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This thread moves so fast, I had a lot of pages to read to catch up...there are so many people doing good things for themselves this month!

I am going to try to keep up..unfortunately reading all the posts took the time I had to post so I'll try to get on sooner...just know I am reading everything and sending good thoughts everyone's way!!
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Default April Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)

If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Lose 8-10 lbs
Jassica: Exercise more; lose 10 lbs or more
Theresia: Lose 5 lbs
Dumplin: Lose 15 lbs
CandyKisses0204: Get back in the gym at least 3 times a week; lose 7+ lbs
Calisa86: Stay on track; push harder than in March; lose 12 lbs
Saramommy: Lose 11 lbs to reach 160 lbs
CakeBatter: Reach 178 lbs; run 36 miles
Jessacaca: Lose 4-5 lbs; get in 60 miles
Icandoallthings6613: Lose 9 lbs; do the 5K in under 32 minutes; finish senior thesis
Unwanted37lbs: Lose 6 lbs
MissNovis: Lose 13 lbs; run at least 30 minutes 4 times a week during lunch break; attend weekly hip hop and zumba classes; play racquetball at least once a week
Bronte155: Lose 5 lbs; ride stationary bike at least four days a week for at least 30 minutes each time
Wyo_rose: Reach 186 lbs
Naughtymonkey01: Push harder; eat better; don’t torture self about it
Shrinkingleah: Lose 35 lbs from original SW by April 25th
Timkerbelle: Lose 1kg/week to reach 86kg (189lbs); walk at least 10mi every week
Wifey: Lose 8 lbs
Desi: Lose 12 lbs
FitSarah: Lose 10 lbs
Fenderella5678: Lose 15 lbs
Branflake: Stay on track the whole month; lose 10 lbs
Strawberryeyes: Lose 10 lbs; exercise regularly
Econ_nerd: Lose 10 lbs or more
Jacqui_D: Lose 10 lbs
OK_Lizzy: Lose 10 lbs
Terapet: Lose 8 lbs
Steviemcqueen: Do cardio (walking/jogging, aerobic class, etc.) at least three times a week; lose 8 lbs
Ms_Perception: No longer be obese; lose 6 lbs; fit comfortably (maybe even loose-ish) into size 14 clothes
Enchantedonyx: Lose 12 lbs
JasonsLea: Get back into a routine at the gym; POP at least 85% of the month; very limited fast food
Lewisempire: Do 62 miles of exercise; lose 1.5 lbs per week equaling 6 lbs
Kswood87: Lose 10 lbs
Mygritsconfessions: Lose 15 lbs
Mothermavis: Lose 7 lbs
Scarlet: Lose 8-10 lbs; keep on plan; work hard to overcome bad food addiction
Zoochick777: Lose 7 lbs; fit comfortably into a size 11 jeans
Dianee: Lose 10 lbs
ValD: Lose 10 lbs; drop one pants size; walk at least 1 mile a day
Wannabeskinnyagain: Stay on track; eat less/eat healthier; exercise in some way everyday; lose 10 lbs or more
Petunia418: Lose 13 lbs
Christian: Lose 5 lbs -- MET GOAL!!
TatorTator: Weigh in the 180s
ButterflyDiva: Lose 5-8 lbs; exercise 5x a week
JulieBahrain: Reach 155 lbs by April 25th
Losingnyc: Lose 8 lbs
CollegeGirl: Lose 10 lbs
Sjdphc: Work out Monday thru Friday for 1 1/2 hours; work toward reaching 160-170lbs by June 21st
Hattie22: Lose at least 5 lbs; maintain a positive attitude; keep eating OP; keep exercising and trying new things; enjoy life!
JazzyPeggy: Reach 275 lbs; exercise at least 20 times
Dvdrumls: Lose 10 lbs
Lene1974: Lose 5 lbs
Efova: Reach 180 lbs
Truffles: Lose 5 lbs
Jayagoddess: Lose 10 lbs
Urockmom: Lose 5 pounds; maintain 6 days on/1 day off exercise program
FABlynne: Lose 10 lbs

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Hi Ladies! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Are we ready to renew our efforts after our challenging weekend? Now, no buying candy at after-Easter sales, lol!

Scarlet, I'm sending good thoughts your way too!

JasonsLea, that's great news that you've maintained--it's always a victory when you don't gain!

Terapet and Cake, with your great attitudes, I know you'll be back on track in no time!

FSA, hey sweetie! I hope you had a great weekend!

