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Default Confession: I binged for 2 days

Oh man, do I feel awful. I'm here to confess and get this off my chest and move on.

I had guests from out of town staying with us. 10 additional people (two of whom were small children who screamed a lot and I have chronic daily migraines). We are a family of 4 so having that many people to cook and clean for was so hard on me. I had help from my in laws but it was really a lot to take.

They came Friday night and I was ok. I ate at maintenance which didn't really make me feel proud of myself but it was ok.

Then on Saturday, we had lunch out and I ordered a very boring salad with no dressing and I felt really deprived.

I hadn't slept well because of the crying kids and having to sleep on the couch so I was already depleted so Saturday night, I binged. I ate until I felt sick and the food was coming up to my throat.

Sunday, they were all leaving so I was so relieved and I vowed to eat on plan. Once they left, I was still so sleep deprived and the binging just lasted all day. I felt so sick and my mind wasn't working properly. I was in a daze.

I didn't sleep enough last night either because of how awful I felt from all the food but I have committed to getting back on track today. I am doing well so far but I know I'm at risk. Once I fall off track, it takes a lot to get me back on. The sad thing is that I was binge-free for more than 3 months. I'm NOT going to let this continue. It just isn't worth it at all.

Thanks so much for listening.

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I don't have any deep words of wisdom or advice, just that it happens to the best of us. I hope you have some time to relax now
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Yep, we've all done it. Welcome back <3
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We've all been there. Try not to be too hard on yourself <3
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Thanks so much for your support. I've been on track all day and am already feeling so much better. I can't change the past so I just need to focus on the present and future. Again, thanks for the encouragement. I know the chicks here understand.
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I can't wait to one day make it 3 months, that's a real accomplishment and I'm really envious of you for that. It must have been hard to have to face/deal with everyone still in the house on Sunday and act like everything is okay. Glad to hear you're doing better now.
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You've addressed it so now you move on. You've come so far... Three months is a fantastic achievement, focus on that rather than 2 measly days!

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Don't let one slip diminish your amazing accomplishment of 3 months binge free. That is terrific.

If you can go for three months without binging, then I KNOW you have the power to get yourself back on track and keep going. Keep on fighting
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Wow--10 extra people! How did you survive? I semi-freak out when I have two people over for a weekend! I probably would have eaten nonstop the whole time.

As others have said, just move on from here. Remember: Progress is not linear. We may take five steps forward, two steps back, three steps forward, one step back, etc. We're still ultimately making progress, though.
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