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Default Facing up to having a problem

Hi guys, its with sadness I am posting here because it means I am finally admitting publicly that I am an overeater. I've always had this tendency to eat too much but its starting to get out of control.

I'm a pretty good eater during the day, healthy breakfast, decent lunch, no sweets or snacks, I get exercise, I have a good dinner but then about 9pm when everything is done for the day and I finally get to sit down I think about food and then I just eat whatever is around. I'm not even hungry but I still do it. I to to bed feeling bad promising tomorrow will be different but it rarely is.

I know its mostly tied to emotions, when I am stressed or have had a fight with a loved one or am worried about something I seek refuge in food, I don't know how to break this cycle, I know I can cause I have done it before and gone months without a binge but I badly need support.

I'm so glad this board is here to vent, talk it out and share stories, I hope we can all help each other beat our demons xx
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what helped me in the past for preventing binges is picking up a craft. I learned to do sewing and embroidery and naalbinding and it helps when I get "nervous" in the evenings.
I also quit watching TV because of the ads. I just cant stand getting all that food shown to me. I now watch DVD or spend my eves on facebook, or playing a game (to distract me when my worries were too bad to talk to someone).
If it is early enough you can also call a friend and talk to them about feeling bad, or take up a chat with someone. I have facebook friends from around the globe so there is always someone online. This will also help you deal better with whatever upsets you than eating.

What also, and then finally, helped was changing my eating times. I later read that this is called intermittend fasting. I now eat all my allowed calories in the evening. I eat a good big, fat satisfying meal for dinner and prepare a snack for later, when that "ummm I want something" comes. that way I am sure I am well fed that time, and preparing that snack WITHIN my calorie allowance takes all the bad feelings about late night snacking away.

Last of it: dont feel alone! Many of us have to fight with this, and we sometimes lose too. Most important is that you wont feel bad after a lapse like that, and jump right back to your track. Try to be proud of you as these moments get less instead of feeling bad for having one. *hugs*

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Id also offer you to add you on facebook so you could type to me when you have worries (we are about the same time zone) but I can't write PMs yet and dont want to share my info publicly...
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For me it was liberating to finally admit that I have an over eating binge eating problem. It still feels good to say it. I can not eat any of my trigger foods in moderation. Therefore I do not eat them at all.
I am not a healthy normal person. I have a disease. It can ruin my health both physical and psychological if it goes untreated. The treatment for my disease is to pay very careful attention to the types of foods I can eat.
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i am also an emotional eater!! so i understand you very well! When i feel this emotinal hunger i try to do something to forget about it. find new hobby, go for long walks, ride bike, talk to friends over the phone, read book. do anything to forget about the food. i also watch pics with skinny models and look at myself in the mirror;-) it helps to avoid extra food very much;-)
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