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Default Random Mom Thoughts on My Crazy Life

Day: 1ish

This is my first post, so part of me has no idea what I'm doing, but I figure I've been good about bumping my way through life so far, so this should be easy! Right?

My name is Lauren. I'm posting on the overeating forum thingy because food has been a great way to stuff those emotions, deep, deep down. I suppose it's not the healthiest choice, especially when my pants disagree with fitting over my bum. I'm 5'4" (ever notice how no one tells you how tall they are, I feel like that makes a difference? Right? I was suspect someone who was like 7' tall being 190 female would look totally different?) I am 190 pounds. I also have to say I just found out I'm pregnant with my 3rd kiddo, 7 weeks in, so... at some point, right before 7 weeks, I was like, 184 pounds.

When I was in high school, my healthy weight was 128, and now I'm giving myself an achievable number which is 'healthy.' Yes. It's a number. My post. My rules. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself...

I met my husband when I was 14, he was one of my friends, and we dated on and off.. I dumped him twice. Anyways, he came back from college one year, and poof, I was pregnant! It was really immaculate conception, but he didn't believe me. He didn't believe me with our 2nd child either... hmm.. Well, he finished college, and we had our beautiful son, who is now 6. (How does that even happen!?) Then we had our daughter, who is now 2 years old! Then I decided to go back to college (which I am still doing), and boom. Pregnant. We don't even sleep in the same room!? How is this a thing??

He still doesn't believe it was an immaculate conception...

So when I was younger, I was neglected, not my dad's fault ( my sister and I lived with him). He had to work, so I wasn't involved in my many things or had anyone around, and I started down a bad road with food. It was my comfort. Then I started high school, and it went from comfort to stress eating. Then I was pretty okay, and I would binge here and there. I was more concerned with working. However, if I was stressed, I ate.

(This next paragraph is not to blame my wonderful son.) My son was VERY hard, and he had colic for the first year of his life. He's always been extremely sensitive, over-active... etc. So stress = night-time binge eating, yup, it has been a thing!! I went from 140 after I had him to 165-170. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was 165, and after her, I went up to 170-175lb... my daughter is super easy, which is great. However, I stuck with my bad habits....

(this next paragraph is to blame Starbucks) Starbucks is the devil.

Sugary love in a cup is seriously the devil. I have a love-hate relationship with coffee/lattes. I wish I could drink coffee..somehow it cons me down the road of lattes and sugar fests, and if you are anything like me, you totally understand and HATE when people say, oh, switch to sugar-free (I'm currently doing) have self-control and ban Starbucks... or coffeeshops. Ok, we're getting there, sister, but we're not there yet!

The devil... I tell you...

Anyone else gets a horribly empty feeling when you cut something out like sugar. It's so addicting! Good Lord. That's why I have been avoiding going down that path, but alas, it's not just me taking in the sugar at the moment.


So what is my plan? I plan to be healthy. Yes, I'm counting calories (healthy levels), I'm making sure to get in healthy meals and cut out areas that aren't healthy. I need exercise, college homework means sitting on my butt, however, I do have a treadmill I could use well-doing schoolwork...I suppose...

1. Stop eating at night except on Friday ( there has to be a cheat day!)

2. Stop drinking coffee over a 2 week period... (we shall see, it's more cutting sugar, but my goal is coffee-goodbye!)

3. Healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if I don't feel like eating because of being preggers, spread out meals)

4. Feel free to have a limited amount of 'junk' on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, etc. (Let's be realistic!)

5. Try my best to keep track of calories, working out, and writing on this post

If anyone finds these rules pretty good, feel free to follow them, I don't have a set time-limit, I suppose, until I reach a healthy weight.

With that said, I love people and we all need a little encouragement! Feel free to drop a comment
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If you're in a similar situation to me, run from your mom as fast as possible. I'm only 20 but I tried to cut contact from her at 16 after she divorced my father, took almost all his money and now messages me crying almost every day about how my father is brainwashing me. She'll randomly show up in my city and expect to stay with me, and the first time she did I let her. Then I came home from class one day and my room was torn apart and she started screaming at me, because she felt like snooping and found condoms. And how dare her baby, who's 20 years old and living on Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin his own at university, need condoms?

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