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Jacque ~ Progress pics...ya! I'd love to see em.

Oh and I saw yours Tummygirl in the progress pics for the 100club! Looking good girlfriend.
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Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
Jacque ~ Progress pics...ya! I'd love to see em.
I'm working on it...gotta find some old photos of me. Usually I am the one who takes the photos or when I let someone take my pic, I hide behind someone else in the photo. Maybe I will put on one of the new bikinis for my BF this weekend and he can take my pic. Rut Ro!!!! That would be so far out of my comfort zone.
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Default June Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)

Weight Loss goals are in this list. Exercise goals are in the sister thread--June Exercise Challenge: If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed or edited in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Lose 6-7 lbs
Delphi: Lose 10 lbs; keep a 1000-calorie deficit 6 days a week; eat at least 1200 calories everyday
Blondie: Lose 10 lbs (?)
Jacqui_D: Lose 10 lbs to reach 177 lbs; eat breakfast within 30 min of waking up; eat at least 4 out of 6 times a day, not missing more than 1 full meal a day; do not miss eating any 2 times consecutively
VickieLou: Lose 12.5 lbs to reach ONEderland
Gatorgirl6: Lose 10 lbs; stay OP 6 days a week; drink more water
Crazymamaof4: Lose 5 lbs to reach 166.4 lbs; lose inches; stay OP at least 85% of the time; eat more fruits and veggies; try at least one new recipe a week
Lene1974: Lose 5 lbs; take a vitamin daily
JasonsLea: Lose 10 lbs; apply for at least 10 jobs; set a bed/wake-up time
Wifey: Lose 11 lbs to reach ONEderland
Ja23: Lose 8 lbs
LaurenA: Lose 8 lbs
Susiemartin: Lose 10 lbs
Glutio: Lose 10 lbs
Biju: Lose 8-10 lbs to reach 125-123 lbs
Jacque9999: Lose 4 lbs--MET GOAL!!; lose inches
Squeeze: Lose 10 lbs
Babes315: Lose 5 lbs by June 11th; reach 175 lbs by the end of June
WormwoodDoll: Lose 10 lbs
Hattie22: Lose 7 lbs
Blondie32: Lose 10 lbs
Michelle0630: Lose 5+ lbs to reach the 140s
Plexi: Lose 10 lbs to reach 159 lbs
NewShinyMe: Stay OP 6 days a week; reach the 160s
Wistfulgirl: Lose 7 lbs
Nellonello: Lose 8 lbs; keep a Sensewear calorie deficit of 1000 calories per day
100percentME: Lose 9 lbs to reach 130 lbs
Dragonfly: Lose 10 lbs/4.5 kg
Fattopia: Become a Size 20
Lookingtobehealthy: Lose 8-10 lbs
Kswood87: Lose 8-10 lbs to reach at least 179 lbs
Leigh: To reach 211.6 (20 lbs down goal)-209 lbs (10 % goal)
AtlGirl: Stay OP; lose 11 lbs
Tummy_Girl: Lose 12 lbs
Tracy: Lose 10 lbs
Ladyfyre: Lose 12 lbs
Sheena41: Lose 3 lbs
Mizmizzy: Lose 12 lbs
SupaChix: Breawna: Lose 8 lbs
SupaChix: Jodi: Lose 6 lbs
HisSweetGypsyRose: Lose 8 lbs
Mtphotochick: Lose 10 lbs
Janis427: Lose 10 lbs
Dollypie: Lose 10 lbs
Odysseygurl: Lose 12 lbs
Lewisempire: Lose 10 lbs
Urockmom: Lose 6.5 lbs
Lowandfat: Maintain weight loss (?)
Ms_Perception: Reach 161 lbs
Abielle: Lose 10 lbs
Canadianangel: Wear size 14 pants
Couch: Lose 4.2 kg, (9.2 lb) to reach 99.9 kg (219.8 lb)
RubyJan: Stay on Atkins' induction
Bahecasmart: Lose 10 lbs
Gekster: Lose 10.7 lbs
Saramommy: Lose 8 lbs to reach 147 lbs
Velveteen: Reach 85 kg or less
Iaradajnos: Go to most successful calorie restriction of 1300; reach highest weight within "healthy" weight range on BMI chart by June 18
SuzyQ: Lose 5 lbs
Econ_nerd: Lose 10 lbs to reach 234.6 lbs
Dandk0204: Lose 20 lbs
Tamikazie: Lose 6 lbs
Naf1008: Reach the 160s
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Originally Posted by crazymamaof4 View Post
Jacqui~ I'm glad to see you posting hun! Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I'm glad to hear that you're not worrying about going OP and it sounds like you have reached a huge milestone! You've gotten over that 'ruining your diet' mentality! I am very proud of you! You're absolutely right too, this is a life journey and not only will we not travel it perfectly, but sometimes we're just going to have to stop and let loose once in a while! Hope this gives your metabolism the jump start it needs to get back into the losing mode.
CMof4, thank you! Yes, the milestone is actually getting over my "all or nothing" thinking when it comes to the issue of weight loss, thinking that if I can't do it perfectly, I might as well not do it at all. Also, this is the first time that I've thought of weight loss as a long-term thing, over the course of the next year, instead of something I had to do as quickly as possible. Of course, that may seem contradictory to the idea that I am involved in a monthly weight loss challenge in which I keep putting 10 lbs as my goal! But as we know, the challenge is just something fun to use for motivation. It's certainly nothing to get upset about not meeting (which is especially good for me since I never meet it, lol.)

Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
Jacqui ~ See this is why you will see goal. I have to commend you. With all you are dealing with at the moment, you still have this unwavering support of yourself and your dedication to your commitment is simply amazing. Regardless of circumstance you still remain steadfast in your beliefs, and your outlook couldn't be any better. Bravo Jacqui! Bravo!
Delphi, thank you also! I just know that I don't want to live my life always worrying about my health or being embarrassed about my appearance, so I don't plan to stop. As far as I'm concerned, I can't "go back," because there is nothing to go back to. There is only "go forward."

Originally Posted by Jacque9999 View Post
Ya know I went off plan a little this weekend as well, actually I do every weekend but this weekend was a little more then usual...Anyway, ya know what, I didn't beat myself up about it. I actually enjoyed it and know that by the time I weigh on Friday, if I gained, it will be gone by then. So Jacqui, try not to weigh everyday...because you know you will see gains/losses everyday!!!
Joci, once a week weigh-ins actually sound like a great idea. I've gone a day or two between stepping on the scale, but I may have to work my way up to only once a week! My fear is that I would stay OP and exercise all week, thinking I had lost, and then see no change or even worse, see an upward fluctuation on that day and be totally discouraged by it. At least this way, I can see how the scale moves up and down each day and it doesn't bother me too much. But I will admit that the last week of no weight loss at all, every single day, was discouraging, so once a week is sounding like a better idea all the time!
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Hiya girlies!! Happy Monday Morning to you all!! Are we ready for another fantastic week? I know I am!

Shari~ geez, sounds like pure torture what you went through yesterday! I hate the heat too! Living in Nor Cal all my life I was used to it and I'm glad we moved! I hated going from 50's to 90's in a week! Now, having said that, I'm a big fan of humidity either so moving here sometimes has it's drawbacks. Oh well...Be sure to drink lots and lots of water today! Sounds to me like you had heat exhaustion yesterday and I'm sure dehydration was a factor in your headache as well. So stay out of the heat today if you can and drink that H2O!!

MasterDelphi~ Dang that Darth Scale!! Don't fret too much, remember, TOM takes a while to take all of his water retention with him! Not sure about the Diet Coke--I mean, my first thought was 'yeah, I bet it has a ton of sodium' but having just Googled it, it doesn't. So I dunno. Did you happen to read the article someone posted on weight fluctuations? Don't sweat it hun, perhaps you're having a high muscle building week! Have you taken your measurements lately?

