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Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 734

S/C/G: 186/ticker/135

Height: 5' 5.5


SW (July 31): 172
GW: 165

August 1: 171
August 2: 171
August 3: 171
August 4: 170.2
August 5: 170.0
August 6: 169.8
August 7: 168.8
August 8: 168.4
August 9: 169.8
August 10: 169.8
August 11: 169.6
August 12: 169.0
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Location: PA
Posts: 279

S/C/G: 183/160/148

Height: 5'6"


Start weight- 171.1
Goal weight- 165

Aug 1- 171.1
Aug 2- 171.2 (+.1) TOM
Aug 3- 172.8 (+.6)
Aug 4- 172.8 (.0)
Aug 5- 172.5 (-.3)
Aug 6- 171.9 (-.6)
Aug 7- 170.8 (-1.1)
Aug 8- 170.0 (-.8)
Aug 9- 171.2 (+1.2)
Aug 10- 171.2. (0)
Aug 11- 171.8 (+.6)

I had a really bad weekend! Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary on Saturday with a yummy dinner and I didn't even try to hold back. Then on Sunday I decided to go to church for the first time since my biological father and grandmother passed away in March/April. We sang that hymn "How great thou art" and I lost it and stood there sobbing. I went to church by myself so at least my kids and DH didn't see me, but it was embarrassing. Later that day I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. I'm a huge emotional eater!

Today is a new day and I need to find my focus. I'm off work and my step-dad and mom are taking my kids for some quality time. I'm going to try to use this free time for 1) a nice long hard workout 2) meal planning 3) grocery shopping. My kids go back to school in 2 weeks so we are starting to set bedtimes and routines back in place tonight. That means I have to get my act together too, before all heck breaks loose with sports/school events.

Tuscany, another loss! Wahoo! Are you following a particular eating plan?

Wolfgirl, way to stay on track while traveling! You're doing super!

Pixi, great job on the 2 mile run!

Joy and Sum, I'm right where you are. I think we can still shake up the rest of this month if we refocus. Good luck!

Leah, August has been a great month for you, so far! Great job!

Jacqui, love your adorable cat!

Turtle, looks like the scale is going the right way!

Welcome Decapulet and Southernbelle!!

Have a great day!
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S/C/G: 295/see ticker/150

Height: 5'9


Up more today, all I can do is keep reminding myself that even the day we ate out I was within maintence so I have to be paitent for my body to flush out. By the time that happens it'll be the weekend and we have plans to go out on fri or sat to celebrate DH's new job with part of his first check. *headdesk* After that I really need to break the habit of us picking up fast food 2 or 3 times a week. Even when it is 100% OP it messes with my weigh ins which messes with my head lol

8/1: 251.4
8/2: 250.6
8/3: 250.2
8/4: 251.4
8/5: 251.6
8/6: 250.6
8/7: 249.4
8/8: 251.6
8/9: 249.4
8/10: 250.6
8/11: 252.2
8/12: 253.0
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Green Tomatoes
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Height: 5'9"


Finally a down turn -- and that's with soy sauce in last night's supper. I pulled out my kitchen scale yesterday and that helped me keep the serving sizes down a little, so I'm going to keep doing that.

SW: 79.6kgs
CW: 79.6 (-0.4)
GW: 78
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Days Go By So Quickly
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S/C/G: 194.4/174.2/160

Height: 5'6"


Hi All!!!

This weekend was FANTASTIC! Eating wise, not to much. So on Saturday we did some yard work and did some house work before my fiancée decided to make an AMAZING crab lunch with lobster bisque. So I deemed Saturday a cheat day. Then we went to go have a late dinner with a few friends of ours at Buffalo Wild Wings. Still, I got a salad. THEN me and my fiancée and shared and ice cream. Oh yeah, bad day for eating, great day for socializing. Its like a mathematical formula:

Great Socialization = Bad Food Decisions/Day
Great Food Decisions/Day = Moderate-Low Socialization

Anyway, yesterday we went to the beach. I packed myself tuna and celery and blueberries. Then we came back an bad a BBQ. I had a smart dog. two shots of vodka, some pasta salad and a 1/2 a chicken ad a slice of watermelon sherbet.

So when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was not expecting it to still read 179.2!!!! I almost fell over!! How could I jump from 176.2 to 179.2?? Im kind of upset because I wanted to hit 175 by the 15th. But weightloss isn't linear....

