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Default Help me!!

Hi everyone!

I was just hoping to get some advice. I am approx 80kg and 168cm tall and have been exercising at a high intensity 6 sessions a week of cardio and 2 sessions of weights. I eat low carb and about 1400 calories per day and have been following this for a bit over a month and haven't seen a lot of results in weightloss. I have been exercising for about 12 months regularly but have only recently started the above routine. Is this normal? Or should I be eating less calories??? I keep getting disappointed when I step on the scales as I am trying so hard.

Thank you! Hope someone can help
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Hi Emma,

It sounds like you are working really hard. As far as a good calorie level, exercises, etc, perhaps you could speak with a health professional to get their opinion. Everybody is different but perhaps a doctor or nutritionist could offer you some advice.

Good luck.
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I am far from am expert on the subject but I just read a log from someone in maintenance and when she was having this problem she increased her calories by 100-200 calories. She said that when u are not eating enough calories your body thinks your in starvation mode and holds on to the weight causing one to plateau. You are working out alot so ur body needs more nutrition. Hope this helps

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When you say you haven't seen a lot of results -- what do you mean? Have you lost any weight or none at all?

Upping or changing your exercise routine can cause you to retain water (part of muscle repair). This could be off-setting any weight loss.

Have you taken measurements? You're probably slimming down but not seeing it on the scale.

I'd guess at your weight and that much activity, you could eat more calories and still lose. We are all different, but I lose at 1600 calories and running 4x/week.

And this is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt... your body needs some good carbs with that much high-intensity cardio.
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How long have you been doing this schedule of exercise and how often do you weigh yourself? What is your rate of weight loss so far?
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I've recently started dieting and started a much more intense workout program than I'm used to - I find that I'm losing very slowly but I am assuming that it is water retention or gaining muscle mass. I would stick with it and keep doing what you're doing.
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