Jacque~ Oooh, pictures! I do hope you'll take some, I love to see progress pics and before and after pics!! Do it, do it, do it!! Hee hee, don't ya love peer pressure?

Jacqui~ you and I are so alike! I am the same way with the scale. I tend to get defeated if, after waiting all week thinking I was losing, I see no change--or worse yet--a gain at the end of the week. Weighing in every day just helps to keep me in check and motivated. I do think I want to try not weighing for a week--just to see if I can do it. Maybe that'll be one of my July goals?

Well ladies, it's supposed to be 81 today and I have tons of planting to do today. I am hoping and praying it won't be as humid today as it was yesterday! Man alive it was crazy hot and icky yesterday! I got sunburned too and to add insult to injury I think I have a couple of mosquito bites on my sunburn Ah well...

Weighed in at 166.6 again today, but after working out was 166.2--I'm not counting that, but it gives me hope that I'll see 166.4 tomorrow. The back of my legs are nice and sore today! I think it's from my lower body st'ing on Saturday. I did dead lifts instead of plie type exercises and at the time I didn't feel it, but today...yeah, I'm feelin' it.

Not sure if TOM is still hanging around or not. I seriously can't count that guy out until a full week has passed. And what with my 'advanced age' or whatever, my cycles are a mystery lately anyway. Remind me again why we need to bother with TOM after we're all done having kids? Sheesh!

Okay girls, well you go out there and have a WONDERFUL day! You be good to yourselves and like MasterDelphi said, remember that you are soooo worth it! And of course, don't forget to...

Drink Your Water!!
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Good Morning All!
We're half way through June already!

Today I'm beginning some free weight training.
I'm starting real slow so the habit will become a part of my life. Going to start with my arms since it's tank top weather.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week
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Susie~ heya! Have fun with the free weights! They're addicting! Have a great day!
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Okay I did not make it to the gym today, I have a sinus infection and feel horrible. It is never fun being sick especially in the summer when it is a 100 degrees outside, I just feel miserable!
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Back at it...again!
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After a wonderful (but slightly off plan)'s back to real life. I did see a .5 pound gain from the festivities, but no worries. I am sure to scare that and more away this week with my good food choices and activity. I have little to distract me this week, so I hope to see good progress. Next week is another story...but I'll talk about that later.

Sorry to hear your sick, dollypie. It does seem worse in the summer when everyone's out and more active to be laid up with something.

Good luck with the weights, susie. It's smart of you to add it gradually so you can make it permanent. I need to do more weight work, but it's not do-able at this moment. My weights aren't here and I have no where to put them here. I just use smaller handweights with other exercises to work it in for now.

Jacqui, good to hear your wisdom of the weighing and making this a lifetime thing. I'm a daily weigher, and like you, I expect some minor fluctuations but a general downward trend. In March I think was when I hit a major standstill. I was staying OP and tracking all my food, exercising daily but saw NO movement on the scale. It took some doing, but I finally found my groove (what worked for me) after that. I have not hit another standstill like that since. I don't move fast, but I keep moving. I'm sure it'll happen to me again and I'll fidget with things again to find a new groove, but that's part of the adventure I guess! I wonder what it's like when a person gets the maintenance stage? I plan to find out...someday!
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Another Monday, another weigh in. I'm down to 101.7kg (223.7lb), which is a loss of 2.4kg (5.3lb) this month, and I'm slowly getting closer to the magic 100kg mark.

I stopped tracking my calories over the weekend, which generally spells disaster, but it actually wasn't that bad, apart from the saturday night when I vacuumed up a bowl of lollies without thinking. I am no good when I'm within easy reach of nibbles. No good at all.
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Default Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a super weekend and can't wait to see how all you Monday weighers are doing.

Nellon - I think TOM needs to die, he is aggravating everyone and he never leaves when he's supposed to. Good job on the walk, holy that's fantastic!

