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Default easter binge weight gain

On easter i binged which then turned into a 4 day binge, ugh. i had hit my goal low weight prior to that day (same as when i was 13) and i was so so happy and i had gone out to bars with friends dressed up and was just having so much fun. then after the binge i got home and weighed myself and after the 4th day of binging i had put on 3.8kg!!! usually after binging i can get things under control within one day but because it was festive and spent with family and just so many triggers i just couldnt stop!! and usually after those one day binges i can get back to the previous weight within a couple days but its been 3 days since the last binge and im still 2.2kg up from that weight. i need to get back asap because i cant go out or see anyone now and its making me so so depressed. so that being said, so far ive lost 1.6kg of the binge weight but im stressing cause usually if its just water weight it only takes 3 days max to fall off but i guess thats only the result of a one day binge. ugh i just dont know what to do or what to expect.
how much weight have i put on?
how much time will it take to come off?? because i only have 8 days
how much of it is still fluid retention? and how much is actual fat?

please please help, ill be so grateful 🤍
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I celebrated easter a bit early today with my family and went way over my tdee with meat,cheesecake and other sweets,easily a fee thousand. I was wondering what methods would be best to get back on my cut starting tomorrow,and how bad the damage will likely be. It was a significant amount of sugar so I am worried.

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