Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Originally Posted by prinny View Post


I actually have reverse SAD. My depression gets MUCH worse starting in the Spring and is horrid until it gets close to Fall. Luckily being a housewife now I can keep a nocturnal schedule which really helps. Maybe it's just a very low tolerance for heat and the fact I burn after a few minutes in the sun even with sunsctreen? No idea. D isn't an issue for me because I drink a LOT of skim milk and take supplements, I get people lecturing me about that a lot.
Wow I thought I was the only person with this problem! I'm super white and burn just walking to the mailbox during the summer. How do you deal with the heat and bright light? And what kind of supplement do you take? I know I need one, since I never go outside with any skin exposed.
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Wow, I forgot all about this thread, sorry about that. I did end up falling completely off my diet between my desire for comfort food and barely being able to get out of bed let alone prepare food. You don't want to know how much $$$ I spent on take out in January and February.

Anyhow, I'm back to myself (more or less) and to my healthy eating and exercise, and I just wanted to thank everyone for their input - even just knowing I'm not alone helps. The Go Lite helped, as did mega doses of Vitamin D... but not enough, obviously. I'll try talking to a doctor between now and next Winter. But after this one, my sweetie and I are thinking about moving south to FL, since it just gets worse every year.

Hopefully at the very least healthier habits will actually be habits by next Fall and it will be a bit easier to stick to them.

Oh, and those of you with reverse SAD are not alone, I have heard of this before though usually somewhat milder cases without the really bad sunburn. So no, you guys aren't alone either
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Wow this forum is great! I also suffer from SAD and it really hit me this winter. In the beginning I had no idea what was wrong with me, lack of energy feeling of depressin and crying and etc.. I'm currently living abroad in Europe and now it's cold and gray and windy. Prior to coming to Europe I lived in sunny mexico and I'm from the south fla area so I was always in sunny warm places. I was told to take some fish oil and it has helped and I'm re-energized and now that the sun is starting to come out more I have much more energy and I'm exercising everyday and my weight loss hasn't been affected.
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I have SAD. From October to March all I want to do is eat potato chipsand I have have the feeling that I could start crying at any moment.
I teach kindergarten and I put my Happy Lamp in my classroom. When my student asked me what my lamp was for, I told him that it made me feel happy. Then every time I would turn it on he would ask, "Miss Corrie are you sad?"
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