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Default Christmas Challenge Chicks Week of Nov 27th - Dec 5th

Well, I totally blew it during Thanksgiving. I gained 4 lbs. Oh well, I am not going to beat myself up for it. I am going to pick myself back up and start again. I won't make my original goal for myself by Christmas but I am hoping to at least loose the 4 pounds I gained and maybe 2 more. I did get my butt to the gym last night which was a start in the right direction. Most of the left overs are now gone, thank God. Time to going shopping again and restock the refrigerator with food not so high in fat and calories. I have thought about joining another challenge, and I still might, but I don't want to walk away from this one. Even if I don't make my goal I will be a healthier me by Christmas.
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Trying again
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Well I have reached my Xmas goal of 40 pounds ... am going for 50 .. and then will keep adding 5 more until Xmas Eve .. I mean 5 more to my ticker not my waist line rofl.

I have noticed its really slowing down now ... not so many of those lovely 2+ pounds gone a week .. but then I havent been so strict with myself .. I figure its gotta be something I can live with for the rest of my life and Im just not that strict a person on a long journey lol ... so a little compromise here and there will make it a lifestyle change that I can stick to I think As long as I keep going down Im not fussing about how much I am losing a week in comparison to everyone else .. I will admit that there have been a few weeks the little green envy critter pops up when I see how many pounds everyone else has lost and I cant even get 1 complete one off lol .. but that isnt what this is supposed to be about is it?

Keep going everyone .. less than 4 weeks to go!
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GoingGoal: Well at least you found out what didn't work for you. So it wasn't an experience wasted. And good for you for having a positive attitude about it!

I found that eating a filling snack before eating the Thanksgiving meal helped stop me from overeating. That and limiting myself to one plate. Fortunately there was no dessert served although I would have limited myself to one piece of pie if it were.

The worst thing I used to do was eat a holiday meal after basically fasting for most of the day. And fortunately both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day land on weekdays (aka exercise days) so that helped limit the damage as well.

The only problem with exercise is that I have to arrange to do it earlier than usual because of the meal. I like getting it out of the way early so that if something comes up, I won't skip working out. Although things like doing the dishes can count as exercise as well.

Nightkatt: Congratulations on making your Christmas goal!

It takes me forever to see the scale shift because for some reason my body likes to shed weight in spurts rather than on a regular basis.
Sunday night I found some old college clothes that I had packed away and hadn't worn in years. And I actually managed to fit my ample rear into a pair of medium sized pants! Not only that ,but they fit correctly. I knew that my large sweatpants were a bit loose, but it's good to know that I seem to be losing off of my hips. FINALLY.

I also have "new" shirts and pajamas to wear.
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So happy to be me :)
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Zorak- Scale victories are nice, but fitting into old clothes is the BEST. Congrats!

Nightkatt- Phew, look at you lose! Way to go! 40 pounds is phenomenal. I have a confession to make... sometimes I follow you over to the 300+ numbered threads, since you gals are so active and fun! I love listening in on your conversations, since you ladies are all so supportive of one another and invested in one another's journeys.

GoingGoal- Try not to beat yourself up! Part of that 4 lbs might be bloating, anyway. If you are back on track now, that is really what counts. Look how far you have come! You are doing great!

As for me- I actually lost 1 pound this week. It's a little bit of a miracle. Last week I didn't lose anything. I ate two BIG thanksgivings, so one pound over the course of these two weeks is all right. I am back on plan, sticking to my points every day. My daily points allowance is going to be going down in one pound. Well, that is if they don't change all that with this new program WW is doing. Anyway! Enough rambling.

Thought for the day- Try to enjoy the process. We get to look with eager anticipation as we drop the next pound or see our body look a little different. This is a fascinating time in our lives!
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