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Default Get Rid of the Size 10's???

Hi ladies,

I'm new on this site and so far I love it!!! I'm so inspired by Pam Brown's before and after photos. I keep it taped to my computer monitor at work...the worst place to try and eat right (everyone bringing in donuts and cakes and cookies and....I could go on and on).

My problem is this...I HATE being big, but I absolutely LOVE food. Since having my 3rd child I've managed to put on about 100's funny, after my first child I ended up being at my all time skinniest (size 9/10). Now I'm up to about a 22...eek!

I have TONS of small (9/10) really cute clothes and for some reason I still buy things that size even though I can't fit them, I guess hoping I'll get back to that size.

All these clothes are taking up space, but I can't bring myself to give them away. What do you guys think I should do?? Deep down, I don't feel that I'll ever lose this weight and should just give up trying...something else says...I can do it???

Thanks for listening!!
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Default throw em away!

I did the same thing for years. I finally realized I needed to accept me the way I am before I can change it. So I got rid of all my too small clothes and bought new ones that fit and looked good. I am best friends with a tailor who alters the more expensive stuff as I lose weight. If you don't love yourself now, losing weight isn't going to help. Treating youself well is not giving up--it is being loving to yourself and treating yourself with the respect you deserve.
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Default I have all sizes!

Big Sis,

Where have you been? The closet, its like a nightmare huh?
its the past, present and the future- Were I have been, Where I am and Just in case I need it !

Yikes! Its nasty huh?

Love Ya Lil Sis
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Big Sis,

What you wrote is exactly how I feel....except I've NEVER been in a size 9/10.

I too have clothes that are a size 12 and I can't stand the thought of parting with them...I just loved the way I felt wearing them. I to am a size 20+.

I also feel like I'm never going to get thinner and then I feel like YES I can do it....but then someone passes a cookie in my face and there goes my day. The way I think, and I know its probably wrong is that if I really wanted to be thin I would...but then when your stomach is growling and your pressed for time you just shove anything in your mouth and keep going. I have a full time job, a 7 1/2 month old baby, and by the time I get her from day care and get home I have exactly 1 1/2 hour to shower, cook dinner, do the dishes, feed the dog, feed the baby, change her and put her to bed by 7:30 pm.......I'm not complaining but Its not easy. Get up earlier you say ..... uhh I get up at 4:30 am, get myself ready, make lunches, take care of the dog, get the baby up at 6:00 and we are out the door at 6:30 am.....To exercise & shower in the am is impossible.

Soooooooooooo what I'm going to do is as soon as I get home at night, do my Leslie sansone tape which is about 18 minutes long and then try to do everything else lololol

Big Sis, yes we can do it......that skinny person deep down inside is dying to get out.....yes we can do it.

Good luck and stay with us, maybe we can all help one another.

Love Leens
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