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Wow have I had a roller coaster week, good day...bad day...good day...! This is so hard. I was doing great at the beginning, then got so tired. I was about to get discouraged when TOM came. This was a shock considering I haven't had one in years!(pregnant, nursed for a year, then I guess starving myself) I was really happy because I think its my body telling
me I'm doing the right thing. But, I am so tired and irritated its caused me to slip some. I have been
trying to exercise, that really helps. Somedays I just couldn't and those were my bad days.I decided I'm goin to try to focus on exercise and not to much on food. I hope I get passed this soon!

Stephielou, I know what you mean about Dr.'s. They think they know but they have no idea. Unless they've been where we are. Have you tried counseling? He told me that was really the only way to treat this. I haven't gone yet, but I am soon. I definitely need to.
Here's the cleansing plan. I didn't feel much better while I was doing it. I have definitely felt better this week though. It just gives you a boost and makes you feel cleansed.
Ginko Biloba Extract( as directed) to promote oxygenation
Echinacea(as directed) to increase immune system and lymph gland cleansing
A multi vitamin for strength and resistance
Bcomplex vitamin for nervous system
1 small can pineapple or papaya or papaya tablets 2/day for flushing out toxins
psyllium powder or tablets 2/day for efficient colon and waste removal
aloe vera juice 1/2 cup 2/day for minimizing toxin build up
cranberry juice or tablets 2/day for urinary tract.
8- 10 glasses of water
You're also supposed to relax and take deep breathes a few times a day, and sleep well.
Do this for 1 week continue the vitamins if you're not already.
Good luck, I hope things look up for you soon.

Hazleangel, I hope you're doing better today! Try not to get so depressed about the bathing suit thing. I'm sure no one at your job cares what you look like. I'm sure you look fine. As for rambling, feel free anytime but you weren't rambling. Have you seen my posts?!

Sil, how are ya? You're so sweet. Let us know how you're doing,please.

Have a good day everyone. We will get through this!! We will.
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Icandoit, Hi. How are you doing? I think about you often and I'm very glad that you have connected with others who have experienced the same issues that you are dealing with.

I'm doing great. Had a bad week last week but I'm back on track this week. I usually post daily on the WW at Home threads and my bio is there under the bio thread. In addition to this thread, you are more than welcome to join us over there. Or just stop by to see how we are doing and I will pop in here to see how you are doing.
Stay positive and healthy~~~Sil
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Hi guys

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Haven't really felt like it. I had a very bad week. I binged so bad this week. There is a lot going on in my family right now. My father in law passed away on March 2. I am trying to help my husband get through this and his sister is stirring up alot of trouble. She calls me at all hours of the day and night getting me all upset. She is a drug addict and troublemaker. She is 30 and has an 8 year old daughter. She has always been a trouble maker. She has been in and out of jail for shoplifting and drugs. I know that she is grieving for her father too but I find it hard to comfort her because of all the trouble she has caused with the family and I think she is grieving for all the wrong reasons. See my father in law bailed her out of trouble all the time. Now she doesn't have that security and is looking to us to help her. I don't agree with anything she does and the only reason i even talk to her is because of my niece. I love her so much and hate to see her go through this. I have intervened and had the state come in but my father in law smoothed things over. So i turned out to look like an ***. So I am trying to comfort my husband and shield him from this crap his sister is trying to pull and it is getting to me. I binged so much this week and tried to purge but I couldn't so I just sat in the bathroom crying because I was mad at myself. Mad for trying and mad because my body just wouldn't do it. I am slowly losing control of the grip that I had or thought I had on everything. I was doing so well with my eating disorder and OCD until all of this started. Now I find myself slipping but I am not going down without a fight. The emotional struggle is wearing me out. I went to the doctor today and he upped my dose of Paxil. I am sort of depressed about that because we were working on weaning me off the Paxil. But grateful in a way because I know it will help me relax and then I will be able to cope better.
I decided that when she calls I will just let the voice mail get it. I have caller ID.

Thanks guys for letting me vent like this. I feel so much better.

Love and Prayers

icandoit.......I know that this time I was rambling. LOL
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Hi everyone! I just saw this and realized that it looked like where i need to be.

I have bulimia too and have had it for over a year now. I got "better" for a while, and while i'm not nearly what i used to be i'm still doing it.

I'm also a binge and purger. Basically if i feel i have eaten too much then i 'spit-up' because i can't throw up. I have never made myself do this, but i know that it is a conscious effort, i just don't have to stick my finger in my throat or anything like that. I don't know exactly why i started, but i did. When i first came here in 8/99 i weighed a little over 160 lbs on a 5'3" body. I wanted to get down to 125. Now you have to understand that i am extremely muscular, and at 135-140 lbs. right now i wear a 4-6. I weighed a little under 140 last January when this started, and i don't even know how or why...but it did. Then it got worse and worse, and i was checked by every doctor you could think of, because of this strange form. I got down to 124 in about 3 months, and the lowest i ever got was 119. At this point I was extremely sick and frail and weak.

Then this Fall i decided that enough was enough and that i had to stop and this worked for a little while, and then it started again. I want so desperately to tell someone, but i'm ashamed and i feel like i can work it out myself.

I've pretty much got things in control and when i'm taking my anti depressants regularly that helps too.

Just knowing that there are others out there who understand makes me feel so much better

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