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Talking June Bootcamp Challenge


Everyone is to join! Get ready for a tough, butt kicking , no excuses, NO WHINING month of exercise, eating right, and losing some fat!!!

Hopefully everyone has there goals/plans ready to post!

Make sure you clean out your pantry/refrigerator/freezer is free of high calorie and high fat foods that you may binge on in a moment of weakness.

Let's get ready for a GREAT MONTH!!!

#1. Plan pretty much just have a set plan (YES you can change the plan through out the challenge if it isn't working for you..) this plan can be weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Counting Calories, anything as long as you have an accountable way of watching what you eat! And keep a journal of your plan and your daily intake/accomplishments.

#2. EXERCISE Put in a minimum number of 300 minutes of exercise per week. Make sure you include strength training as well as cardio with your boot camp workouts! That muscle will burn more calories and fat....even when your sleeping

#3. Relaxation You need to include some kind of relaxation technique WEEKLY....This can be a long bubble bath, a picnic with your family, a date night, curling up to a good book, a few hours alone to yourself, or anything that you really enjoy. Your gonna be working hard! So...you will need some time to relax and rejuvinate!

#4. Water Set a goal that you KNOW you can drink for this month...each month increase that by at least 20 ounces per month.

#5. Declutter your home - This is really important because it is hard to prepare healthy meals and lead a healthy life style if the kitchen is always dirty and there isn't anywhere to even sit down and eat a meal at! www.flylady.net is a great place to get started with this! But this will be an on going thing throughout each month! Collect things you don't need anymore and have a yard sale...your gonna need all that money for a new wardrobe at the end of the summer bootcamp challenges!

#6. Pamper/Grooming - No matter what size you are.....you deserve to be treated like a queen and to look like a queen! Budgets do not matter here....you can do at home facials/manicures/pedicures/etc. with household items around kitchen/bathroom! It is a proven fact that the better we look and feel about ourselves the better care we take of ourselves! Do this weekly as well!

#7. Each month pick another area of your life to work on that isn't affiliated with weight loss...it could be working out and sticking to a budget, spiritual, organization, relationships, job/career, school, etc!

#8. Motto/Mantra - Last summer each bootcamp required everyone to pick a motto/mantra to live by for the month...it was fun and motivating to see what people could come up with...and some were truely inspiring! So we will include this also!

#9. Goals Don't forget to list all of your goals for weight/inches/etc lost....and list our goals for the month! We will weigh in weekly, and at the end of the month assess our accomplishments before moving on the the next month!

#10. REWARD Last but not least....everyone will be required to pick some kind of reward for meeting your goals at the end of the month. This will give you something to work toward!

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I'm going to be the first to post....not much is going to change so it will look very similar to May Boot Camp Challenge.

#1 Plan - Calorie Counting using "Lost It" app on my iPod Touch.

#2 Exercise - 440 minutes/week minimum workout time. These minutes include 3 days of "real" boot camp for an hour each, pilates 3x a week for 1 hour and 2 sessions of cardio) on 2 of the pilates days

#3 Relaxation - That's a hard one since I am fortunate to have time to do that often. But probably my favorite "relaxation" time is on my deck hanging with the BF!! Maybe I will take a Jacuzzi bath once a week. Didn't do the Jacuzzi in May, so I hope to do it this month!!!!

#4 Water - Two - 33.8 oz bottles of Smart Water*plus more in a cup next to my bed at night.

#5 De-clutter - Will do the yard sale 1st Sat in June....will clean drawers and closets and there still are some to take care of.

#6 Pamper - I already treat myself to either a mani every week. Maybe I will tell the BF he "has to" massage me once a week!!! He hates doing it!!

#7 Work on Meditating - I like it but never seem to do it!!!

#8 Motto - Keep going!!!!*

#9 Goals - Weight loss - 1 pound a week. And more inches!!!

#10 Reward -*Something new for my bedroom!!!
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Ready for final round!
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#1. Plan: 1,500 cal. Monday thru Saturday. 2,000 on Sunday (day of rest). Vegan, no sugar, no whiteflour diet.

#2. Excerise: 60 miles of cardio, 800 weights and crunches.

#3. Relaxation: To have lights out and be ready for bed at 8:30pm!

#4. Water: 80 fl oz. everyday.

#5. Declutter your home - Stay organizing kitchen and work on regular dusting! this is a hard chore due to fact I always overlook corners!

#6. Pamper/Grooming - Weekly total care bath.

#7. I will be completely dedicated and devoted to excerise EVERYDAY!

#8. Motto/Mantra - Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of
witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so
easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who
for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat
down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you
will not grow weary and lose heart.
(sorry long motto) Hebrews 12:1-3

#9. I currently weight 187lbs. My goal is to weigh 179lbs at end of June. So thats a loss of 8lbs. Totally doable with diligence.

