and Tradozone. I have the same issues that you have, altho I have not had weight issues. I can get to sleep pretty easy at night also, it is just staying asleep that is my problem. ALtho I had the sleep issue before taking the Cymbalta, so I am not sure it caused it for me.

I don't dream every night, but do dream many nights. Usually after I wake up during the night and go back to sleep, I then dream. Nothing bad, just bizzare.

I love, love, love the effects of Cymbalta, I have never felt better except for the sleeping part. It is worth it to me.
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I have been taking Cymbalta for about 2 and a half years. I have very vivid dreams. At one point I was taking 90 mg a night. Just recently I was decreased to 60 mg and my Dr. added Abilify. I fell pretty good just those crazy dreams.
Anyone else have the vivid dreams?
Does anyone take it for Fibro?? Just curious how that helps!
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