I am happy to report that after a week of TOM and Easter, I have lost 1lb! Yay! Now, I am trying to convince my DH to buy us a membership to the local YMCA. I think I almost have him convinced. He just wants to make sure I'll use it, because last time we were members, I was not real motivated and rarely went. Back then, I basically just wanted our kids to be able to use the facilities. I've been assuring him that this time, it's a different story, and I think he can see that I really have made some major changes. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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Goodmorning ladiessssss

How was everyones Easter? The weekend sure went by fast. I didn't go yesterday for lunch, I was under the weather but later got a little better as the day progressed. I was so busy on Sat. getting ready and I made barbq. chicken party wings for the Easter lunch. My FIL loves them so I make them especially for him. I tried a couple Sat. night to make sure they were good lol.

I got myself all spruced up, did my nails and pedicure, hair, etc. I would of liked to have gone but I plan to go visit sometime this week if I get a chance. Ladies, revlon has this scented nail polish out, it's so neat. I love the color mango and I got this polish......when it dries it smells like mango! lol : ) what will they think of next!

Okay, here is the scoop on my weekend planwise. Not that bad but not that great either. I had some candy one day, slacked on the water, and had brown pasta friday night (which I beleive nailed me on the fluid factor). I had not had pasta in a good couple of months, I made some brown pasta and made the mistake of making way too much (and I ate more than a portion alright). I don't use butter or anything like that and just a light sauce but still! Took the masochist route and took a peek at the scale and it's up, it's got to be fluids (carbs hold onto fluids) and I'm pretty certain it was that and lack of water, etc. So in all, I had my share of shaninigans this weekend. My plan of attack is carb/starch free the next few days and lots of water, that should get rid of any extra fluids I may be holding onto. It's monday, the weekend is over.....and I am ready for a good battle. Onto our new day!

Dvdrum, congratssssss on the weight loss

Cakebatter, I honestly don't think you did as bad as you thought or feel ( I know the feelig though, I'm hard on myself too sometimes) . I wouldn't say you bombed the whole weekend! TO me that would be being completely off all weekend. You have a lot of positives in your weekend, sticking to plan all the way up through dinner and then having only 1/2 the burger, and having the other half for dinner! That was smart and a very good move! Anyhow girl, today is a new day! I'm weighing in on Thursday too. We have 3 days...let's kick some hiney . Here's to a great day! .

Hi Terapet : ), wtg!

Jason'sLea, oh good! THat's super that you maintained that a girl.

Hi Scarlet thank you! Sending good thoughts your way as well. Hope you had a nice easter. Always nice to hear from you my lady , let's keep on truckin'.

Jacquiiiii, aw you thanks! Jacqui, well said girl! well said! Yesssssss, ready for our new day! Indeed! Oh, congratulationsssssss on being another lb. down! and after a holiday and all, that's a real feat, wtg Jaqui! Speaking of the candy, no no no no! lol I already had some and that is it. Thanks for reminding us. Ohhh, yes goodluck with the YMCA membership. Do you plan to take a tour first just to get the feel of the ex. room and if your comfortable? Dh and I were talking about maybe doing that in the fall. Your prob familiar with it though as your kids went there in the past. I beleive it will be different for you this time too Jacqui, your doing wonderful and I will keep my fingers crossed for you too! keep us posted.

How is everyone else doing? Lewisempire, MsPerception, urockmom, lene, and just so many of you wonderful gals to list individually, but hope you all had a great weekend and a super day.

okay girls, I am off to do some exercise and get this place in order, much to do! I must work on my water today! Let's make it a good day, to you all. I will peek back in later this afternoon or evening during break time.
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Well girls. We made it. We are alive! And we didn't gain back ALL the weight . I couldn't take it this morning so I caled into work to go late so I go to the gym. I worked really hard and then went and got on the scary scale. To my surprise I only gained 1.5!! YAY because TOM came last night and I had a TON of sodium this weekend! SO I am totally cool. I have Bday dinner with the BF and his mother at a mexican restaurant but I am not worried about it one bit because I am having a chicken taco salad and nothing else! No chips and salsa either . Then after dinner I am stopping off at the gym again to get on my beloved elliptical ...if i have enough time maybe before dinner. BTW I am not changing my ticker...

FSA - THank you darling. I am so sorry you got all dolled up and couldn't go. But the bright side you got to get pampered! Yay we weigh at the same time so have three to days to kick major It sounds liek you did pretty well over all. Congratulations.

Jacqui - I hope you get an Y membership! I l-o-v-e the Y. You are doing awesome and have really been sticking with. BTW I hear it only takes 3 weeks to make a habit and it has been 13 days so far. SO by next tuesday you should be "locked-in" the habit of working out. Tell that to DH

Terapet - I love Damage control - preventive maintanence

Jasonlea - Yay no gain!!!

Scarlet - HI. IT takes me a while to read them all too. And sometimes while i am posting someone else is too...hehe
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Hi ladies!