#10. REWARD: $50 dollars for whatever I want.
It's on!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so glad to see the June thread started! I will post my goals and things tomorrow as I don't have time tonight. But first I wanted to share my little victory. When I started the May challenge I was walking just a half mile. My 11 yr old started pushing me to walk 1 mile. For the last week or so I have been walking TWO miles!! I am soooo happy!
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last time
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hi everyone i'm brie and i am 26 years old and I just graduated with my BS in Sports and Entertainment Management on May 16th! I just moved back to my hometown of kansas city, missouri from st. louis. i am a true missouri girl and i have seen the best of both sides of my state lol.i am looking for employment as i was unemployed during my final semester of school.
i began my wl journey for the final time dec.1, 2008 but have been working on it since last april when i joined 3FC.
i am looking for a job in sports management and plan to work on my training certifications this summer. in a year or two i will go back to school to receive my doctorate in physical therapy

this summer will be challenging because i want to reach goal by september and home has all of my old mom and pop places that i love to eat at. i am a barbeque girl and going home will be a SUPER CHALLENGE! i plan to relax for the summer and try to find a waitressing job and work out like crazy...and try to get along with my mom lol thank goodness the house is pretty big!
i just got back from miami, fl today and i had an amazing time. i wore tankinis and a one piece and i felt so comfortable. i decided i am going to live my life and i will get my weight down soon enough but i cant keep putting things off. no i am not where i wanted to be but thats okay i just have to keep going and i will get there!

#1 Plan - Fat Smash Diet with Calorie Counting using the Daily Plate,

#2 Exercise - 500 minutes a week! Focusing on running and the stairmaster and the 30DS.

#3 Relaxation - i need to find a book to read on my mama's porch since i will be out of school and can read for pleasure again!

#4 Water - 1/2 my body weight in water each day

#5 De-clutter - I will be using flylady to help my mother declutter her house.

#6 Pamper - Pedi once a month, toenails polished every week, exfoliate every week, eyebrows and lip waxed bi-monthly

#7 Begin my Lies Women Believe Bible Study again and begin studying the Bible daily again. Church every Sunday and Wednesdays too if possible

#8 Motto - "You can tell me that you CHOOSE to quit. That you CHOOSE to be LESS than what you ARE and LESS than what GOD INTENDED, but DON'T EVER TELL ME that you CAN'T do it."
Jillian Michaels

#9 Goals - WL Goal - lose 12 pounds

#10 Reward - Trip to STL to get my hair done but really to see my nieces and my friends cause i miss them so!
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Well, here I am ready to attack June!

I will continue to watch portions and count carbs.

Excercise as much as my body will allow- working toward walking 2.4 miles.

Drinking only water- cutting out the diet soda as much as possible

cleaning my garage and maintaining the garden

we bought a small 10 ft pool and I will use it to relax and cool down- gotta get that set up asap!

my goal is to lose 7.2 pounds which will bring me down to 235

reward for goal- I don't know. I still have not given myself a reward for reaching 240. Even if I had some cash, I don't know what to give myself. Not used to giving myself rewards.

That sums it up! Looking forward to a wonderful June!!!
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Just a quick intro..My name is Ashley, I am 23 yrs old. I am a stay at home mom of a 6 yr old & 5 yr old. Last year I lost 100 pounds and since have gained 20 back. So I'm here again to finally get down to 150 once and for all

Talk with you all soon.

#1 Plan - 1200-1500 calories a day although I won't waste to much time on the calories. I plan to eat as much natural foods as I can within budget and mostly vegetarian.

#2 Exercise - 840 minutes of exercise a week minimum. I have a exercise bike that I am in love with and use it all day basically lol I am going for 2 hours a day but sometimes I am on it for 4. I want to start using my bowflex more for strength training and I have a few workout dvds I might use.

#3 Relaxation - I have alot of healthy cookbooks and information books that I got from the library that I will read to relax. I love a good cookbook especially when its healthy.

#4 Water - I drink water ALL day, I must drink around 150 or more oz a day.

#5 De-clutter - This is a tough one because I have too much stuff and no place to put it. I will try my best though.

#6 Pamper - Umm does painting my own nails count lol I don't have the money to pamper myself, so I'll just have to dream out this one.

#7 Work on Meditating - Yes this is something I need to work on, most definitely.

#8 Motto - Never give up.

#9 Goals - 15 pounds

#10 Reward - My health

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What the hay, I'm in.

