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Congratulations KNEED! Looking foward to seeing those pictures.

WELCOME Shellfish and Rated! This is a great place to come for motivation!!!

Kendra I love taking online courses. You are almost at GOAL!!! How cool is that?!?

Chesire - Welcome back! I love being at the beach.

Datagirl - GREAT loss this week!!! Sounds like you have a good plan for your out of town trip.

MadamB - How did the rest of your trip go? Sounds like you are having fun...even while soaking wet.

Celrae I will think of you doing the Warrior Dash while I do my 1/2 that day. WE CAN DO IT!

Sarge - 17.39 per mile. It is so embarassing.
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I have learned my lesson. It took me over an hour to catch up. I’m just really glad boot camp #6 was still readable.
Look what happens when you don’t go online for 3 days. I missed sooooooooooooo much,

Sarge wanting my a** to be smaller and standing on privates…
Woosh fairies, food retention, pants on the ground, Butt-ercups and Sarati and Courtney: fellow popcorn lovers.
Courtney – Sorry I dropped off the board. I will absolutely be your 100 lb buddy. We all need a buddy. Have a great anniversary!!! Here’s a challenge for you,
“You and Me – A cheat free week”! What do you say? Let’s do it buddy!

Chickadee – Soooooo sorry! But I’m glad you told us so we can give you support. Hope your reading the board even if your not posting. We’re here for you.
And Newbies. Your gonna love it here.
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Sarge: lol, you nooticed that too. umm yea that would be Batmans "utility" belt lol.

goal..loose 100lbs before my wedding 10/11/12

start weight: 232 6/8/11
current weight :yesterday 228 (day after my carb load day required ever friday) today 225
goal weight :135

sick yesterday and today so no work outs

2lbs loss this week
100 protein
1200 cal
zero sugar zero caffine zero fruit zero carb (unless slow carb from veg/meat)
start recording the miles ridden on the mnt bike
start process towards running ..walk on treadmill
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Sarge - I didn't lose 5 Lbs this week. Hope the platoon doesn't fall short because of me.


Lose 3 lbs, an inch off my waist and hips..... and my pants are baggy. ( Soon to be pants on the grond )

I will pledge 3 lbs and a cheat free week
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Congrats all so far...will catch up later but trying to keep the board current:

PLEDGES WEEK 6/12-6/18

Sarge = 1 /// (-1.5)
Chesh = 1 /// (+2)
Dcap = 2 /// -0-
Kendrab = 2 /// (-2.6)
Envelope = 3.4 /// (-3)
K3 = 1 /// (-.5)
Courtney = 2 /// (+2.4)
MadamB = 1 /// -0-
Pokey = 1 /// (-2)
Peanutt = 1 /// (.4)
Celrae = 1 /// (-1.1)
Kneed = 2 /// (+2.2)
Bnthla = 2 /// (-3.5)
Jeanetty = 5 /// (-3)
Reso = 2 /// -0-

New Recruits:
Sarati = 1.5 /// (-1.0)
Datagirl = 2 /// (-5)
rmc = 3 /// (-2)
Josey = joined us 6/15 /// (-2)


Maintainers & "Others"

PLEDGES WEEK 6/19 - 6/26

Sarge = .5
Peanutt = 1
Courtney = 2
Kendrab = 2.8
Envelope = 2
Jeanettey = 3 & Cheat free week vs. Courtney
Cheshire = 2
Sarati = 1.5 & up mileage
DataGirl = 2
Celrae = 1 & 5 Booze Free days
RMC = 2
Bnh = 2
Pokey = 1
Kneed = 2
K3= 1
DCap = 2
MadamB = 2

Newbies Privates:

Josey = 2
Dumplin = 2 + miles + cheat free
Me1st = 2
Rated = 2.5
Shellfish = 3
Kris = 2 + miles + yoga


Long & Short term goals:

Girlfrom vs. Pokey in a one on one race to 140lbs!
ROUND 1 to Pokey! Unless Girlfrom resurfaces, Pokey has landed a knock-out punch!

100 lb. goal buddies: Courtney, Jeanettey, Me1st

Kris vs. Rated in smack down stay on track week by week. Must register a loss each week!