Sounds like a number of us had a good/bad weekend eating wise. Holidays are just tough and we have to allow that for some reason EVERY holiday has a food connection. Glad to hear that everyone is trying to get back on track and OP for the week.

FSA~ I am sure you looked lovely all dolled up but am sorry that you couldn't make your family celebration.

Jacqui~ on another pound!!! You just tell DH that you are new girl with a new attitude!!!

Terapet~Can I join you in damage control land?

JasonsLea~Good job holdin' steady over a tough weekend.

dvdrumls~WOW!!! 7 pounds is FABULOUS!!!!

Cake~I know just how you feel about the weekend! We went to brunch on Easter and I don't even want to talk about how much I ate. Let's just say it included an omelet, AND french toast, AND shrimp, AND carrot cake, AND....

Based on the really bad day yesterday + it is TOM + I know I ate a ton of additional salt, I am just going to steer clear of the scale until WI on Friday. Just better left alone...

Hope all of you lovely ladies have a terrific Monday! for everyone!!!
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Back at it...again!
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Hey girls! No time for personals but you all are doing so wonderfully. I think I am too. I weighed on my MIL's scale and it was very good, but I won't trust it until I weigh on my own. I'll let you know what happens. Still am limited to posting irregularly, but I'm encouraged to see all the great progress on here!
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Default Hey Everone

I hope you all had a nice EASTER..... I think I have had plenty of candy ..... I am so mad...about 2 weeks ago I gained 5 pounds ...and now after Easter I am up another 5 I am starting back where I was .....sigh....well I am still not giving up is everyone doing today? I am so tired.... I didnt get much sleep because my 16 year old daughter had a fever of 102 at 2:00AM...

She is doing better today....but she is going to rest and take it easy..This is her school vacation week and what a time for her to be sick....Sheessshh.... lol...

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Thumbs up Hoping To Join Challenge

Hello ladies,

I hope it isn't too late to join the challenge, I really need the motivation. My goal for the month is 10 lbs. From what I have read, everyone is doing great! Keep up the good work ladies! Have a wonderful day!

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Hi FABlynne, welcome! I have added your name to the list above. Good luck!

FSA, thanks! And yes, I have seen the Y, even used it a couple of times, just not enough, so I probably do need another tour! Still trying to convince DH it will be different this time.

Cake, thanks! I can't wait to be locked in to the habit of exercising! I really do want to make it a part of my life from now on.

Urock, thanks! And I agree it's best to steer clear of that scale. That's what I did last week with TOM. No reason to feel de-motivated if we don't have to!

, great to see you back!

Jayagoddess, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I will put her in my prayers. It's so awful to have a sick child. My DH had the flu for an entire week! Finally, he is on the mend. As for you, good attitude in not giving up despite the setbacks!

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hey i survived the mexican. Didn't eat my whole salad but may have had too many chips
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Hi girls, it's great to read all your always .

Fablynn Never to late to join, welcome aboard

Cakebatter, getting TOM last night and still being able to workout thismorning is great. A happy birthday to BF, hope you all had a great time : ). I pampered myself, lol. I don't go have them done...I do them myself but it felt good girl and I'm good for another 2 weeks anyways! . The weather will be getting warmer here soon and it will be time for open toe shoes! Keep up the great work

HI urockmom, thanks as well! I missed that family celebration but have one coming up this SUnday (which I am hosting) so I am going to be a busy girl this week. It's going to be just the immediate family and a small gathering but I like everything nice. I have been meaning to finish the spring cleaning upstairs for some time now! (Been talking about it since the valentines challenge ). I am going to work on that all of this week and have it be done with. It's going to start getting warm, finally!, and I want to be outside!
I don't blame you for not going on the scale right now, sounds like a good idea to just keep on truckin right now and leaving it alone for now, as you said with that cute little emoticon! Thanks for the well wishes and the willpower dust! hugs, hope you had a great night.

MsPerception hey girl! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, I am sure your very busy with the move and all, thanks for popping in to say hi and for sure keep us posted when you get the chance. Keep up the great work.

HI Jaya, aw I am glad you dropped in...missed your posts. Jaya, I am so sorry to hear that your girl is not feeling well. Wishing her a speedy recovery. As for your weight gain, those last 5 lbs. seemed to come on quick and it is very likely you put on some fluids so hang in there ok? Typically, when it comes on quick like that, it comes off quick when we nip it in the bud a.s.a.p. Lot's of water, nothing too salty, etc. etc. Good for you for hanging in there, tomorrow is a new day girl. Keep up the fight. Oh you must be tired.....I hope you sleep well Jaya keep in touch, we are here for each other .