Delphi - Thanks for the article, some of the others on that site were really interesting as well. I thought the diet and metabolism was great and a must read for those of us that have a hard time getting all our calories, it's a nice reminder how you just have to do it anyway. I've never had an issue with the diet cokes before bed or otherwise. The other time I lost a lot of weight I drank those things more than water and still lost 53lbs. I will send positive scale vibes to you, I managed to not step on the scale for four days in May, it was really hard, I empathize. And thanks, I'm bringing the sexy now.

Newshinyme -

Jacqui - That's awesome, I mean we're all going to have our moments and I think the key to all this is just having the commitment to dust off and keep going. Proud of you chickie!

CMo4 - I'm with you son, not liking the blueberries in stuff, that little pokey top part is not my thing, the smell of muffins at 7am though, that's another story entirely. Cudos on the June goal (almost) and we're only in week 3

JasonsLea - Well it's too bad it was so hot or that would have been some wicked exercise, hope you're feeling better and got all those fluids back.

Jacque - Well I don't know if we get a vote but I'm gonna vote for bikini picture this week, anyone else?!?

Susie - good luck with the weights, it's awesome, I love a good excuse to grunt and lift heavy things. You'll be rocking those tank tops in no time.

Dolly - hang in there chickie and get better.

Took those pics yesterday and they were awesome, it's so nice not being all lumpy anymore. Workouts done and it was rather cool to run for 30 minutes and have it not be too hard until maybe the last 5 minutes or so when I started wishing for death a little. It's amazing how fast our bodies get used to this exercise nonsense. And I totally did the Rocky dance on my dirt road when I finished too.

Other than that I have some food getting to do and then go out for lunch with my aunt and uncle who are up from Flordia who I haven't seen in 22 years. It's a long story (actually it's not long, it's just boring so I won't share.) It will be nice to see them and for them to meet dh and dd.

I'm feeling you ladies in the heat, I am not meant for that humid world, we're hot here but dry so at least I can get my run in at 6am.

Have a great day!
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Thanks, everyone, for asking about the cookout! It went pretty well, and we had a lot of things provided by our friends. DH smoked chicken quarters and drummies in the smoker and then threw some burgers on the grill. Man, I didn't realize how bad the frozen patties were until last night (7 pts! without bun and stuff) DH asked me to have a piece of corn to see if they were done enough, so I had the smallest one. I snagged a few mini quiche but avoided all the chips and dips (I'm not really a fan unless I made the spinach dip of doooooom). We used a lot of leftover plates and things from the wedding last year, so the plates were TINY. I had a burger with a wheat bun and ONE piece of cheese (I always preferred 2), about 1/4 cup potato salad, half of a drummie, and some asparagus. Mmmmm!

What really did me in was that someone brought pecan pralines! They were so small and so cute and so tasty, and I knew they were leaving with the person who brought them so I had a few too many small pieces there at the end (and I really mean small, like broken off ends) but I counted them all up to be 4. That plus the mini quiche was about 20 of the 45 pts I had for the day!!!

I also made a really good trifle with light cool whip, sugar free angel food cake, sugar free/fat free cheesecake pudding (made with 2% milk which nixed the fat free part but whatever) and strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. It was very much enjoyed by everyone and was probably the only thing that completely got finished off. I calculated it at about 2 pts per serving with 12 servings total (1500 calories for the entire punch bowl full of desert).

Mentally, I really wanted more corn and to finish off the asparagus, but I was just SOOOOO full!! I left the asparagus out to eat before the end of the night and wound up throwing it out several hours later before bed.

We had leftovers for lunch and dinner yesterday, and we have PLENTY more to choose from. My WW buddy and her b/f are coming over for leftovers for dinner tonight, too.

Unfortunately for me, the praline person left some behind, and I woke up STARVING at 5a and ate half of them! And I got munchy around 9p and had some apple salad and a WW fudgecicle last night.

The scale this morning, though, had be back at that number that I know and love -- 279. I think I'm already plateauing. The scale will ONLY read 279 or 277.5. Stupid machine.

Back to the gym today! Looking forward to hitting at least 1.25 miles and a few weight machines before official WW weigh-in.
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Hello All! I hope everyone had a fab weekend!

