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Default I need some words of encouragement

For the most part, I eat quite clean, with the exception to one weakness. Sushi. I am addicted to Sushi. I could eat Sushi all day, every day. I love love love rolls. I crave it every day.

I have realized that this weakness is what is hindering my progress. I work hard at the gym, but have stopped seeing results because I eat too much sushi! I justify it by saying to myself "I've had a tough workout, I deserve this sushi".

I know how bad sushi is for me, how it is packed with calories. I just crave it so much.

I'm hoping for some words of encouragement, something I can remember the next time I am craving sushi.
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Well, Calorie counting allows for sushi. Just not a LOT of sushi. I once was craving the **** out of Sesame chicken. So that morning I skipped breakfast, I ate a light lunch and ordered because I had room for it. There was a mix up with the order... but I would have eaten the loving wonders out of that chicken... no guilt.

Just pick a day to have sushi, make sure you eat light before, and then go for it. Planning is key.

As for any other day that you don't have room, easy, don't go out. Get something else. Do you eat it when you're sad? Stressed? I use to get starbucks when I'm stressed, now I go for a walk. I feel much better about it and now that's what I'm itching to do, it takes a lot of will power and working in the beginning to change that emotional reach, but after a while, that's the new craving.
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If you can have sushi by limiting it, then by all means, I support that method. However, if you absolutely cannot eat sushi in moderation, then there is only one thing you can do: stop eating sushi forever. I know that sounds harsh, but is it really worth it? Is sushi so good that your life is just no good without it?

I happen to be addicted to sugar and flour so I no longer eat anything with those two ingredients. I do allow for one fruit a day because I can have that and not go crazy. However, I can't have frozen grapes because those make me want to binge.

I used to think that life wasn't worth much without sugar and flour. I spent about 33 years trying to make it work, but you know what? I couldn't. I am now making weight loss work and am doing just fine without those foods.

Do I never get cravings? I sure do, but nothing like before. The cravings have decreased significantly.

I send you hugs and hope you find a solution.
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I love sushi too (see avatar!). But are we talking about the same kind of sushi? Because when I was calorie counting I found it one of the easiest things to work into my count, it's so fresh and healthy. I love salmon avocado rolls, sushi and sashimi. Not the fancy rolls, they're full of mayo and fried stuff. But if you stick to the lean stuff it's hard to overeat it. I can't relate at all to how you say that sushi is so bad for you, how so?
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I agree with wannabeskinny, sushi can be clean! I try to avoid soy sauce and stick to the simple rolls. I feel that to make your diet successful you need sushi in your diet. Try to incorporate it in your diet (maybe schedule it?) and don't feel bad about having it. I'm sure you can work with it since it's not a terribly bad thing to eat.
Usually when I'm craving something specific (usually pizza or chocolate...) I try to eat lighter before. Not too light, because I don't want to be starving when I get to the good suff and overeat, but I make sure to eat as many veggies as I can, for example.

Hope this helps!
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I also include sushi in my diet. Skip the soy sauce (might as well be "salt sauce" even the so called "low sodium version.") and don't order any of the nasty fried rolls.

If I recall, the "California Roll" (crab, cuke, avocado) was the most diet friendly, calorie wise?
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I like the deep fried sushi, the yam tempura rolls, dynamite rolls, deep friend dynamite rolls.
If I try and go for light sushi, I end up ordering other stuff. I like to eat it in mass amounts.
This is good advice, thank you. I will remember these words the next time I have my cravings, and try and avoid ordering mass amounts and instead treat myself to one small salmon roll or something.
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