Jacqui, good! keep working on him! lol THe reason I asked you about a tour is because I was thinking of joining this gym that just opened up nearby (in the fall though as I would not use it in hot summer weather). It's a small gym and though I am so accustomed to working out at home, I thought it would be good to go there during those awful cold months instead of getting cooped up in the house. ANyways, to make a long story short , Dh and I went in for a tour. I didn't like the feel! I just knew! I knew right then and there that it wasn't for me. You already have been there a few times so it sounds like your already familiar with it pretty much (plus the y is big and has classes, pool, equip. usually a lot to offer). Dh and I have the Y on the back burner for the pooooooool in the godforsaken winters here!

Hi to everyone....OH, I am getting tired too! I should probably head to bed soon. As for my news, today went well girls. I drank a lot of water and am sipping on it as we speak. Some days it is much easier to drink it than others and tonight I had to push a is already working its magic though

I transplanted some more of my plants and staked them and need to finish them all up tomorrow. Ok, I am getting punchy...I hope you all had a great day and sleep well ladies. LEt's wake up to a new and successful day tomorrow!
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Good morning girls!

I hope that everyone had a great yesterday and is ready to today!

Fablynn~ Welcome!! Glad to have you in our happy little-well, maybe not so little-group!

MsP~Great news on the scale at your MIL. Hope the move is going OK and you are not too stressed!!

Jaya~So sorry your DD is sick. My oldest has been sick for a month with a virus, which explains part of why I was MIA in March. I hope that she feels better soon and lets you get some sleep. Don't worry about the gain. Remember what I told Hattie once, the longer the pounds are in the neighborhood the harder they are to evict. The new ones are much easier to kick out and off!

Jacqui~Hope you get in your exercise today. Remember to tell DH that you are making an investment in your future. The more days at the gym, the lower your health care costs overall.

Today is a beautiful spring day here. I got out first thing this morning and did a 3 mile . Wasn't fast because I haven't been able to run since I fell skiing but I planned it and I did it. Now I am ready to tackle my food for the day. Yesterday I was totally OP, slept really well, and feel energized and for the journey.

Hope you all have a super day!
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Hey ladies, forgive me for being inactive with posting. I just spent the last hour reading everyones posts! Congrats to all the losers out there and those excercising queens! I'm so happy that everyone is taking steps to get those goals accomplished!!

I haven't been able to post but I have still been trying to stay focused these last 14 days. Some days are definately more of a challenge than others but I'm still pressing on. I haven't weighed myself but I will once "Aunt Flow" goes away as its that TOM. I have been trying to stay around 1200 calories. Some days are better than others lol. I even did pretty decent on Easter...except the multiple helpings of homemade banana puddingB. Oops! Lol! But I will say that I've been so much better with exercise! I still have room for improvement of course but that's the joys of every day being a new day! :-)

I have been taking hip hop at the gym once a week in addition to zumba (which totally kicks my butt!!!) at least once a week. I haven't been playing raquetball like I planned but I found a new love!!! My hip hop teacher is a Tahitian dancer so I joined their dance group. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Its such a challenge but I'm noticing a BIG difference! I am also running on the eliptical at least twice a week. This week I'm starting to work out with my best guy friend who is a personal trainer. He is training me for free so I'm looking forward to learning weighhts.

Again, I haven't weighed myself and I'm not sure if I want to yet. I feel good about working out. I'm also going to start posting daily for accountability because I see the support is vitale for my weight loss!

Now that I have talked forever, I'm gonna go. Everyone have a successful day!!!
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Good morning ladies Hope you all woke up to the today. I went to bed after posting last night and am feeling spry this morning. HOpe everyone had a great start to our new day.

urockmom, hi there : ). It sure is a beauty out there, nice going on that walk. It's a lovely day for that. Good for you. urock, I remember that fall back then, are you ok? I hope it's just a temporary recouping period type of thing. on the OP day yesterday , working on our new day, and feeling energized for our new day! yes!

MissNovis, hi! I really enjoyed your post, so glad you came in to write us. It sounds like you have been doing wonderful and have made so many positive changes! That is terrific. Your not letting those "not so good days" hinder you psychologically and your moving forward and working on each and every day! Congratulations on all of your progress OH and your taking classes and loving it, and all that your doing! As for the scale, your in such a good place right now, I can see how you may not want it to interfere with your mindset and I absolutely agree! Wait until you feel the time is right, you will know. In the meantime, keep up the awesome work and congratulations once again on all of your progress .

Hi to everyone! I must get going, I will check back later on. Today, I must continue to work on my water intake. I am thinking to go for a long walk into a nearby quaint town.......I'll see. Have a great and successful day ladies, catch you all later on.
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