Soooo my first weigh in is tomorrow morning and I am keeping my fingers crossed. After the gain last week I am hoping to see a drop of any sort!
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Sensewear and WW
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Well, I went ahead and weighed in today despite TOM. Just didn't have the will power to wait another week. Good news is I lost 2.2 more pounds! Mid-June and I have lost 4 of my 8 pound goal for the month. I haven't been great about writing in my food journal so my mini-goal this week is to log all meals for the next 7 days.

My nanny is starting WW today so it will be nice to have someone to help ensure accountability with during the day.
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Good morninggggggggggggg girls! Missed you all over the weekend, nice to come in and read everyones news.

Happy new day and new start of a new week. I think we have 16 days left, yes?

Jacqueeeeee, congratulationssssss on meeting goal girl :carr ot: Great job chicky and congrats on the new swimwear too! MsP, congrats on your swimwear too girl. How was the night away with DH?

congratulations to all of you on the losses :che er3: crazymama, you are sooo close to goal, wow. Congrats on the additional loss and your new weight set! anddddddd on losing more inches too! wtg!

DollyPie, sorry to hear your not feeling well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Jacqui, your news rocks girl and I agree with crazymama and the gals, wtg chicky I honestly think that sometimes a break of that nature can be helpful in more ways than one, (whilst not going overboard of course). I am glad you got to relax and not count the calories or none of that stuff over the weekend, sounds like you had a nice time with all those events and family get together! When that happened to me and I saw I was able to eat in moderation and require much less or be satisfied with less it was really a neat feeling, a cool thing to see how things have changed and a seeing a new sense of control. Ok, I am going to go off on one of my tangents now, Congratulations once again on this milestone as our crazymama put it, it most certainly is something to be proud of

Delphi, hey you Like the new pic, your looking fantastic. Hang in there with the weight loss. When I had TOM I wasn't letting go of the fluids this time despite the water drinking but then after I got rid of it. Sometimes when I lose weight at a good clip (in past) I would have a week of maybe no loss or little loss for a bit and I saw it or thought of it as my body stabilizing the great loss I just will get moving for you again. Your really rocking your workouts and looking fantastic! I had dh put my scale away (the kitchen one which is not a good one anyways) because as you know the scale started driving me nuts and I felt the need of a break from it. Have a great day girl

Lea, good luck with your job applications. Feel better girl

MsP, wtg on that attitude. I'm not worried about you at all, lol I know your going to kick it. wtg girl!
Loving all the positive vibes and energy, keeping with the fight and journey.......we still have plenty days left too! cool! : )

Hi newshinyme, Lene, urockmom hope you had a great weekend girls. Hope you all did. Lene sounds like you have been awful busy, wtg on the food intake, etc. Keep on truckin' THe exercise! ay ay ay, same here chicky...took a few days away from it. Keep up the awesome work girls

A big hello to all of you

supachicks, how are you doing? pop in when you get the chance : )

Sorry I don't have time to respond to all, I'm basically just doing this page and going by memory from reading but I did read all of your news, as always, and I think everyone is doing great. Congrats again on the lossess. Hope to get to all of you next post. Glutio, glad you had a good time at the cookout. Susie, congrats on beginning weight training, starting slow is the way to go : ) You have a fabulous week too.

As for me, oh I had a great OP weekend and I ate a lot of fish. DH offered to take me to dinner sat. forgetting I had the fish out to cook. It was a good weekend with lot's of water and I am feeling so much better! I didn't exercise though (usually it's the other way around) but I feel good so no complaints here! I just want to say thanks to all of you for the support and inspiration I wasnt very happy that week with TOM and all and you girls really helped to pick me back up.

Saturday , we finally saw the sun after a week of yucky weather and I had my mom over and we caught some rays. Oh boy did that feel good! I put that hawaiin tropic oil on too and it's so good for my skin. Back to yucky weather today but at least this is short lived. Supposed to be nice again the rest of the week and DH is taking the day off as we are going to the ocean.

I better r un, talk more next time. Happy day girls, keep up the awesome work
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