Follow our progress at:

Sarge (41.81 /288.13), X
Pokey (37 /132.5),
Kneed (15.2 / 52.70),
Celrae (25.97 / 92.62),
K3 (15 / 59.5),
Kendrab (13.6 / 73.5), X
Chickadee (14.9 / 41.9),
Reso (88.1 /368.9), X
Cheshire (24 / 107),
MadamB (120.1 /285),
Yoyo (25/ 67),
Sizzlin (18),
Primm (1.7),
Peanutt (15.5/54.7), X
Bnhtla (18 / 67),
Tmil (6)
L3 (just joining)
Envelope (11.25 / 56.25) X
Courtney (3.6 / 8.45) X
Sarati (17.56 / 17.56)
Data Girl (32 / 32)
Josey (6 / 6 )
Rmc = (22 / 22)

BL Summer Challengers
Red Team: Peanutt, Pokey, Dreamer, Celrae, Kendrab, Kneed, K3, Courtney, Girlfrom, Kris, Rated
Blue Team: Bnhtla,

Peanutt -- 5K / 6/26, & 10K in September!
Pokey -- 5K / July 4th
Madam B -- Warrior Dash / 7/23
Kneed -- Warrior Dash / 6/18 --- GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!
Envelope--5K (7/2), 1/2 Marathon (9/10), 10K (9/25), 10miler (10/22)
Tmil -- Warrior Dash / October

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New recruit here. I'd like to challenge other newbie Rated to stay on track, move on down the scale with me and to get fit. I'm also Red Team on BL

My pledge this week is 2 pounds.
My miles pledge is 21.
And yoga daily for my back.
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Lost: 2 pounds exactly!
Pledge : 1
Miles 37
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Height: 5'4

Default My Pledge to start my journey to Onderland !

Thank You Sarge for accepting me !

I Pledge
*to lose 2lbs. this week
*to walk 20 miles
*to have a no cheat week
*to drink more water daily

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I was down to 202.4 this morning, which makes for a total loss of two pounds even this week. Can I say it's about time?! With the weight sticking so badly, I was contemplating which building to fling myself off of lately.

I also had an NSV - clocked a 12:04 mile, followed by my second mile at 13:34. So that was exciting for me too - especially since the first mile I did ever many weeks ago was 22+ minutes. Hooray for progress!

Welcome to all the Newbies!

Cheshire - glad you're back! The beach sounds fantastic!

MadamB - yes, FINALLY. Let's hope the scale keeps moving for the both of us. Nothing has been more frustrating than working my BUTT-er off and not seeing movement on the scale. I lost BBB too, though!!!

Jeanetty - I'm ALL about NO PANTS around here.

Courtney - Happy anniversary!!!

Kendra - Happy belated birthday!!! And congrats on being so close to your goal weight!!!!!

Sarge - Still nothing from Girlfrom...what a bummer! I was hoping she'd resurface because having a good competition with someone each week was motivating. Still hoping though! Also, did we make it to Santaland?!?!

I'm going to head out and float in the pool for a's HOT here today, 108 degrees! Loving it!
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Hi Everyone, Back from the big trip. Sorry for the late post..
Lost - 0.5lbs
Miles - 15
Pledge - 1.0

Had an amazing time. I will try to catch up on the rest of everyones week. You guys have been super busy. I have some great pictures of our hikes. Lets see if I can figure out how to post a picture
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Hmmm, no go on my first attempt at onederland, actually no go on anything this week, frankly after the uncalled for drop last week i knew it would be tough just to maintain that low, still i'm somewhat happy to stay even, perhaps if i have a good week i will see something extraordinary next weekend.

As for today spent about 5 hours helping my brother with his garage then came home and piddled around for a couple of hours, still i dug deep today and did another 10 mile walk in the rain as a last ditch attempt, really tired right now.

Congrats to everyone who has seen success this week, it doesn't come easy, every pound is hardfought and earned.

Loss 0/2
Miles 88.1
Pledge 3 and a promise to give it everything.

