Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Arrow walking dead girl

Ok, to start I should list my meds because they might be my problem. I am on Lamictal, Ambien, Ditropan XL, Ativan, Wellbutril XL and Topamax. A nice cocktail huh? Wow, I look at that and see a LOT of meds.. anyway, all day I am a walking zombie and at night I can't sleep. When I do get to sleep around 4AM I can't wake up in the AM, I sleep until anywhere from 1PM - 3PM. Staying up so late makes me binge eat because I am so stressed that I can't sleep and when you add all the other stressers in my life, it equals disaster. I eat a good lunch, I am not awake for breakfast, and I eat a very healthy dinner. It's the snacks that get me. I've tried the healthy snack thing, but I had weight loss surgery, so I can't really do many fruits because of the natural sugars and some veggies are my enemy. It's just much tastier too to eat chips or popcorn, yes, the whole bag.. then of course, I get so much more depressed because I can see myself getting bigger and I have zero energy to exercise. I tried but I just lost interest.. which happens a lot.. I need help.
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Go to a different doctor! Get another opinion on your meds...that list makes my head wonder you're ina fog!
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Oh sweetie, I agree with Twynn, you need a 2nd opinion. Please please please call some one else and make an appt. Cocktail indeed! I'd hate for you to hurt yourself.

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Definitely! Another doctor, a 2nd opinion, and some tweaking of the drugs.

DH and I have both taken drugs for depression (he still takes them, suffers from chronic depression) and I know that it takes tweaking and time. And sometimes what worked last year might not work this year.

Hang in there and let us know how you do!

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Ditto Above!!! Aww Chickie...that list would make anyone tired!!! Yikes!
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Hi Ladies~

(it's been a while Leenie)

Beckie if I may add my HO~
Ativan AND AMBIEN????? EVERY NIGHT???? WHY???? these drugs have a very long 1/2 wonder you feel like sleeping until 3PM!

were they prescribed to counter-act the Wellbutrin?
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Exclamation I'm in the same boat.

I'm in the same boat. I take 12 different prescribed meds and have done so since I left the hosp. 3+ years ago. I take ativan plus two or three sleep drugs and still wake up at night and can't sleep. What's wrong? I don't know.

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I am in the same postition as you, except i'm on over the counter, I have been thinking about going to the doctor for how i've been feeling.. My only suggestion would be to keep trying until you find the right ones and try taking those sleeping pills? You feel so much more refreshed when you wake up and you can sleep so much earlier, that is what i have been doing, getting a good nights sleep can be the difference between alot.
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wowser! and i thought i was over medicated! the girls are right....this doctor is a pill pusher...
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Default Thanks!

Thanks so much for all the replies everyone!

I will definitely get a second opinion and ask why I am on so dang many pills in the first place!

MrsLovett, I am on a bunch of pills with side effects that make me sleepy and yet I can't sleep. I guess the effects can be opposite for some people. I know when I was younger that was the case. The doc would give my mom a medication for a cold or ear infection and tell her it would make me sleep and it wouldn't and she'd go in for the follow up and tell him it didn't work lol.
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My doc is giving me Rozerem after Ambien only made me feel like crap. He said it's not a narcotic like the others, that it stimulates production and inhibits reuptake of, I think it was seratonin? I would ask about that to replace your sleep meds. Insomnia is my worst symptom and it is a pain in the rear.
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Default whatever happened to?.....

I just joined 3fc and came across this thread. I am on Wellbutrin and have some sleep issues. I did without the wellbutrin too, I find that perimenopause seems to have lots of sleep issues.
When needed I treat my insomnia "naturally" with 5htp (tryptophan) to get to sleep and melatonin to stay asleep. Helps quite a bit,but I don't do it everynight.
I am wondering what happened with your meds deadgirl?
THe thread title sure intrigued me, and no wonder you felt that way on all those meds. You must have a wicked health plan to afford all that!
What are you doing and taking now? and how are you?
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