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Lightbulb 14-Day Challenge

This is a version of the old 21 day challenge, declaring a healthy weight management and/or fitness challenge for oneself.

I am trying to eat better and avoid binges and lose 18 pounds of extra weight I don't want to hang 'round !!! Woot!

I just finished a 21 day challenge on another board. I get kind of fantasy like in my descriptions of my personal challenges so shall put my own challenge post in a different one. But basically this is just declaring a healthy weight management and/or fitness goal an individual wishes to do daily and posting it and reporting back sometimes and unlike in the conventional 21 day challenge one finds on boards, no one has to start their count over (unless that is one of their rules, of course ).

So my post will follow. I am calling self Tess of the Hinterlands for these challenges. I motivate self with fantasy so no one needs to worry 'cause I'm ok dokey! Woot!

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This is what I posted in a blog I have:

Starting a 14 day challenge, which I more colorfully described in the blog.


I am using the setting up of this challenge as my finishment of the 21 day one as I don't want to wait until Tuesday and I am on Day 1 of 14.

Here is what I put in my blog:

Tess of the Hinterlands did this mornin' reach the rank of completer of the 21 day challenge, even though the 21st day just dawned a few days ago. She declared a successful challenge when she decided to do another version of the 21 Day Challenge Sane Eating and Fitness Initiative With a Goal to Lose more wee extra pounds.

She decided a 14 day time frame for a challenge would work better for her and when she asked some Hinterland elders (elder than her) if there was a 14 Day Challenge Sect around the Hinterlands anywhere, they said to jog on over to the east side of Challenge Town as there was a neighborhood there where folks were fond o' doing 14 day challenges.

So anyhoo, Tess did go on over and she did make some friends at the local 14 day challenge pub and did eventually sign on for her challenge and take a room at the inn.

Tess' challenge is thus:

WHEREAS it would be good to eat a sane amount of calories with the goal to lose a few extra pounds and to feel better and eliminate some calories that do not need to be eaten, Tess has declared that for 14 days, this being Day 1, she will aim for a calorie count no higher than 1900.

WHEREAS the true goal of Tess is to keep the calorie count even lower than that but not too low, she states that the 1900 is the high end and she will aim at a weekly average that is lower but is under no obligation to do so under the terms of this challenge contract.

WHEREAS those in the Hinterland are sometimes subject to eating more than planned, Tess states that she wishes to have one day per each seven (e.g., once a week) where she eats as high as she wishes, but she is under no obligation to do so, and that is legal under the terms of this challenge contract.

WHEREAS if a glitch occurs in the plan and there are more than one higher than 1900 days per week, Tess will NOT restart the count, she will just call it a glitch in the system and vow that if she tried hard, it was a legal day under the terms of this contract and she will continue the count to 14 days.


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