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Default Medicine making me nauseas

I'm taking the following medications: Effexor XR (150 dosage), Wellbutrin (one of the twice-daily pills, but I just take it once a day), and One a Day Vitamin for Women.

It didn't use to make me nauseas, but now that I am more dilligent on taking my multivitamin, I feel nauseas for about an hour after taking the medicine. Like I'm going to throw up.

I've tried taking them right after I eat breakfast, but it hasn't helped. Then I tried after my-morning snack, and still no good. I'm looking for suggestions on anything that might make me not nauseas.

I guess I could try splitting the medicine up, as it's just the Wellbutrin I need to take in the morning for sure, but I have a hard time remembering to take medicine as is. Someone suggested drinking milk with it? Are there some foods that are better than others for when you take medicine that makes you nauseas?

Or maybe I need a different multivitamin? I don't know.
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What does your doc say? how about taking your vitamin before you go to bed, or switch brands. Can't hurt to try.
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Take your vitamin's with your meal, they will be absorbed better, try it with your largest meal.
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I can't stomach (no pun intended) the hard type of vitamin. I have to take either a chewable or a liquid. It doesn't matter when or with what I take it with. They come right back up if they are the hard variety.

I would consult your doctor just in case though.
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What about taking your meds before bedtime? Either that, or switching the vitamin brand? I was on One a Day weight smart two years ago and I didn't know why I couldn't sleep. Well, it has green tea in it! I stopped taking it, and could sleep again. I was wired on it! Different people have different reactions to meds. I would suggest switching brands.
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You need to take the vitamin when you are NOT taking tyour meds - it blocks absorbtion. Sorry about the nausea..................
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I am taking the two medications in the morning IMMEDIATELY after breakfast. And then I take the vitamin in the evening IMMEDIATELY after dinner. And that seems to be working!

I just put them in a little pill container in my pocket or purse in the morning (since I'm on the road a lot, I'm not at home as often), and I've been pretty good about remembering them so far.
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