1. Plan ~ To calorie cycle between 1200 - 1500 calories.

2. Exercise ~ 2000 total exercise minutes. 1400 of which will be cardio and the remaining 600 will be Strength Training.

3. Relaxation ~ Fishing on the weekends the ex gets the kiddos!

4. Water ~ 100oz a day.

5. De-Clutter ~ Urg...my desk! It needs it terribly.

6. Pamper ~ I think I may die my hair back completely brown again.

7. Meditation ~ Not my thing. However, prayer is.

8. Motto ~ May the force be with you!

9. Goals ~ 10lb drop for June and 2000 minutes of exercise.

10. Reward ~ An exercise ball or new piece of exercise equipment!

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Default Posting my goals a little late....but here goes...

Hey everyone! May has come and gone...and man did I BOMB the month of May or what??!! Well....June is a new month, and I'm ready for it! I'm a little late posting my goals...but here goes nothing!

#1. Plan I will be eating 1500 calories per day and blogging daily food and anything else I want to write down!

#2. EXERCISE For exercise I'm planning to burn 500 calories per day. I have figured that will be 60 minutes of strength training/cardio circuit while watching my soaps AND 30-60 minutes of cardio per day.

#3. Relaxation At least ONCE a week I will take some time to get a babysitter and go to the pool by myself. I will have a relaxing swim AND lay out in the peace and quite for at least 1-2 hours.

#4. Water Okay this is a hard one for me cause I HATE water...but I will drink at least 20 ounces a day or more.

#5. Declutter your home - Okay I have my fly lady plan in place and I will be doing it daily!

#6. Pamper/Grooming -
Hair cut at least once this month/ make up daily / shaving at least every other day/ working on the tan several times weekly/ and weekly pedicures and manicures/ I will commit to having ONE professional massage this month!!!

#7. This month I'm picking two areas to work on. #1. Budget as usual...LOL... and #2. Relationships. I want to STOP being a negative person and always worried about my weight and what people are thinking about it. I want to love life and go live it and be happy and be good to the people I come in contact with...especially my family and friends.

#8. Motto/Mantra - "Don't let it rent space in your head! That's prime property and worth way more than you are selling for!" This is a quote that a fellow 3FC'er told me....It fits me so much right now...Thanks Nixmom!

#9. Goals My goals are to NOT sit around planning all the time to lose weight...I have my plan..I just need to DO IT!
I want to lose 11 pounds this month and get to 250 pounds!

#10. REWARD My reward will be a 30 minute professional massage!
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Hullo you lot!!

New thread so new month and new set of promises.

Well, last month was HARD!!, I really tried to stick to my plan but I got sidetracked with my job and stuff, so I'm sad about that but I did lose 4 lbs so I am happy.

So new set of things.

#1. Plan. I am calorie counting and will be sticking to 1200 calories per day week days and 1400 weekends.

#2. EXERCISE. I have a 2hour archery lesson once a week which is tough, and also will be using 30ds, 2 other Jillian dvds that are mean, and billy blanks ab bootcamp. I eill be walking and hopefully by the end of it jogging.

#3. Relaxation - bubble bath with a good book. Maybe a nice cup of tea.

#4. Water - I am really struggling but my plan is to try for 1litre water and 1litre of dilute water in sugar free.

#5. Declutter, Slightly late but spring cleaning yey, been gardening more which always makes me feel better.

#6. Pamper/Grooming. I will have a manacure and also do mini facials each week. Got myself a moisturiser, tried a few and reacted badly to them so I got Simple which has no perfume and extra vitamins, night and day cream + make up remover and facial wash, its gorgeous and my skin is so soft.

#7. Extra area to work on. Thinking about me and hubby and not work, I'm spending too much time there I need to re-arrange.

#8. If you want it you gotta work for it!!!! - I think Jillian said this one.

#9. Goals. I want to lose 7lbs this will take me to the 177.

#10. REWARD. no idea Im sure ill think of something!!1

So some of that is the same as last month but I need to work on it so no point changing it.

Hope you girls have a good day, i should go prepare dinner I am rather hungry.
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In it for the long run
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Sorry I'm a little late on this, but I just started classes again and have already had a few assignments to do.

PLAN: I will be counting calories and tracking them using my DietMinder Notebook. I plan on eating between 1200-1400 calories per day.

EXERCISE: It's gonna be tough to get in a lot of exercise with school, but I will at least do 30-60 min of EA Sports Active on Wii Mon-Fri. I would also like to go out to the track behind my house and get in a few miles of walking/jogging whenever possible.

RELAXATION: For relaxation I will spend time every week watching a movie, as well as my favorite TV shows, and will also try to get in non-school work computer time.

WATER: I will try to drink between 64-80 oz. of water each day. I usually drink more than 80 on weekends, I just need to up my intake during the week.

