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Default No control

I have no control. My body actually craves healthy food, it really does but something in my mind says don't do it. Does that make sense?
For example for the past hour and half I have been wanting a salad soooo bad. I go to the fridge and what do I do? I make a huge sandwich, grab a Cherry Coke, and some Funyuns. Why? I have drank three Cherry Cokes today and each time I would think "this crap doesn't even taste good anymore" yet here I am drinking and eating the crap that really doesn't taste good.
I don't get it.
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I know what you mean. I think besides the lack of control that I'm dealing with lately (I keep thinking about cookies, brownies, you name it, although I'm craving healthy stuff as well) I think it's also my messy house that never seems to stay neat that causes me to not prioritize and make food. I had control in this messy house before, don't know where the **** it went....
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I love Funyuns.
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I do too! I've learned literally to keep none of that in the house. My bf knows, if he wants a cupcake he needs to buy it himself and absolutely not leg me know it is around. It's the only way to not eat it! And we will always use the excuse "yeah but so and so likes them..." Do we but it and accidentally eat it. Not anymore! You can do it too. Tell anyone who lives with you you need their support and you need to toss all of those things out and have them come along on your health journey!
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You just described an addiction.

Think about cigarettes... they stink and they don't taste good.... but when you are addicted you just have to have them. A smoker will light up cigarette after cigarette without even thinking about it. Whatever it is that is in the food you can't stop yourself from eating, maybe its sugar, maybe its salt .. whatever it happens to be in the food... its creating an addiction response.

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Yep, binging just doesn't make sense but lots of us still do it. I've had a lot of success by admitting there are some things I just can't stop myself from eating. And then I get those things OUT of the house. For me this is: bread, chips, just about anything sweet, crackers, etc. I pretty much make it so that anything I can grab quickly is healthy (e.g. carrots) and other than that I just have ingredients. (I have a bag of flour and technically could make pancakes at any time, but I'm not likely to do that when I'm in binge-mode.)
If I want dessert, I buy ONE single serving at a time.

Admitting I just don't have control over some things has actually made me feel MORE empowered. Because I'm taking control in the ways I can.
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I can so relate - Carbs of any kinds are my downfall -

Having the same problems as you describe. Go in for a healthy snack and come back with the total opposite -
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I feel you, I can't seem to find that will power to stay away from what I know is bad for me and that is carbs, I can do great but at some point I always give in, ugh!! Disappoint myself, I wake up everyday saying today I will be strong, and make healthy choices as far as breakfast and lunch but come dinner time I'm weak I can only hope that at some point Ill be able to stay away from carbs and making bad choices.
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