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Lost: +2.2
Pledge: 2
Miles :15.2
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Height: 5'2"


Kris - I definitely accept that challenge

I had a tough week last week so I am hoping some extra motivation and hard work will get me back on track. I think a really active board like this will help a lot. I noticed everyone pledging miles as well as pounds is that how many miles we plan on walking, running, swimming etc during our workouts?

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First off: Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!

So run down of the warrior dash....IT WAS CRAZY But LOTS of fun and at the same time it was a reality check and life changing!

So basically to all those who have never heard of the Warrior is a 5k full of obstacles along the way. And not just little obstacles....HUGE ones!!

My cousins and I are very close so we decided to do it together. We arrived and there were soooo many people there....every half hour there were at least 200 people starting the run. So we all started running and it was a bit harder bc im use to a treadmill and not the lumpy bumpy ground. And it was soooo hottt and humid that day!! So we would all run and take breaks here and there, and just sit together, and had a blast. we went through mossy greens, big mud puddles where i happened to lose my balance and SPLAT!...fall right in! Some of the challenges were fun...we had to run over a bunch of tires, climb over cars, crossing over tangled nets, slide down a pole, jump over a fire, and crawl through a hugeee bank! it was SOO CRAZY!!!

Now most of my cousins are in shape and were able to do everything. I got to an obstacle where there was a huge slanted wall and you had to climb up it using a rope and swing yourself over and climb down....i got to the top and could not make it over, i tired to pull my body up but could not get over. i had to go back and walk around it because i couldnt make it over...while walking around it...i just started crying...yea it may have been just a random obstacle/race but for me it felt like another thing to add to my list of "things I cant do" it was felt like every time i try to start something or lose weight...i get to the point where im motivated and i can....but then i just cant push myself and fail. It felt like i failed...yet again. I obviously cried and push through the rest of the challenges and by the end of it i told myself that by next year, Im going to be fit enough to do every obstacle. I finished the was fun, motivational, and an interesting experience.

Im uploading a photo for the very first time on this site!

its a before and after picture of all the cousins!
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Height: 5'11"


Kneed -- The photos are AWESOME!!! Congrats on completing the are a WARRIOR! I can't even believe you considered that one obstacle a fail...not signing up for the dash, not showing for the dash, not making changes and trying something new in your life...that's FAIL!

Welcome Kris!!!! Sarge is glad to have you!

Rated--Way to accept the challenge. I know people are pledging lots of things but Sarge really just keeps track of pounds pledged and miles trekked each week (and you don't need to pledge miles). We're trekking across America and we've made it from Delaware to Illinois so far. If you put any sort of miles in during the week just let me know on Sundays and I'll add them into our grand total.

Reso--We'll carry the party supplies with us to the next problem. We know you're gonna get to Onederland soon!

K3 + Chesh---Welcome back!

Pokey--Great progress this week. Great loss & what a NSV! 22 to 12:04 per minute mile. Unbelievable!

Dumplin--Wow...look how much you've already lost...81lbs! We'll glady walk you to Onederland!

Jeanetty--Happy you and Courtney will be duking it out!

MeFirst--Ummmm Batman's "utility belt" close up? So that's what we're calling it now...


Board update: Ok troops, with only two people yet to check in (but I know they will), we are 12+ pounds short of goal. This is kind of a bummer since we'd hit 100% for the last three or four weeks. However, here's a few positives:

--we didn't lose any platoon members this week!
--we gained a bunch of new recruits!
--as soon as we finish puking on the rides at Santaland (Indiana) we've gathered enough miles to practically blow through Illinois and camp next at the Missouri boarder.
--AND, we had a couple of really big losers this week...scroll up and look at some of those losses!


And finally, with so many new recruits perhaps it's time to briefly introduce/reintroduce ourselves to one another.

Sarge--55 years old anal retentive control freak. I found my way to 3FC because I had become fat and lazy over the last few years. I've lost 60 so far but almost quit earlier in March. Rainbow and a few others from the BL Challenge stopped me quitting and with their encouragement I started this thread to have fun and work hard! Since starting this thread mid-March it's been a blast hanging with you all every day!

But tomorrow Sarge is gonna start cracking the whip again!!!! We gotta make up for the 12 pound shortfall!

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