8/1: 180.6
8/2: 179.6
8/6: 178.6
8/7: 177.8
8/10: 176.2
8/12: 179.2

@ Jacqui_D :
You kitty is SO cute! I wake up every morning to my kitty meowing & rolling around. And when I'm home I HAVE to pay attention to him or he starts trying to climb my leg (he cant jump because he had a neurological disorder)

@ Tuscany:
WTG on your loss! Your going in the right direction!!

@ lene1974:
I know that feeling of a good weekend and needing to refocus. That's exactly where I am right now. Is it easier to focus on yourself while your children are in school or while they are on summer vacation?

@ Pixicat:
Dot worry, for some reason the weekends are hard on everyone it seems. Pray to the scale gods to show the results

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Location: California (southern), United States
Posts: 433

S/C/G: 175.6/173/135 & Fit

Height: 5ft8


Sw: 176
Gw: 165

8/1: 176
8/2: 175
8/3: 175
8/4: 174.4
8/5: 174
8/6: 173.6
8/7: 173
8/8: 173
8/9: 172.2
8/10: ??? (on the road)
9/11: ??? (on the road)
9/12: 171

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From Lazy to Light!
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Posts: 688

S/C/G: 215/Ticker/170

Height: 5'6"


8/1 - 163.5
8/2 - 162.5
8/3 - 162.5
8/4 - 163
8/5 - 162
8/6 - 161
8/7 - 160
8/8 - 160
8/9 - 160
8/10 - 159.5
8/11 - 159
8/12 - 158.5 <-- 5lbs down!

I'm not sure how today will go, I feel sick to my stomach and I haven't been sleeping much recently. I'll have to check if we still have some ginger tea. I know we still have ginger pills from when my parents went on a trip across Lake Superior. I'll try that but otherwise it might be a day spent curled up on the couch watching Netflix or spent on the deck in the sun reading a book. And hopefully a nap!

I think all the stress from last week has just caught up with my body and not being able to sleep hasn't helped much either.
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Never Give Up!
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Woohoo Tuscany! You are doing outstanding. Almost 5 lbs gone this month already!!! I think if I had to choose, I would like to have your scale. Having those 1/4-1/2 lb losses daily instead of a 1 lb loss every few days...It just shows that all the plugging away is actually going somewhere instead of sneaking up on you!

Daily Weighing = Patience patience patience!!!

Welcome new folks and welcome back to the vacationers!

Originally Posted by Turtle11 View Post
I might drink water with lemon today. Has anyone tried that?

bg - TOM is such a pain. I get those falling dreams too. I've discovered that the closer I eat to going to bed, the worse my dreams/nighmares get. I had something right before I went to bed with the bugs dream. I guess its just one more reason not to eat late.
That is interesting. I usually don't eat before bed, but maybe it was one of those off plan days in the past. I don't remember having any weird dreams lately so you might be on to something. Mental note.

I have been on a lemon-a-day-in-my-water ritual. I don't know if it is helping anything or not. I know that it is making my teeth sensitive and my lips chapped. LOL There are supposed to be some health benefits to it from what I have read. Not sure how much of that is true. Good Vitamin C and potassium for sure. I didn't notice a big difference with it helping the water weight on TOM since I generally lose it on the 3rd day and that was the same thing that happened this time. I'm debating on buying another bag when these run is a nice change from just regular water all the time.

Originally Posted by Jacqui_D View Post
Thanks bg! I think my secret is luck, lol!

I did not weigh myself today. We got up really early to travel (I'm back home now) and the exercise room with the scale was locked at that time. I am going to try to stay off the scale tomorrow since today is cheat day, but I find it really hard to keep away from the scale. It never upsets me if it reads more or stays the same since I figure it is all a part of the journey downward, so I don't know what the big deal is, why I feel so compelled to know my daily weight, but I can't seem to stay away from that dang little numbered thing, lol!
I think it is YOU, not luck girlfriend! Great attitude and I hear you on the daily weighing. I look crazy in the morning moving my scale to different tiles expecting different numbers.

Have a great week everyone and hang in there! We are worth it!!!

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Never Give Up!
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Posts: 122


WTG Wolf and Leah! Y'all are doing fantastic!!!
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Posts: 4,508

S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Sum, the scale is moving downward, good for you!

Wolf Congrats on the weight loss and the decision to get your learner's permit!

Tuscany, look at you go! It's fun to watch your progress!

Turtle, good job! Keep it going!

Lene, bless your heart! I'm so proud of you for setting your mind today on getting back on track. And Happy Anniversary!

Pixikat, hang in there, girlie! And congrats on DH's new job!

Joy, woohoo! Glad to see you're losing again!