DECLUTTER: Well, since I live with my parents I only really have my bedroom and bathroom to take care of, so I will do my best to keep those 2 rooms decluttered.

PAMPER/GROOMING: I will continue to keep my nails painted, as well as actually fixing my hair and putting makeup on for school and work everyday

EXTRA AREA: My extra area for this month will be school. I am going to keep my work/papers organized and try to not procrastinate.

MOTTO: "Habit is Habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time"--Mark Twain

GOALS: I would like to lost 7 lbs. this month. I didn't lose much last month, but I also didn't stay on plan as much as I would have liked. Usually the busier I am with school work the less I eat, but it also limits me on exercise. So I shall see how it goes.

REWARD: If I reach my goal, I will go by myself a new complete outfit. Clothes is always a good reward for me because it always feels good to be able to buy smaller sizes!
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Claiming Victory!
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Hey ladies!!! I am still a part of this even if I don't post much (computer needs upgrade) but I will try to log on more. I am doing very well! I di dhave a little stall when I had lost so much I had to readjust my caloric intake. I am fine now. Every single pound I gained during my divorce is gone. I am going to take pictures to post my befores and afters. I am happy about that but I want to lose three more pounds because when I do I will weigh what I weighed when I was in my 20s! I am very excited about that. Now on the legalities:

#1 Plan - Doing RSFM and am now on the 1600 calorie plan. Man it was nice eating 1800 but I would much prefer the extra weight loss than the additional calories.

#2 Exercise - I love exercising. Always have. I do aerobic classes 6 days a week and this week I did extra night classes so that is probably why I am slimming down extra quick. I am now going to go running with my daughter when the rain clears up because right now it's horrific! She was running in school and I want her to keep what she attained so we will be jogging!

#3 Relaxation - More foot soaks. More rest time. I need it. Haven't been doing it but am trying.

#4 Water - I bought two cute water holders from the dollar store. Holds a lot of water so that I can carry one around the house and have one for when I work out. I drink lots of water. I love it.

#5 De-clutter - Car is still looking like my first home. LOL I really really gotta make an effort to correct that.

#6 Pamper - This weekend I am going shopping for new exercise tapes and I have bought new better fitting lingerie for hubby and I's quiet times and I bought some new body sprays.

#8 Motto - Just Never Stop and I won't!!
#9 Goals - Weight loss - I still want to lose about 50 more pounds though people are telling me I should adjust that. I will see but right now I think it's a good goal. I am doing more weight work to tone and firm up my now slimmer body. Also more abs/core work as well.

#10 Reward -Finally shower with hubby! I know he has been longing for it for so long!

So far I am now wearing a size XL and it's loose on me. I am in my 230s YES! Soon so be in my 220s. You know sometimes it feels so insane that a year ago it was hard to walk and now I am doing impact aerobics, light jogging, weights and floor work. It's just so intense!!
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Hey Ladies,
I'd like to join!

1. Plan - Stick to my 26 WW points daily, with one cheat meal every other week.

2. Exercise - Walk 3 miles with my neighbor 3x weekly. Do higher intensity cardio (treadmill or dvd) 2x weekly. Do strength training 2-3x weekly.

3. Relaxation - Less TV; more reading.

4. Water-I drink 64 oz. a day, so I'll try to up it to a few more pints.

5. De-Clutter - Clear out and reorganize my two spare rooms. Why do spare rooms always collect all the junk of my life?

6. Pamper - I already have a pedi appt. for later this month.

7. I am going to start volunteering this month at a therapeutic riding center. I've been wanting to volunteer for a while and I think this particular group is going to be a good fit for me. I go to orientation on the 13th.

8. Motto - You must do the things you think you cannot do-Eleanor Roosevelt

9. Goals - Lose 10 lbs. Exercise regularly.

10. Reward - New jeans. Mine are starting to get baggy and I'm hoping by the end of the month they will be too big!!
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Well it is Monday again!

I only lost .4 pounds this week. I am trying to keep my perspective though- I didn't gain anything and my body IS showing some positive changes from the increased exercise. Also my blood sugar numbers are improved.

So I will continue plodding along till next Monday!
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I went for a walk with my neighbor this morning, but I really need to do more to up the intensity. Her horse was injured so she's rehabbing him by walking him 3 miles a few times a week. I really enjoy going with her (and her horse) but we're not moving very fast!

So that's my goal for tomorrow; to either get on the treadmill and do HIIT, or do an exercise dvd.

I did start cleaning out one of my back rooms, so that's a start!

Hang in there 2behealthy! A loss is a loss! I gained 2 lbs over the weekend because I was pmsing and moody. I went crazy, but I'm back in the game now!
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