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Default Donuts....

I went on a psychotic donuts eating binge!

Donuts are the

I need a pick me up since my mother's advice is just don't eat the donuts. But, hello, if it were that easy I wouldn't eat the delicious, doughy, glazed, little pieces of heaven and just eat asparagus all day long.
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I'm so lucky. I don't even like donuts. Ice cream is my downfall. I refuse to buy any. If I did, I would eat all of it in one sitting. I'm also a stress eater. I try to distract myself. I didn't do such a good job last night and ate chips and salsa, a piece of deli ham and some whipped cream. All over and above what I'm supposed to eat. It wasn't even satisfying either. I hope I can control it tonight.
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I know that is the worst part, you feel all gross after you eat it. You feel like crap for not eating it and then feel like crap after it. The during is the only good part, anyone who says food can't be a high clearly doesn't understand the psychological aspect of over eating.
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I don't allow doughnuts in my house and try to avoid them at the grocery store. I have no willpower when it comes to doughnuts, I find it best to never have any near me.
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Donuts and chips are 2 things I can not have in this house. I eat them all one sitting without even realizing it. Then it just turns into guilt. If I only eat one donut, not guilt whatsoever... but I can not just eat one.
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If I ate a donut, which I also adore, I would have to not drink beer.

I like beer better. So problem solved for me.

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I had an odd thing happen -- although I'm not sure it would ever work with donuts! The doctor has restricted my sodium intake. So, it's been at least two weeks since I've had anything in the least bit salty and have been restricting the foods that I eat as well and watching the seasoning. Today my nephew was here, so I had chips. I ate one -- that in and of itself is a miracle -- but it didn't taste good as it was too salty! I didn't even want to have another one. Since I've left instructions to put potato chips and Hershey kisses in my coffin with me in case it's a long trip , I'm somewhat in shock. I'm sure if I started eating them, I'd have no trouble getting back in the habit, but right now I'm sticking with they don't taste very good.

I have a feeling it will take me years before I think sweet things are so sweet that they don't taste good.
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