Bleu, don't get nervous about the weight gain after a cheat day. You could not possibly have eaten enough to gain 3 lbs! It's just water weight, probably due to sodium. It will be gone before you know it! And my kitty likes to wake me up in the morning too, usually with loud meowing and whiskers in my face, saying, "Feed me, feed me!" Lol!

Leah, wow! 5 lbs down?! Fantastic! Oh, but I hope you start feeling better soon and that your sleep pattern straightens out. You've had a lot going on lately.

Bg, you just made me laugh out loud! I do that scale trick too, not that it ever changes, lol!

I've lost that cheat day pound and am back down to 200, so YAY!

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Location: Ontario, Canada
Posts: 1,154

S/C/G: 200/170/130

Height: 5' 5"


A small (0.25 lb) gain this morning...perhaps because it's the unlucky 13th.

Aug 1: 157.25
Aug 2: 156.75 (-0.50)
Aug 3: 156.00 (-0.75)
Aug 4: 155.25 (-0.75)
Aug 5: 154.50 (-0.75)
Aug 6: 154.50 (0.00)
Aug 7: 154.25 (-0.25)
Aug 8: 154.50 (+0.25)
Aug 9: 154.00 (-0.50)
Aug 10: 153.25 (-0.75)
Aug 11: 152.75 (-0.50)
Aug 12: 152.50 (-0.25)
Aug 13: 152.75 (+0.25)

GW: 149.00

Turtle: Congrats on another loss!

Lene: A belated Happy Anniversary, but I'm sorry to hear you were so upset by the recent passing of your father and grandmother. Don't be too hard on yourself…the weekend is past and you'll be back on track before you know it. As for my eating plan: no formal diet, but I'm on a very strict calorie count (1,200-1,300), no refined carbs/starches, high protein and otherwise healthy foods. So, lots of salmon/chicken, salads, veggies, fruit...and so far NO cheating (although that will change when I'm in Europe in September).

Jacqui: Way to go! I have my fingers crossed that you'll be in ONE-derland very soon!!

BleuMaus: I agree with Jacqui…the 3 lbs is not fat gain, it's just water weight. Just get back OP and the scales will co-operate soon.

Pixi: Yep…I think you'll do better if you skip the fast food...unless the fast food is for DH and you're just having a salad. But even then, you can probably make a much better salad yourself at home!

Gardener: Let's hope the kitchen scale does the trick.

Leah: Great weight loss trend, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

bg124: LOL…I think my more stable weight trend is a result of my age, not my scales. I no longer worry about TOM…so, I don't get too many fluctuations from being bloated every month.

wolfgirl: Congrats on losing while on your mini-vacation…great result!
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S/C/G: 300/198/150

Height: 5'5


O0o0o0oh, this will be fun and motivating. Looks like everyone is doing a good job Im kinda down now though cause I overate last night wondering what my weight will be, hmmmm. Lol. Well to everyone and

8/13/13~198 lbs
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Fall 7 times, stand up 8
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Texas
Posts: 226

S/C/G: 248/tracker/158

Height: 5'7"


Aug. 3 - 216.6
Aug. 4 - 216 (-.6)
Aug 5 - 215.2 (-.8)
Aug 6 - 214.2 (-1.0)
Aug 7 - 213.8 (-.4)
Aug 8 - 215 (+1.2) No explanation for this other than high sodium?
Aug 9 - 215.2
Aug 10- 214.2
Aug 11- 214.4
Aug 12- 213.2
Aug 13- 213.4 I'm really struggling right now and I don't know why??? Eating around 1000-1200 cal. per day and working out at the gym and weight up a lb., down a lb., up and down....basically "stuck"!

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Green Tomatoes
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Height: 5'9"


Whoosh! I hope to lose again tomorrow -- it would be so great to see a number under 79! I have a meal plan (with weights for my kitchen scale) and an exercise plan for today.

SW: 79.6kgs
CW: 79.05 (-0.55)
GW: 78

cincorn: you're doing great -- down 3 pounds for the month! It's the long-term trend that counts. I put my daily weights in a spreadsheet so I can better see the long-term trend when the daily jitters get me down.
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Days Go By So Quickly
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S/C/G: 194.4/174.2/160

Height: 5'6"


Thanks guys for the support

I'm loosing motivation...

This morning I stepped on the scale, it said 179.0...

And then, my TOM started....

I went to the gym but I'm getting so frustrated! The last few days have been upsetting, but with eating all that salty food and my TOM... water retention... ugh....

8/1: 180.6
8/2: 179.6
8/6: 178.6
8/7: 177.8
8/10: 176.2
8/12: 179.2
8/13: 179.0
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