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Default Birthday Binge

So yesterday was my birthday... I suppose it wasn't really a binge as I'd decided beforehand to let myself eat what I wanted for one day. It was a fun day. I ate way too much.

I forgot how hard it is to get back on track even after just one day off the wagon!

I wanted to post this as a commitment to making sure that I stay on track, eat healthily and keep exercising even if it's slow. I'm not going to worry about the scale too much this week but just focus on staying focussed!

I feel like if I type this where other people can read it, then I have some accountability.

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I love this! The important thing I always tell myself is that if I stay on track, I will get there. Each day that I stay on schedule is one day closer to my goal. And your birthday is a day to treat yourself! For holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving as well as my birthday, I give myself the day off of counting calories and it helps so much! It gives me something to look forward to, to keep me on track! Way to hold yourself accountable, you can do it!
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Sounds like you enjoyed your birthday and are ready to get back to the daily grind of making good choices.
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I'm glad you posted this! Drink lots of water and you're smart to not weigh yourself. Even if you ate an extra 3,500 calories, the most you would gain is one pound, so it's no tragedy. I really like to amp up the exercise because it helps me feel more focused and on track.
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I also have a few special days in which i allow myself to eat whatever i want within reason (which means basically eat what i want but never to the point of feeling sick). Sometimes this ocasions slow my weight loss for a few days or a week but usualy it's nothing to worry about. I'm guessing if i want to lose weight and keep it off for good, i have to able to be flexible and comprehensive with myself. Can't even imagine how it would be to not ever have days like this for the rest of my life. I'll maybe exercise for a half hour more and drink a lot of water and just get back to my usual routine. Happy Birthday!

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I had the same problem last Christmas and have been having trouble ever since. I read that someone posted about even if you eat too much doesn't wreck the rest of your day so even start again at the next meal or snack, but don't restrict to try to cancel out what has already been done. I know for me when I lost weight and got to my goal weight eating out was hard and I actually got into the place of not wanting to go and feeling like I would start gaining some of the weight back. So now I try to tell myself one meal or two won't destroy everything, but it is still hard.
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I over did it last night. My weakness is wine. If i have wine then the snacks come out, but unfortunately i have discovered that i must have some reflux going on cuz it wasn't worth it. Back on The SB diet today .
Glad i found this site ; )
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